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Spagyric: Of separating and reuniting

The word itself comes across a bit spiky: "Spagyric". However, if you look at the origin of the word, the basic principle of spagyric becomes immediately clear. Spagyric is a composition of the Greek terms "spao" and "ageiro". So the terms for "Separate and detach" on the one hand, and for "reunite" on the other hand. As trivial as this concept may seem at first reading, it is essential to the philosophy of spagyric. The core of spagyric consists in the endeavor to separate and split off the pure and valuable of a natural starting product from its less significant ingredients. In order to achieve this state, the starting substances must be dissolved in their structures so that the so-called soul - the quint essence of the starting substances is released. Now the different essences of the Healingplants and starting materials can be recombined and individual and highly effective medicines are created.

History of Spagyric: From Paracelsus and Alchemy

Picture of Paracelsus, the founder of modern spagyrics, with book in hand in black and white

Paracelsus is considered the founder of modern spagyric. He is also credited with being the first to coin the term spagyric. Born Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim (*1493/1494 in Egg, Canton Schwyz; † September 24, 1541 in Salzburg), he became known as Paracelsus as a physician, natural philosopher, alchemist, lay theologian, and social ethicist. The popular imagination today associates his name with many topics of naturopathy, spagyrics, and the holistic medicine
The process of transformation of the medicinal plants and natural raw materials already described above is quite typical of an alchemical process. It applies the Striving for "higher things and after higher purity. Even though the concept of alchemy is nowadays often reduced to the process of making gold, it was much more than that. Alchemy, as the precursor of chemistry, is the study of the properties of substances and their reactions. Similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine (Qi/Chi), the alchemists also assumed an invisible Life energy out. This is found in all life forms.

The word itself comes across a bit spiky: "Spagyric". 

Simply put, the spagyric philosophy is about the harmony of body, mind and soul. Because already at the time of alchemy it was clear that not only the physical dimension decides about the current well-being and your health. Rather, it requires a unity of body, mind and soul for your well-being.  

 The active principles that embody these elements from the spagyric life energy are 

  • Mercury
  • Sulfur
  • Sal.
These active principles are represented in all spagyric essences.
Mercury or Mercurius stands here for the Spiritual and the Invigorating of the spagyric essence. This is embodied in the plant and material carriers and ingredients of the essence. 

Sulfur stands for the Subtle and Mental. This is embodied in the essential oils and aromatic substances of medicinal plants.
Sal or salt stands for the Physical and Manifest. The minerals and mineral skeletons of the medicinal plants contained in the spagyric essence contribute this component. 

Interim summary:
With spagyric essences, we reach, in addition to the purely physical dimension, especially a spiritual/mental level of healing, which, even in the field of naturopathy, is unparalleled. In the center of spagyric is you and your individual application possibilities!


Delimitation & Effect: Spagyric looks to the future

Body, Mind and Spirit make You, Holism of body, mind and spirit

Especially in the field of naturopathy, it is often not easy to separate and differentiate between the individual forms of therapy and individual directions. Homeopathy, Schuessler salts, herbal medicine, TCM, Bach flowers, nosodes... the selection of possibilities is often very confusing and requires a great deal of expertise to recognize the individual differences and to be able to convert them into concrete recommendations. The following diagram is intended to embed the spagyric approach in the existing naturopathic landscape and to work out the differences in your mode of action.

4 different therapies of naturopathy with their respective approach and focus, spagyric is the center of attention

Both Phytotherapy (herbal medicine) as well as Schuessler salts act through the chemical substances they contain. From their basic orientation, both are about compensating for a physical deficit. If your organism lacks something - you add it to it. If your body has too much of something - you take it away. The classical principle of healing by the opposite. From the orientation, both phytotherapy and Schuessler's salts are related to the past, since both compensate for a deficiency that exists from the past. The Homeopathy on the other hand, is strictly oriented to the present in its consideration and is based on the individual clinical picture. This individuality is expressed by the homeopathic potencies. Thus, the active ingredient and the potency depth are worked out in the therapy, which comes closest to the clinical picture - healing through similarity. With the Bach Flowers the emotional components of a disease are in the foreground. This dimension is addressed by the Bach flowers. Here, too, we work with opposites. The direction of thinking is future-oriented. In a Bach flower therapy, a target state is worked out, which is to be supported and achieved by the Bach flower substances.
The Spagyric can be considered as the most individual approach in this group. Spagyric aims to initiate an individual transformation process and is thus completely focused on you and your future. Each person has different development opportunities and these want to lift and use the spagyric. Similar to the basic alchemical principles, spagyric aims to achieve a transformation towards a better status quo. 

Through the method of production spagyric combines the power of phytotherapy, the energy of homeopathy, the potential of Bach flowers and the minerals of Schuessler salts and is thus to be understood as the most comprehensive concept of naturopathy. 

Within a spagyric treatment it is about bringing your body, your mind and your soul back into harmony. In other words: If your feelings, your thoughts and your actions are not in harmony - how can you be well?

Spagyric essences: Through distillation to the essence of the plant

the 4 steps of the spagyric production process: yeast fermentation, distillation, ashing, filtration

There are a number of spagyric manufacturing processes. This is mainly due to the wide variety of starting materials. For spagyric essences can be obtained both from plant starting materials and from "hard" substances such as Calcium Phosphoricum, Hydragyrum or lead acetate. In addition to iso-spagyric, there is the manufacturing prescription according to Conrad Johann Blissful, after Dr. C. F. Zimpel, the Pekana spagyric and the Soluna spagyric. Also the manufacturing processes of the companies Wala and Weleda can be basically assigned to spagyric.
At this point I would like to show you, as a representative, the procedure according to Dr. Carl Friedrich Zimpel which, in addition to the Glückselig method, is the method used by Zimply Natural (Zimply Natural 😉 )

The medicinal plant is broken down into its components by yeast fermentation. The spagyric mother tincture is obtained by steam distillation of this plant mass. The remaining plant residue is incinerated in an oven at exactly 400°C and then returned to the essence. Thus, the valuable Schuessler salt qualities can be preserved and develop their effect within the essence. The essence is filtered and bottled. 

Now your individual mixtures can be created.

Spagyric Blends: Your way to your healthy normality!

Now, with a kind of modular system, the ideal plants and active ingredients can be individually combined. Depending on the indication and individual perfectly matched, spagyric offers a wide range of applications to bring body, mind and spirit holistically in harmony and optimize your state of health in the long term. Spagyric impresses with its high therapeutic effectiveness. Therapeutically effective means that a medicine promotes healing. The healing can be partial or complete. Therapeutically effective medicines, like spagyric, support the regeneration of the body's physiological processes and tissues. If they are not taken after a long period of use, no rebound phenomenon occurs. Rebound phenomenon is an exaggerated reaction opposite to the effect after sudden discontinuation of medications; for example, the stronger Insomnia When stopping sleeping pills, increased hypertension after stopping antihypertensive drugs.
Continuous intake combats causes, not just symptoms. Therapeutically recommended is a minimum intake period of 6-8 weeks to determine the first, lasting effects.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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