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Schuessler salts: Mineral salts of our body

Schuessler salts, Bach Flowers, phytotherapy. These are only a few forms of therapy of naturopathy. Mostly it is not so easy to recognize the differences, especially for the layman. Schüssler salts are very suitable to influence body, mind and soul positively in a natural way. "However, my healing method is not homeopathic, because it is not based on the principle of similarity, but on the physiological-biochemical processes that take place in the human organism," said the founder of Schuessler salts Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. Here you will find information & interesting facts about the Schuessler salts, to bring you a little closer to the subject and to clarify the connection between the Schuessler salts and Zimply Natural.

Discovery of Schuessler salts and their effect

Packing of three different Schuessler salts, Kalium chloratum, Ferrum phosphoricum and Manganum sulfuricum.

The founder of the Schuessler salts, the physician Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, noted in the 19th century that in the body is always 12 mineral salts are present. The underlying assumption of this form of therapy is that diseases are generally due to a disturbance in the mineral balance of the human body and can thus be cured by the homeopathic administration of minerals. The principle of healing by the opposite. They compensate for a deficiency that has arisen in the past.

Schuessler salts have an effect through the in them contained chemical substances. Biochemistry according to Schüßler is the term used to describe therapy with one or more of twelve functional means and 15 supplements. These are mostly administered as tablets, powder, cream, drops or globules.
In the spagyric Preparation they are used in the Zimply Natural sprays.

These are therefore homeopathically prepared mineral salts, which are used both in naturopathic practice and by numerous users for the Self-medication are used and enjoy great popularity in the process. Therapy with Schuessler salts is based on homeopathy, but is not to be equated or confused with homeopathic remedies.

What are the Schüssler salts?

the 12 Schuessler salts with the respective potency and their effect

These twelve original Schuessler salts are components of the blood and tissue and therefore, according to Schuessler, the most important cell nutrients for the human body. Since each individual salt can act on certain functions of the human organism, Schüßler calls them "biochemical functional agents". Thus, a wide variety of ailments can be treated. In the 20th century, the original Schüßler salts are then expanded by another 15 supplements.

Discover the spagyric Schuessler salts from Zimply Natural

With our spagyric manufacturing processes according to Dr. Zimpel and Glückselig, ZIMPLY NATURAL combines the power of phytotherapy, the energy of homeopathy, the potential of Bach flowers and the minerals of Schüßler salts, and can thus be understood as one of the most comprehensive concepts in the field of naturopathy. 

Due to the spagyric manufacturing process according to Glückselig, it is also possible for us to use the "hard" Schüssler salts and to use the mineral salts and their effects. For example, we use Ferrum phosphoricum in our stress blend, as it increases concentration and gives energy. In our period blend it has a restorative effect on physical weakness. Silicea is ideal for nervous insomnia and has a liberating & loosening effect. It is also optimal for irritated nerves because it harmonizes and balances. And in our headache blend it relieves tension & regulates the conductivity of the nerves. 

In some stress mixtures you will find Natrium phosphoricum, as it has a releasing effect and strengthens self-confidence. We also use this salt for chronic fatigue to offer you and your body relaxation and harmony.

This is only a small insight into what is possible with the Schüssler salts. They regulate the mineral balance of the human body and show a wide and varied field of application. Especially for everyday complaints, many like to fall back on the salts. 

What do Schuessler salts consist of?

The Schüßler salts are not pure salts. Similar to homeopathic remedies, they go through the process of potentization. In other words, they are highly diluted. However, the reason for the potentization is very different from that of classical homeopathy. There it is assumed that the active ingredients are strengthened the more the original product is diluted. Wilhelm Schüßler does not share this view. According to his theory, the mineral salts must be diluted so much that they can enter the blood directly through the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, pharynx and esophagus.

The different steps of the production of Schuessler salts, starting with the active ingredient and the different steps of potentization.

How are Schuessler salts produced?

The most important keyword about the production process of Schuessler salts - potentization. During this process, one gram of the active ingredient is triturated with nine grams of lactose (60 min). Through this process, one finally obtains the potency D1. If you rub one gram of D1 another time with nine grams of lactose, you get D2 and so on. With Schüßler salts in tablet form, hardening agents such as wheat starch are also added.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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