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Post COVID & Long COVID - Aftercare with Naturopathy

A small virus that changes the world!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been with us since 2020. Many people around the world have suffered from an acute illness, some have not even noticed. The economy has suffered from business closures and production stoppages, while individuals have been affected by contact restrictions, curfews and the obligation to wear face masks in everyday life. This virus has caught us all cold. For years now, voices have been getting louder that we are facing a major virus pandemic. Climate change, a growing population and a decline in hygiene awareness were the underlying causes. For years, SARS pathogens have repeatedly caused a stir around the world, originating in China in the early 2000s. Nobody probably knew that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic would break out at the end of 2019. We have been dealing with it for almost 4 years now. Every day, we gain more experience about the routes of spread and sources of infection, as well as the complications that can follow.

COVID-19 / Corona as a vascular disease.

COVID-19 manifests itself as a vascular disease, which means that small capillaries, veins and arteries become inflamed and change. This results in blood clots, thromboses, embolisms and strokes. It often manifests itself in the lung area, as this is where the finest capillaries in the body are found. All the symptoms of pneumonia are derived from this, such as breathing difficulties and lack of oxygen, but also general exhaustion, fever, cough and chills. The experience gained worldwide in recent months means that acute cases can be handled better and better. Hospitals have adapted to this and adapted and expanded their range of intensive care services. What is now becoming more and more of an issue are the long-term consequences and symptoms caused by COVID-19. They are referred to as Long-COVID, Post-COVID and After-COVID syndrome summarized. The leading symptoms are tastelessness, odorlessness, fatigue, and shortness of breath, however, also occur Headache & Migraine, diarrhea and hair loss occur. Women are currently affected more often than men. 

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your complaints can be relieved naturally and sustainably.

Prevention is half the battle!

Everyday habits

The most important question for you is how can you try to prevent infection and illness with SARS-CoV-2? Basically, you should avoid anything that could Immunesystem weakens you and makes you more susceptible to infections. Stress is certainly at the forefront of this. Take time out, regenerate, get enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise! An adult should consume approx. 30 ml/kg of neutral fluid (water, thin herbal teas and spritzers), i.e. a 75 kg adult should consume around 2-2.5 liters. You also need a good, balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, high-quality plant and animal protein and carbohydrates from whole grain products. Cook for yourself, pay attention to what you can tolerate and don't skimp on herbs and spices.

The power of herbs

Herbs and spices are healthy, they boost your metabolism, stimulate your immune system and often have an anti-viral effect. Freshly grated black pepper stimulates blood flow to the mucous membranes and encourages them to absorb vitamins from food. Ginger is known for its circulation-promoting effect. You can brew and drink it as a tea, perform inhalations to care for the respiratory tract or cut it into food. Alfons Schuhbeck is so enthusiastic and convinced by this root that he even adds it to his famous roast pork! Thyme is another culinary herb that is said to have an excellent effect against viruses. It is often an ingredient in cough tea mixtures or cough syrup. It tastes very good when used in the kitchen as part of a Mediterranean stir-fry vegetable. Just give it a try! 

The power of vitamins

Studies have also shown that there may be a potential link between an infection with SARS-CoV-2 or a severe course of COVID-19 and the patient's vitamin D level. It is generally known that vitamin D plays a role in the immune system and it makes sense to ensure that this value is within a healthy range of 40-80ng/ml. This plays a particularly important role in winter, as vitamin D is produced by the body depending on the sun and it is well known that little of this is available in winter. The vitamin D value should be measured in the blood and the individual requirement determined using a calculator. Consult your trusted doctor or alternative practitioner. They will recommend a dose and product for you.

What helps against Post-Covid? Use natural medicine!

From the Cretan cistus (Cistus incanus) is known to make the mucous membrane less sensitive to viral infections. You can buy this plant as a tea, pastilles or tincture and use it prophylactically. Most colds are due to high oxidative stress, which allows viruses to overcome the immune system and cause infection. Cistus has a strong antiviral effect and also has a very high antioxidant potential. This makes it the optimal medicinal plant for colds. Its effectiveness in true influenza has been proven in studies.

fresh green leaves of annual mugwort

Annual mugwort (Artemisia annua)

Mugwort is antimicrobial. Its ingredients act against bacteria, viruses and fungi. They kill them and soothe the inflamed area. This allows the symptoms to recede and the body to recover. Mugwort is considered an antipyretic. The artemisin it contains triggers a reaction that destroys the pathogens and allows the infection to subside. This reduces the fever and allows the body to recover from the strain.

