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Nux vomica
[Strychnos nux-vomica.]

Nux vomica: natural strengthening of the digestive tract

The nux vomica is one of the great remedies in naturopathy! Especially in homeopathy the nux vomica has made a name for itself. Through its characteristic alkaloid effect, it causes overexcitation in the central nervous system, as we can observe today in our stressful society as manager syndrome. Therefore, it is fair to say that Nux Vomica is THE remedy of our time. The issues at stake with Nux vomica are overstimulation through work, but also overstimulation through pleasure and excess! A combination that likes to appear together, because he who creates something, also treats himself!

Nux vomica facts

Did you know that...

... strychnine used to be common as a stimulant (analeptic)?

... botanically speaking, the nuts of the nux vomica are actually berries?

... the plant is also called crow's eye because the seeds resemble the eye of a crow?

... drug dealers mix heroin with Nux vomica to weaken the respiratory depressive effect of heroin?

What is the nux vomica?

Strychnos nux-vomica is a tree native to Southeast Asia and Africa. It grows up to 25 meters high, has elliptical, pointed, slightly hairy leaves. Its flowers are white and arranged in umbels, they are called thyrses. The nux vomica forms an orange fruit, which is up to 6 cm in size and round. It contains the seeds which are used pharmacologically. The seeds are 1.5 to 3 cm in diameter and 5mm thick. Strictly speaking, the fruit is not a nut at all, but a berry.
The mother tincture is usually prepared from the seeds, from which homeopathic or spagyric medicines are produced in further steps. Dilution of the mother tincture is essential, as the nux vomica is very toxic and cannot be dosed as a mother tincture.

General and healing properties of the nux vomica

The basic knowledge


Nux vomica is tension-reducing. In the smallest dosages, as a homeopathic or spagyric preparation, Nux Vomica is tension-reducing. The central nervous system is calmed, the stress level decreases and the whole body relaxes again.

Stomach soothing

Nux vomica is soothing to the stomach. A lot of stress and also irritating pleasures such as cigarettes, coffee and heavy food stress the stomach. Often this then cramps or one has heartburn. Nux vomica calms the stomach, cramps and heartburn disappear.


Nux vomica is detoxifying. Because the nux vomica reduces the overstimulation of the body, nerves and organs, it is detoxifying. The body again gets the opportunity to regenerate, to recharge its batteries.

Nux vomica: Ingredients

The main ingredients are highly toxic alkaloids, which can be lethal even at low doses as a starting substance. Therefore, only highly diluted tinctures are used medicinally. Ritually and with much experience Nux vomica is used as a drug by various indigenous peoples.

  • Strychnine
  • Brucin
  • Vomicin

Nux vomica: effect for body and mind

In naturopathy, the nux vomica also belongs to the so-called polychrests. Due to its central effect in the nervous system, it is used for many different symptoms. What they all have in common is that it always deals with the issues of long-term overstimulation and stress due to overload. The classic Nux-vomica patient tries to balance his demanding workday with pleasure. In doing so, he usually goes overboard and overexcites himself. Work hard, party hard is his motto, the night is slept little and turned into day. In addition, there are stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes, perhaps drugs and good, but heavy food, which rewards him for his efforts, but additionally burdens him. He is in a vicious circle and the actually important rest is detested by him. This patient develops all kinds of symptoms in case of long lasting stress, whereby the overacidified stomach with heartburn is already one of the characteristic symptoms. The list can be completed with headache and neck pain, alternation of constipation and diarrhea with hemorrhoids, high irritability, impatience, sensitivity to light and sound, sensitivity to smell and sleep disturbances. As you can see, all symptoms have their root in the nervous system and this is where Brechnuss and its active ingredients come into play. In small doses, the alkaloids cause a shutdown of the nervous activity, so that the symptoms improve.
Its status as a polychrest at this time simply owes its effect. Many patients suffer from the consequences of continuous stress.

Properties of the nux vomica

  • relaxing
  • soothing
  • sleep-inducing
  • digestive
  • detoxifying
  • decongesting

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Strychnos nux-vomica.]

From this diverse sum of symptoms, some leading symptoms stand out, for which Nux vomica is often resorted to.

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Nux vomica for heartburn

As a digestive organ, the stomach is connected to the stress nervous system. If the patient has a lot of stress, the stomach becomes irritated and produces more gastric acid. Often these periods of stress are accompanied by more consumption of stimulants, which further triggers stomach acid production. The result is an over-acidic stomach, the contents of which advance into the esophagus, leaving behind the sour taste and burning sensation. Nux vomica in small doses calms the nervous system, acid production decreases and with it heartburn.

Nux vomica for insomnia

Nux vomica is especially effective against insomnia. When you are stressed and overstimulated, you lie in bed tired, but much too awake. The thoughts are circling and one plans the coming day. The reason is because the brain and central nervous system are still working at full speed. Nux vomica has a dampening and calming effect on the nervous system, so that the 'rewinding' of the body can stop and the peace for sleep sets in.

Nux vomica: effect on headache

Headaches have many causes. The nux vomica headache is a tension headache up to migraine, which is caused by an overstimulation of the nervous system. The neck can also play a role, which tends to be very tense in such phases and thus pulls on the skull. Nux vomica soothes directly at the point where the nervous system puts the muscles under tension and thus leads to relaxation and a decrease in headaches.

Nux vomica for stomach pressure

Stomach pressure is caused by the stomach containing too much acid and the muscles of the stomach being tense. Stress is the cause here, because the nervous system is directly connected to the stomach and makes it react directly to tension. By shutting down the nervous system, nux vomica also reduces the nervous effect on the stomach. The pressure decreases, the stomach relaxes and the amount of acid decreases.

Nux vomica: effect on nausea & vomiting

If the tension lasts for a long time or is particularly intense, it can lead to nausea and vomiting. One knows this in the context of stage fright. One is just so tense and this tension causes the stomach to contract. Nux vomica reduces the tension, so that nausea and vomiting decrease.

Nux vomica: effect on indigestion

Digestive weakness can manifest itself both as constipation or as diarrhea. The intestines are affected. This intestine is also equipped with muscles and these do not work optimally when you are completely tense. This is called internal tension, which is also caused by the sympathetic nervous system. The nux vomica works on this sympathetic nervous system, reduces its activity, so that the intestine can relax and digest normally again.

Nux vomica for abdominal cramps

Abdominal cramps occur when there is a lot of excitement and tension, because the sympathetic stress nervous system puts them under tension. Usually, abdominal cramps are associated with latent overstress in a specific situation or over a long period of time. The nux vomica acts here in the central nervous system, in which it reduces the nervous activity and therefore the effects on the abdomen. The cramps subside and the feeling of well-being returns.

Notes on the use of nux vomica

Nux vomica is included in many mixed formulations, especially targeting digestion. However, it is also available spagyrically or homeopathically as a single remedy. Nox vomica is usually taken in acute cases several times a day for several weeks.

Nux vomica during pregnancy & lactation

As a spagyric remedy or homeopathic dilution, there is no risk in pregnancy and lactation that would speak against taking it.

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Round fruits of nux vomica in light green, on a branch


Nux vomica

Botanical name

Strychnos nux-vomica

Plant family

Nux vomica

Other designations

Stroke nin tree, crow's eye tree



Harvest time



up to 1200 Hm


Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia

Flower color


Flower shape


Leaf color

dark green

Leaf shape

elliptic to ovoid

Sheet properties


Soil type

sandy to clayey

Soil moisture

moderate to humid



Lime compatibility


Nutrient requirements




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