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We are the first online configurator for YOUR individual naturopathic prescription medicine.
We are a small startup from Munich and started our journey in March 2021.

Our goal is to offer you opportunities to bring body, mind and soul in harmony and to focus on you and your well-being!

We are happy to answer your questions by phone or chat!

You deserve more than standardized medicines. We offer you a sustainable & individual medicine that is perfectly tailored to your needs. You decide what is good for you!

Zimply Natural resorts to the centuries-old manufacturing process of "spagyric". This process can be loosely translated as "herbal refinement process". Here, the medicinal plants are broken down into their individual parts during the manufacturing process and, depending on the indicated effect, are reunited to form a new overall complex. 

Through the complex manufacturing process, ZIMPLY NATURAL manages to combine the effective spectrum of herbal medicine, Bach flowers, homeopathy and Schuessler salts.This results in essences that act on body, mind and soul at the same time and physical, mental or emotional disorders are tackled at the root. 

For the production we use the production instructions 25 & 26 according to Dr. Zimpel and Glückselig regulated in the HAB. 

The sprays of Zimply Natural are therefore a prescription drug available only in pharmacies.
If you want to know more about spagyric, you can find an insightful article on our BLOG. Click here!

The best way to do this is to read the article on our Zimplyfy blog: 

"What exactly is spagyric?" 

Here we have summarized everything you need to know.

Especially in the field of naturopathy, it is often not easy to separate and differentiate between the individual forms of therapy and individual directions. Homeopathy, Schuessler salts, herbal medicine, TCM, Bach flowers, nosodes... the selection of possibilities is often very confusing and requires a great deal of expertise to recognize the individual differences and to be able to convert them into concrete recommendations. The following diagram is intended to embed the spagyric approach in the existing naturopathic landscape and to work out the differences in your mode of action.

4 different therapies of naturopathy with their respective approach and focus, spagyric is the center of attention

Both phytotherapy (herbal medicine) and Schuessler's salts work through the chemical substances they contain. From their basic orientation, both are about balancing a physical deficit. If your organism lacks something - you add it to it. If your body has too much of something - you take it away. The classical principle of healing by the opposite. From the orientation, both phytotherapy and Schuessler salts are related to the past, because both compensate for a deficiency that exists from the past. Homeopathy, on the other hand, is strictly oriented to the present and focuses on the individual clinical picture. This individuality is expressed by the homeopathic potencies. Thus, the active ingredient and the potency depth are worked out in the therapy, which comes closest to the clinical picture - healing through similarity. With the Bach flowers, the emotional components of a disease are in the foreground. This dimension is addressed by the Bach flowers. Here, too, we work with opposites. The direction of thinking is future-oriented. In a Bach flower therapy, a target state is worked out, which is to be supported and achieved by the Bach flower substances.

Spagyric can be seen as the most individual approach in this group. Spagyric wants to initiate an individual transformation process and is therefore completely focused on you and your future. Each person has different development opportunities and spagyric wants to lift and use them. Similar to the basic alchemical principles, spagyric aims to achieve a transformation towards a better status quo.

Due to the way it is produced, spagyric combines the power of phytotherapy, the energy of homeopathy, the potential of Bach flowers and the minerals of Schuessler salts, and can thus be considered the most comprehensive concept of naturopathy.

Within a spagyric treatment it is about bringing your body, your mind and your soul back into harmony. In other words: If your feelings, your thoughts and your actions are not in harmony - how can you be well?

Sustainability and naturalness go hand in hand. This has been clear to us since the very beginning, and we see it as our duty to take responsibility in terms of sustainability in our value chain.

Our one-pager on the topic of sustainability can be found athere!


Our plants

In total, we have access to up to 120 medicinal plants and source materials in our recipe system. You can find most of them in our medicinal plant lexicon.

By combining the spagyric manufacturing processes according to Glückselig and Dr. Zimpel, we also have the possibility to prepare solid substances (such as the Schüßler mineral salts) spagyrically and make them therapeutically useful. This broadens our spectrum enormously. In addition, it makes our individual approach possible, because we can respond to you and your situation in the full range.

The spagyric manufacturing process makes it possible.

The power of medicinal plants is enormous, especially in the field of phytotherapeutically poisonous plants. For example, we use belladonna (belladonna), lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) or aconite (Aconitum Napellus) in our assortment.

The complex manufacturing process of spagyric allows us to secure both the subtle ingredients, the essential oils and the mineral salt qualities of the plants, without the toxic drawbacks. This is secured by a series of prescribed laboratory tests during the manufacturing process and is checked again and again. You can read more about this in our blog article on spagyric or here in the FAQ under Production & Manufacturing.

