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Bach flowers: More than just pretty to look at

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Bach flowers are beautiful to look at, but there is much more to them. 37 plant essences and a spring water can be administered either individually or as a mixture. They are mainly used to bring a mental imbalance back into balance. Whether anxiety, Anti-Stress or inner restlessness: The Bach flowers can be used for many mental states of tension. A psychological imbalance also affects the physical dimension. To achieve a holistic well-being of body, mind and soul, no dimension should be neglected. 

Background knowledge about the Bach flowers

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Bach flower therapy is a very gentle and natural method of therapy, which is based on the English physician Dr. Edward Bach (1886 - 1936) is due to a disturbance of the soul. The basic assumption behind this form of therapy is that physical or psychological illnesses are always accompanied by a disturbance of the spiritual balance. According to Bach, these disturbances of balance are due to misunderstandings in the field of mental laws. An example of this would be the thought "I can't rely on anyone and have to do everything myself." This thought creates negative feelings or destructive behavior patterns in us (e.g. fear, doubt, indecisiveness), which then lead to a blockage of our self-healing power. In such situations, Bach flowers can help to eliminate the disturbance or release the blockages.

How to make Bach flower essences

Basically, two different types of production are used in Bach flower therapy - the Solar method and the Cooking method. Regardless of which of the two methods is used, only the following are used for production wild plants of high-energy growth varieties used. Many of these plants are normally known as weeds.

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Production: The solar method

The flowers are picked in full sunlight and then placed in a glass bowl with fresh spring water. This bowl is then placed in the sun for about two to four hours. This step is essential because, according to Dr. Bach, the sun has the ability to transfer the vibrations of the flowers to the spring water. Finally, the Bach flowers are removed from the water and alcohol (brandy) is added to the tincture. The so-called mother tincture is ready. This is diluted again, mixed with alcohol and then bottled.

light blue flower, Bach flower Cerato in German Chinese hornwort

Preparation: The cooking method

For plants that grow at a time of year with little natural sunlight, the boiling method is used. In this method, the required flowers are picked, then boiled and filtered several times. As with the sun method, the alcohol is added and the mixture is bottled.

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With our spagyric manufacturing processes according to Dr. Zimpel and Glückselig united Zimply Natural the power of phytotherapy, the energy of homeopathy, the potential of Bach flowers and the minerals of the Schuessler salts and is thus to be understood as one of the most comprehensive concepts in the field of naturopathy. 

How are Bach flowers applied?

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Often, the Bach flowers are not taken individually, but rather combined with each other. The Bach flower mixtures are usually further diluted for intake. In acute situations, two drops of each selected Bach flower can be added to a glass of water. From this glass should then be drunk during the day again and again.

If the intake extends over a longer period of time, it is recommended to take a Bach Flower Blend prepare in an ingestion bottle. For this purpose, three drops of each selected flower are placed in a 30 ml dropper vial and then diluted with still mineral water. To make the mixture durable, alcohol is often added.

Rescue drops: The savior in distress

Of all the Bach flower products, this combination of five different Bach flowers is probably the best known. It is a mixture of the five Bach flowers Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis. It was originally made by Dr. Bach for a fisherman in distress at sea, but is still used by many people in stressful and emergency situations. The Rescue drops are used, as the name suggests, for "emergencies" so for example accidents, states of shock or massive anxiety.

The effect of the drops is not dependent on the personality of the user, rather it is based on an overriding reaction pattern that is exhibited by all people who are exposed to an emergency or shock situation as a result of an event. The Rescue drops are applied directly from the bottle, either undiluted or in a glass of water.

The meaning of the different flowers

the 38 Bach flowers and their behavior in naturopathy

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