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Your individual headache mixture!

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your headaches can be treated and sustainably relieved. And completely adapted to you and your situation.

Headaches are not only unpleasant, they can also affect long-term well-being if they recur. We clarify about the Causes and symptoms of headache inform you about the most common types of headaches and tell you how you can treat the widespread disease with natural means can treat.

Headaches: a widespread disease with many faces

No matter whether in stressful phases of life, before or during menstruation, in changing weather conditions or as if out of the blue: headaches are one of the Most common health complaints and can have very different causes. The Diffuse or punctate pain in the cranial region can occur from a few times a year to several times a week or even daily. Most people are no strangers to headaches as a temporary phenomenon. In contrast, only a few patients experience a chronic course.

Effective Headache remedy are diverse: from over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or aspirin to nutritional supplements and phytotherapeutic or homeopathic remedies. With Zimply Natural we present you our solution against classic headaches, migraine and co. - plant-based and individual, based on your specific symptoms and personal information.

Did you know that...?

... more than two thirds of all Germans complain about headaches? Just like back pain, headaches are one of the most common diseases in Germany and can therefore definitely be described as a widespread disease. Even in international comparison, headaches are often cited as a reason for the impairment of quality of life.

What are the types of headaches?

The two categories of headaches

  • primary refers to headache as a symptom of a headache disorder,
  • Secondary as a symptom of another disease such as sinusitis, colds or meningitis.
  • Secondary headaches occur much less frequently than primary headaches.

The three most common types of headache

Tension headache

Tension-type headaches are particularly common. If you feel pain on both sides of your head that feels oppressive and is accompanied by no other symptoms, it is quite possible that you are suffering from this type of headache. A typical association for the quality of pain is a tense band around the head. Tension headaches are not only aggravated by physical activity. If the headaches occur on fewer than 15 days per month, they are referred to as episodic - if they occur on 15 or more days they ruled as chronic. In addition to the skull itself, the shoulder and neck muscles may also be sensitive to pressure.


This form of headache, which is much more common in women than in men, occurs mostly, but not exclusively, on one side. If you would describe your headache as pulsating or stabbing and would like to have more Symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound or odor you may well be suffering from migraines. Physical activity typically increases this type of headache. Migraine episodes last on average 4 to 72 hours on, are felt in moderate to severe intensity, and recur periodically. Yawning or ravenous hunger can be precursors of migraine.

Cluster headache

The severe pain attacks usually occur on one side of the temple or around the eye. If your headaches occur more frequently at certain times and you are symptom-free in the meantime, it could be a cluster headache. Typical accompanying symptoms include a runny or blocked nose, a slightly drooping eyelid and red or watery eyes. The intensity of the pain eases slightly with movement. The average duration of the pain episodes is limited to 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Did you know that...?

about 15 percent of migraine patients from an Migraine aura report? These neurological symptoms of irritation and loss of function can take the form of visual disturbances or tingling in the arms and legs. The average duration of a migraine aura is 20 to 60 minutes.

How do headaches develop?

Besides the question of what helps against migraine or what you can do against headaches, you may also be concerned about the Mechanisms of origin of diffuse or punctate pain in the cranial region. In addition to all the discomfort that headaches bring, there are also some reassuring headache facts. For example, the pain does not originate in the brain, which has no pain receptors of its own - rather, it arises in the adjacent structures such as nerves or muscles.

If you can't answer the question about the origin of your headache, you're not alone. Despite intensive and ongoing research, it is not yet sufficiently clear how exactly headaches develop. A disturbance of important processes such as pain generation, pain transmission and pain inhibition seems plausible as a possible cause.

Your individual headache mixture!

Headaches do not always have to be treated with strong medications - with natural remedies, such as the individually composed spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, discomfort can be relieved sustainably and well tolerated. Use the power of our medicinal plant & mineral essences. Our configurator has been used to create over 75,000 custom medicinal herb blends and 83 % of our customers recommend us!

Did you know that...?
  • Cluster headaches can also be accompanied by lesser-known symptoms such as a reduced pupil on the affected side of the head, sweating of the forehead and cheeks, and hypersensitivity to light or sound?