Kava kava/ intoxicating pepper/ Piper methysticum has been the subject of much discussion in its phytotherapeutic application in recent years. Especially the observed effects on the liver caused discussions again and again.
There has been a move to no longer use the active ingredient in purely herbal extraction. We do not use herbal extraction.

With Zimply Natural we resort to the SPAGYRIK manufacturing process.
In this process, the KavaKava plant (and much of the rest of the plant) is first broken down with a yeast ferment and then distilled with steam. The plant residue from the plant is then dried to 1% moisture and incinerated at 400°C. The fine ash is returned to the distillate. This also allows us to retain the valuable minerals in our essence. The essence is filtered, bottled and diluted.
We are glad and proud that we can offer kava kava in our blends in a harmless form.
This is where the spagyric manufacturing process comes in handy and we can use the subtle information and mineral salt qualities of the plant - without the negative aspects.

No! Since we make or configure an individual mixture for you, we can not answer this blanket.

Propolis is also available as a basic ingredient for our mixtures. The so-called "bee putty resin" is an animal source product and is a proven remedy for inflammation & flu, as well as allergies.

If your mixture contains propolis and you would like a vegan alternative, then simply contact us and we will create your individual vegan alternative.

Intake information

Your spray is injected into the mouth via the spray head and then absorbed through the mucous membranes. We recommend that you do not eat or drink anything for 15-20 minutes before and after taking the spray, so that the mucous membranes are free and the essences can be optimally absorbed.

Zimply Natural offers you an individual treatment depending on your individual complaint situation. The therapeutically developed dosage should be adhered to. The duration of the treatment is as individual as you are. Certain complaints disappear after a short time, while more complex or long-standing complaints require treatment over a longer period.

A basic treatment period of at least two months is recommended to achieve the first noticeable effects even with regulating effects. It is subsequently advised to continue the treatment for a few months at a lower dosage to ensure the results obtained.

Since it is an individual spray, the dosage can also be quite individual. As a rule, 3 sprays per day are provided, the dosage can change depending on your complaints.

You can find your individual dosage at the end of the checkout, and your personal dosage instructions can also be found on the label of your spray.

The treatment is individual and depends on your needs. Since spagyric and the approach of Zimply Natural to achieve a sustainable & therapeutic approach is concerned, we recommend at least one Treatment duration of 6-8 weeks. In this way, not only are symptoms suppressed in the short term, but the causes of the disease are addressed.

So it's a matter of staying on the ball! Because we want to achieve a sustainable improvement together with you.

For acute complaints, you can always slightly increase the dosage to give your body, mind and soul the information of the medicinal plants more often. Here the principle applies: Better sprayed once too much than once too little.

Zimply Natural and the spagyric essences used can be combined with other forms of therapy or medicines without hesitation. Due to the special manufacturing process, there are no known cases in which the effect of other drugs is influenced.

To ensure the high quality of the herbal essences used, the individual sprays and blends rely on an alcohol base.
All sprays contain between 22 and 30 vol. % alcohol. With a single application of 3 sprays, the amount of alcohol in the spray is comparable to the alcohol content of 12ml of apple juice.
Zimply Natural Essences can also be taken simply diluted in a glass of water, tea or fruit juice. To do this, simply spray into the appropriate drink according to the dosage instructions.

The only thing that is against the use in the breastfeeding or
pregnancy could speak is the alcoholic base.

3 sprays (one-time recommended use) atomize 0.396ml of your individual essence. These 3 sprays contain 0.06g of alcohol. This alcohol content (0.06g) of one application is comparable to 0.012l apple juice - i.e. 12 ml apple juice. This value is to be classified as uncritical both in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Our recommendation during the breastfeeding period:

  • Please use the spray directly after you have breastfed
  • Adhere exactly to the applied dosing instructions

Our one-pager on the topic of pregnancy & breastfeeding can be found athere!


To ensure the high quality of the herbal essences used, the individual sprays and blends rely on an alcohol base.
All sprays contain between 22 and 30 vol. % alcohol.

With a single application of 3 sprays, the amount of alcohol in the spray is comparable to the alcohol content of 12ml of apple juice.

Zimply Natural Essences can also be taken in a glass of water, tea or fruit juice. To do this, simply spray into the appropriate beverage according to dosing instructions. This is especially recommended for children.

Depending on the indication and the associated dosing instructions, the answer to this question may vary.

When designing the formulations, we have tried to cover a month's ration with a 30ml Zimply Natural Spray. In the case of dosages for acute complaints, the duration is reduced accordingly. Please refer to the dosage instructions printed on your spray.

You can read the basic shelf life of your mixture directly on the label of your spray. Please check the stated best before date directly after receiving your package. As a rule, your Zimply Natural essences have a shelf life of 3 years after production.