An all-time gift for the immune system is also the Echinacea or coneflower. It was already used by the North American natives as a remedy for colds. Echinacea is one of the most important plants when it comes to the immune system, infections and prophylaxis of the same. Its wound-healing effect on infected skin lesions has been investigated and explained in studies. It is available as drops, tinctures or teas! 

Fever is a function of the body that it uses to arm the immune system so that infections can be fought off. The Waterhemp helps to support the immune system. This relieves the body and it does not have to raise the body temperature as much or at all. The fever does not manifest itself at all or less and the body remains relieved.

Taiga root is beneficial in stressful situations, when you are exhausted and for your immune system. It lowers stress levels, reduces stress hormones and strengthens resilience to stress. One consequence of stress is exhaustion, where taiga root restores the body's strength and helps it to recover. The ingredients of taiga root have been shown in several studies to measurably increase the number of immune cells. 

Heart problems, restlessness and sleep disorders are a trio that often occur together. They are usually caused by extraordinary stress, which means stress for the person. As the Hawthorn With its calming and balancing effects on the heart and nervous system, it helps to better withstand stress and brings serenity and relaxation back into the system. The person no longer feels their heart, so that worries also disappear again.

Juniper is antimicrobial. Its ingredients are effective against various viruses, bacteria and fungi. It has therefore been used successfully for a long time to treat various infections. It is particularly popular for kidney and bladder issues. It disinfects the urogenital tract and allows infections to heal more quickly.

Due to its antioxidant effect Propolis can also be taken preventively to relieve the immune system and strengthen it. Beekeepers themselves like to take cures to keep themselves fit and resilient. Propolis can be taken orally in the form of drops or capsules. Propolis drops can also be taken in combination with a lukewarm, hot lemon. Ascorbic acid, honey and propolis come together in one cup and provide an immune booster in the cool season. It should be lukewarm, however, as the enzymes in the propolis could be destroyed if it gets too hot.

Ginkgo tree promotes blood circulation and protects the nerves. Ginkgo extracts have a blood circulation-promoting and anticoagulant effect. They improve the microcirculation of the blood and thus also the oxygen supply to the cells. Various studies have shown that ginkgo extracts can protect the nerves from harmful influences. Ginkgo also improves the supply of oxygen to the nerve, which optimizes its regenerative capacity and allows damage to heal faster and better.

As a friend of essential oils (caution: allergies!) I would like to recommend Niaouli oil. I myself like to apply it in the cold season by simply rubbing it under my nose. It is antiviral and has a disinfecting effect. Of course, you can also vaporize it in a fragrance lamp or make it into a room spray.

Zimply Natural - Your natural help with post-Covid

With Zimply Natural, we are the antidote to painkillers, sleeping pills, and standard medications. We are your medicine! For our mixtures we use the centuries-old natural healing method of spagyric back. The Spagyric combines the herbal active ingredients and phytotherapeutic elements of the HealingplantsThe mineral salt qualities, as well as the subtle information of the medicinal plants and the energetic potential of the Bach flowers.        

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your complaints can be relieved naturally and sustainably.

FAQS: Questions and answers about Covid-19

What to do in case of Post-COVID and Long-COVID?

The second point I would like to address is the topic of post-COVID syndrome. What can you do if you have been affected by COVID and are suffering from the long-term consequences? Many patients report being traumatized by the acute COVID-19 experience. Emergency medical care in a clinical setting is not something you forget quickly, but certainly not if it was accompanied by acute fear of death. I can only advise you to make the best of it. Make a conscious effort to relax, book yourself a massage, for example, or go somewhere where you can recharge your batteries. Nature is always happy to help. Use the summer to regenerate and leave the stress of the past winter behind you. ZIMPLY NATURAL has a fine anti-stress blend that can really help you get back on track. It brings you back to your strength! Do something for yourself!

Which medicinal plant is particularly recommended for Covid-19?

Another plant I would like to recommend to you is rose root (Rhodiola rosea). It is a gift for stress and mental strain and has a long tradition in Russia and the Baltic states. Rhodiola rosea is available to buy as a ready-made preparation (e.g. as a tea). If you suffer from persistent physical exhaustion, you should definitely consult a doctor or alternative practitioner and seek advice on what can be done. Viral diseases often place a heavy burden on the lymphatic system and therefore cost the body a lot of energy. A tea mixture of juniper berries and lime blossom has proven to be a good home remedy. The tea is cleansing for the lymph, diaphoretic and draining. You can combine the tea with drinking cures, vitamin infusions (B vitamins, vitamin C) and sauna sessions. A visit to the spa is therefore not just a pleasant pastime, it can also be therapeutic. Many spas also offer sulphurous water for sitz baths. Make use of them! They cleanse the body and stimulate detoxification.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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