The question of why: Possible causes of headaches

In addition to a certain disposition various factors as triggers of primary and secondary headaches in question. While conventional painkillers are usually aimed at the short-term elimination or relief of pain, at Zimply Natural we take a more holistic and longer-term approach. Away from pure pain therapy and towards eliminating the causes and a long-term increase in well-being.

These causes may underlie primary headaches:

  • Anti-Stress
  • Screen work
  • An awkward posture
  • Fluid deficiency
  • Poorly ventilated rooms
  • Weather change
  • Sleep deprivation or reduced sleep quality
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Physical effort
  • Fluctuations in hormone balance - during the female cycle or menopause.

These are possible triggers for secondary headaches

  • Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or sinus cavity
  • Tooth root inflammation
  • Inflammation of the meninges, the brain or the temporal arteries
  • Viral infections like flu
  • Tension of the shoulder, neck or jaw muscles
  • Hypertension
  • Hypoglycemia in diabetes mellitus
  • Injuries of the head and cervical spine
  • Allergies and intolerances (e.g. gluten)
  • Heat stroke
  • Acute glaucoma
Did you know that...?

... some primary headache types such as migraine run in families? So if your closest relatives also suffer from headaches, it is possible that a genetic disposition is the cause of your complaints.

When to see a doctor for headaches?

While some swear by home remedies or globules against headaches, others reach for the quickly available tablet. Regardless of whether you treat your headaches with the help of homeopathy or conservatively - you'll get the best results. You should seek medical help for these warning signs:

  • The headache is unusually severe or lasts longer than 3 to 4 days.
  • In addition to the headache, other symptoms occur, such as fever, dizziness, high blood pressure or neurological deficits.
  • You suffer from headaches more often than 15 days per month.
  • Recurring headaches severely limit your performance and well-being.
  • In addition to chronic headaches, you suffer from inner restlessness, depressed mood, restlessness or restlessness, loss of appetite, and sleep disturbances.
Did you know that...?

... behind chronic headaches also mental illnesses such as a Burnout, depression or an anxiety disorder? In fact, it is not uncommon that the physical symptoms accompanying a mental illness are the first to be noticed.

Treat headaches naturally - The approach of Zimply Natural

Natural remedies for headaches instead of chemical substances! Make yourself the power of nature with the expertise and extensive knowledge in the field of phytotherapy, homeopathy, Bach Flowers and Schuessler salts developed formulas from Zimply Natural. For us, naturopathy is not just an alternative to conventional medicine, it is a matter of the heart from which body and mind can benefit.

Our sprays of valuable medicinal herbs and essential oils are configured according to your specific complaints, preferences, intolerances, etc., individually composed and mixed in one of our partner pharmacies according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Finally, we deliver your headache remedy in a practical pump dispenser to the address of your choice - free of shipping costs.

Did you know that...?

... you can easily reorder your tried and tested headache or migraine spray from Zimply Natural using your personal blend number? The focus of our products is on long-term benefits. Take care of your needs and gently support your body, mind and spirit in healing - with customized formulas from Zimply Natural.

Zimply Natural: With plant power against headaches

Flower Power against migraine? There is a herb for every illness! This was already known by the natural healer Sebastian Kneipp, who is still famous today. This is exactly the credo we follow at Zimply Natural. If you want to know exactly which herbs and plants are beneficial to your health as a headache patient, we present the ingredients of our basic blend here:

  • Kava Kava: The divine pepper with its fan-like, green leaves is considered sacred in its Polynesian homeland. Piper methysticum is suitable from a phytotherapeutic point of view not only for the relief of headaches. It is also used for anxiety, insomnia, mild depression and associated stomach problems.
  • Wild jasmine is known as an herbal wonder weapon for nerve-related complaints. The imposing climbing plant with its small yellow flowers is not only a real feast for the eyes. Calming, analgesic and antispasmodic, Gelsemium sempervirens has a whole range of beneficial properties.
  • St. John's wort is especially known as a herbal remedy for mild depression and anxiety disorders. With its bright yellow flowers, it also acts visually as a mood lifter. Hypericum perforatum can develop its effect not only in mental suffering - it also provides valuable services for nerve pain or burns.
  • The Iris enchants with large-leaved, filigree flowers in bright purple. Originally native to the swamps of North America, it can now also be found in the rural regions of southern Germany. Draining, antispasmodic and digestive, Iris versicolor is a good choice not only for migraines, but also for earaches or swollen legs.