Our sprays rely on an alcohol base. This is prescribed for us by law. For this reason, we advise people with histamine intolerance not to use it.

Our products are lactose-free and contain no traces of wheat. We are not aware of any other allergic reactions.

If in doubt, always ask your therapist, doctor or pharmacist. We will be happy to put you in touch with our team of therapists to clarify and answer your questions individually.

In naturopathy there is often the phenomenon of "initial worsening".
Especially in the case of homeopathic active ingredients, this is considered to be a "good sign"that you have come very close to the core of the cause of your complaints.
In spagyric - that is, in Zimply Natural - only mild symptoms of initial worsening are known.
Spagyric is here more sociable than homeopathic preparations.

Please observe if it remains so with continuous use.
As a rule, this slight initial worsening should no longer be felt after 2-3 weeks and there should be an improvement.

If your symptoms do not improve, contact your therapist, doctor or pharmacist. We will be happy to put you in touch with our team of therapists to clarify and answer your questions individually.

Basically, yes - there are no cross-effects between the different sprays. However, it is important that you take care of yourself and see which spray is good for you.

Order & Delivery

Delivery is usually within 4 working days.

Depending on the time of your order, our partner pharmacy needs time to prepare your individual mixture. This usually happens in a maximum of 24 hours. The shipment is made with the goods mail of DHL. Due to the current increased parcel load, there may be delays in delivery by DHL. Here we calculate with 3 working days - so that we indicate our delivery time with 4 working days.

We deliver EU-wide, depending on the delivery country, the duration of the delivery may be delayed. You will always receive a tracking link by mail, so you can see for yourself where your order is.

Through our amber glass spray bottle, the Zimply Natural essences are protected from UV radiation in the best possible way. The storage is thus normal at room temperature in the supplied bottle.

Since the essences are natural products, it can always happen that they change slightly over time. However, this does not affect the pharmaceutical quality in any way. For example, herbal mineral salts can occasionally settle or lead to a slight flocculation, which does not affect the effect.

For this purpose we have introduced the "quick order". By entering your individual mixture number (you can find it on your vial or in the documents around your last order) you can directly place a reorder.

Here you can go directly to the quick order:https://www.zimplynatural.com/de/nachbestellung/

Since our sprays are made individually for everyone personally, we cannot easily take back your order as we cannot resell it.
If you have ordered a spray and have something to complain about, we will find a solution together. Contact us directly so that we are able to respond optimally.

Production and manufacture

We are proud and happy that we could win the company Phönix Laboratorium GmbH as a traditional family business from Bondorf near Tübingen for the production of our essences. The decades of experience at Phönix more than satisfy our consistently high quality standards.

Production is carried out in accordance with the latest quality standards, which meet the highest GMP standards and certifications.

the 4 steps of the spagyric production process: yeast fermentation, distillation, ashing, filtration

There are a number of spagyric manufacturing processes. This is mainly due to the wide variety of starting materials. For spagyric essences can be obtained both from plant starting materials and from "hard" substances such as Calcium Phosphoricum, Hydragyrum or lead acetate. In addition to the Iso-spagyric, there is the manufacturing procedure according to Conrad Johann Glückselig, according to Dr. C. F. Zimpel, the Pekana-spagyric and the Soluna-spagyric. Also the manufacturing methods of the companies Wala and Weleda can be basically assigned to spagyric.
At this point I would like to present you, as a representative, the method according to Dr. Carl Friedrich Zimpel, which, in addition to the Glückselig method, is the method used by ZIMPLY NATURAL.
The medicinal plant is broken down into its components by yeast fermentation. The spagyric mother tincture is obtained by steam distillation of this plant mass. The remaining plant residue is incinerated in an oven at exactly 400°C and then returned to the essence. In this way, the valuable Schuessler salt qualities can be preserved and develop their effect within the essence. The essence is filtered and bottled.

Now your individual mixtures can be created.

With the Sacred Heart Pharmacy Lindlar, as well as the Rose pharmacy in Rosenheim we were able to gain two partner pharmacies from the outset that already have decades of experience in the field of spagyric individual mixtures. Since October 2023, we have 3 more partner pharmacies that ensure the high-quality filling of your formulas and shipping directly to your home: the Adler Pharmacy in VellahnSt. Hubertus Pharmacy in Hohen Neuendorf and the Pharmacy at Zoopark in Erfurt.

All our partner pharmacies specialize in naturopathy and prescription medicines.

Through the Institute of Applied Naturopathy they receive regular training.

Your spray is handmade, labeled and packaged to the highest quality standards in the pharmacy's laboratory.

ZIMPLY for you!

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