Against flu, gastritis, etc. - tips for the most common illnesses

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Table of contents Fighting the flu naturally - home remedies and other tips Natural relief for COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease How to relieve your asthma symptoms naturally Natural relief for rheumatism with home remedies You can relieve your gastritis naturally with these tips Alternative treatment methods for back pain Natural treatment for GERD: gastroesophageal reflux disease Natural home remedies for [...]

Strengthening resilience - tips for more resilience

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You may have heard of resilience before - or was it resistance? This article is about the former, but we will also explain the difference between the two terms. We'll explain what resilience is and why it's so important. We will also explain the role of stress and [...]

How alkaline fasting works - dos and don'ts for detoxing

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You probably know the situation: everything is stressful, everyone needs something from you and you don't know how to maintain your weight? Well, unfortunately we are not in a position to take tasks off your hands. However, we can show you a way to bring your body back into balance. Alkaline fasting offers you a structured meal plan and [...]

Love your skin: Natural treatment approaches for rosacea

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Rosacea - a disease that you probably haven't heard of often, but that you see more often than you think. The skin condition manifests itself as reddish coloration on the face and can also be painful. As the appearance can also be accompanied by pimples and bumps, it is often confused with acne. Many Germans suffer [...]

Natural methods to overcome your bladder infection

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More than every second woman is affected by cystitis at least once in her life. This painful illness can occur sooner than you think and can also drag on for longer periods of time. What's more, it often comes back again and again. But what is the reason for this and how can you counteract it naturally? Natural remedies [...]

Relief from abdominal pain: treating endometriosis naturally

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There are 190 million people affected by endometriosis worldwide; of these, 2 million live in Germany. Perhaps you know someone with this painful condition and want to find out more about it or you have been diagnosed with it yourself. Well, whatever your reason, you've come to the right place. We'll tell you everything you need to know about endometriosis and explain [...]

Treat PMS naturally - here's how

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Many women know it - two weeks until the start of your period and you're already not feeling well. You are more tired, more irritable and have trouble sleeping. If this sounds familiar, it could very well be that you are suffering from premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short. But what exactly is it anyway and are there ways [...]

ADHD - natural treatments for any age

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In a time like ours, when the topics of mental health and mental illness are gaining more and more importance and recognition, disorders like ADHD are also coming more and more to the fore. The multifaceted symptoms of ADHD often lead to sufferers simply being labeled as too lazy or stupid, but largely they are not [...]

Boost metabolism in a natural way

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Losing weight is definitely one of the most discussed and relevant topics in today's society. While many people have problems losing weight, others are unable to put on weight. But why is that? Is it genetic or can self-influenced factors contribute to healthy weight loss? To help you lose weight healthily and naturally, we have [...]

ZIMPLY NATURAL: Individuality and naturopathy - and what else?

Zimply Natural is the first online configurator for individualized medicine. We create your individual, customized medicinal plant mixture - from over 100 medicinal plants, with the method of spagyric, for body, mind and soul. Not only do we pay great attention to quality, but also to competence. We are supported by our medical advisory board, consisting of pharmacists, [...]