From fear to power - impulses for a fear-free existence

woman holding both hands in the air to demonstrate strength behind her is only the sky and you can only see her from behind

From fear to power - impulses for a fear-free existence What is it about Fear is a universal human experience, but it can lead to considerable stress and severely impair quality of life. In this interactive webinar, we will explore practical methods together on how to manage your anxiety in moments of acute stress. Our experienced speaker Sonia [...]

From daycare to classroom: How to master changes and fears with ease

Brunette mom and little school kid with glasses, school books and blue backpack give each other a highfive with a smile

From Daycare to Classroom: How to Master Change and Anxiety with Ease What's it about In a world full of change, children often face big steps - whether it's transitioning from a familiar daycare center to a new classroom or mastering anxiety during such changes. This webinar invites you to discover proven strategies to [...]