Want to learn more about Zimply Natural's medicinal plants? Here you will find an overview of our favorite ingredients.

Sustainable healing methods: What else helps against migraine and headache?

Old home remedies against headaches enjoy a steadily growing popularity in times of conscious lifestyles. What helps against headaches even without tablets, we have collected in these practical tips here you:

  • Cold or heat applications on the neck, shoulders, forehead or temples are perceived as pleasant by many headache patients. Whether you use gel compresses from the pharmacy, a face roller made of gemstone or a cherry stone pillow - the short-term temperature applications stimulate the blood circulation and can thus have an antispasmodic and pain-relieving effect. Whether you prefer cold or heat is entirely up to you. Trust your body feeling and decide for what suits you best.
  • If your headaches are due to tight muscles, they may respond well to Massages Whether neck or shoulders, upper back or face - treat your muscles to a gentle pampering program and support the healing hand movements with essential oils.
  • You didn't drink enough throughout the day and now you suffer from headaches? Replenish your fluid balance - preferably with water or unsweetened tea. Water-containing foods such as cucumbers and other vegetables, fruit and salad should also be regularly on your menu to prevent headaches.
  • Treat yourself a relaxing bath. High-quality bath additives based on essential oils and medicinal herbs can support the beneficial effect and solve your headaches.
  • If low blood sugar levels are the cause of your headaches, create Snacks with valuable nutrients such as nuts, dried fruit or fruit quickly remedy the situation.
  • Although it may sound overly simplistic, for some types, such as cluster headaches, moderate Exercise in the fresh air be helpful. Regular exercise is also an important component in the prevention of tension headaches and migraines.
  • Practice Relaxation method like Autogenic training or Muscle relaxation according to Jacobson. Just 30 minutes a day can sustainably improve your well-being and your Reduce stress level. Also gentle yoga can prevent or solve headaches.
  • Kneipp water showers are also among the most popular home remedies for headaches and migraines. Both the face and the forearms are considered favorite places for cold water baths against headaches.

Zimply Natural: Not only recommended for headaches

Whether you use our formulas in addition to other home remedies or rely solely on the pure power of plants: Zimply Natural is a sustainable solution not only for headaches. Alternative. High-quality herbal and plant extracts can also help you with these ten areas of application:

spray bottle Zimply Natural is sprayed into mouth woman presses on pump sprayer against black background
Easy application by spraying into the mouth

By the way, the application of your headache spray is very simple: The spray is simply sprayed into the mouth according to the dosage instructions on the bottle. In order to achieve the best possible effect and to be able to optimally counteract the causes, we recommend using the spray over a longer period of at least six to eight weeks. As a kind of cure, you spray 3×3 sprays daily.

FAQ: Questions and answers about headaches

What to do when you have a headache or migraine?

In addition to taking painkillers, homeopathic remedies such as globules or liquid formulations based on essential oils have also proven effective for treating occasional headaches. If the headaches recur frequently, increase in intensity or severely affect the well-being over a longer period of time, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

What are the triggers for primary headaches?

Although the specific headache triggers may not be immediately apparent, several factors can contribute to the development of headaches. These include stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, changes in the weather, lack of fluids, hormonal fluctuations as part of the female cycle and much more. In order to get to the bottom of the causes, it can be useful to keep a headache diary.

When are headaches considered chronic?

If headaches occur for more than 15 days in a month, they are called chronic. If you suffer from chronic headaches, it is always advisable to seek a medical opinion. As a long-term plant-based therapy, a Zimply Natural formula mixed especially for you may be helpful.

What plant extracts and medicinal herbs are effective for headaches?

Various plant and herbal extracts are considered effective for headaches. These include St. John's wort, iris, kava kava and wild jasmine. This herbal quattro forms the basis of our Zimply Natural formulations for headaches and migraines.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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