Silicea: The salt for skin, hair, nails & connective tissue

Silicic acid is one of the most important compounds for the human body. It is found in almost all tissues. It is mainly responsible for the structure of skin, nails, hair and connective tissue and is involved in the formation of the protein collagen. Silicea helps drain tissues, keeping them permeable to nutrients. Inflammatory processes and toxins are drained by silicic acid and brought to the outside, as it activates and stimulates the immune defense.

Facts about Silicea

Did you know that...

... Silicea occurs naturally as quartz?

... naturally cloudy beer is clarified by means of Silicea?

... Silicea is used as a trickling aid in granular table salt?

Silica: Chemical background

Silicon is a natural element, which is only present in combination with oxygen as silicon dioxide. It usually occurs in association with other rocks. It plays an enormous role in industry. It is used as a raw material in semiconductor technology to produce circuit boards. But it is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as an ingredient for ointments and tablets. However, its greatest importance is in glass production. Quartz or silicon glasses are very heat-resistant and particularly hard. In addition, they are not sensitive to temperature changes and therefore do not crack particularly quickly.

General and healing properties of Silicea

The basic knowledge


Silicea is draining. It makes tissues permeable to nutrients and ready for absorption. It also helps to remove substances and transport them out of the tissue.


Silicea is supportive. It supports the formation of collagen and thus gives the tissues support and structure. The tissues look much younger and are more stable and resistant. Their functionality is thus better preserved.


Silicea is organizing. It gives structure to tissues and helps organize chemical processes. Absorption and excretion, as well as the passage of substances from tissues runs more smoothly and the supply of tissues is improved.

Silicea properties

  • Draining
  • Supporting
  • Purifying
  • Providing
  • Structuring
  • Eliminating

Silicic acid: effect for body and mind

Silicea is a very slow remedy. It must be taken over a long time and then also brings strong changes. Thus, the problems with which Silicea is used are usually preceded by long processes. Silicea stimulates the formation of collagen in the tissue and thus has an uplifting effect. It structures tissues, makes them permeable to nutrients and gives them the opportunity to cleanse and drain. Silicea also has a supporting effect on the mental level. It makes resistant to stress and gives clarity in the recognition of the intention.

Storage locations of Silicea

  • All cells of the body
  • Extracellular matrix
  • Connective tissue
  • Skin

Symptoms of silicic acid deficiency

  • Connective tissue weakness
  • Split ends in the hair
  • Rheumatism and gout
  • Tendency to bruise
  • Growths
  • Pregnancy stripes
  • Poorly healing scars and wounds
  • Nervous hypersensitivity
  • Suppurating processes
  • Severe wrinkling of the skin

Fields of application in naturopathy


In the following application examples, silica has proven to be particularly helpful in practice:

Silicea for strengthening hair

With split ends or brittle hair lacks structure and stability, hair can not maintain its shape and breaks. Silicea restores these properties to the hair. It strengthens, straightens and makes it more resistant. Thus, the hair becomes more beautiful again, falls better and is more stable against external influences.

Silicic acid for the skin

Some skin is very wrinkled at a very early age. It cannot retain its structure. Here, silicic acid helps to re-firm the tissue, supply it with nutrients and stimulate the skin's own collagen formation. Collagen firms the tissue and gives it back its tension and youthfulness. Wrinkles recede and the skin feels healthier and younger.

Young woman with very clear skin after a shower

Silicea for cellulite & stretch marks

With cellulite and stretch marks, the tissue lacks strength and firmness. Often this is caused and aggravated by a load of waste products. Silicic acid helps the tissue to cleanse itself and then regenerate, allowing collagen to form. The stripes and cellulite disappear again or decrease strongly. The connective tissue is improved, feels firmer and is healthier.

Silicic acid for varicose veins & arteriosclerosis

The problem with varicose veins is often that the quality of the vein walls is not good. They are too soft and thus sag. Silicea strengthens the vein walls, structures them and stimulates the body's collagen formation. This collagen strengthens the vein walls and gives them back the missing tension. Thus, the varicose veins become lighter and also visually recede.

Silicea for lack of self-confidence & anxiety

On a psychological level, we need support now and then. Silicea straightens up, gives support and structure and lets us see with clarity what it is all about. From this clarity we can make targeted decisions and follow a structured path that takes us to our goal.

Notes on the use of silica

Silicea processes are characterized by chronicity, so is the intake. Silicea is a very slow remedy and must be taken regularly over long periods of months to years. A single intake per day is sufficient.

Silicea in pregnancy & lactation

Silicea can be very helpful during pregnancy. It strengthens the tissues, supports the body during natural labor and reduces the risk of more severe tissue damage. It also supports the nerves and makes more resistant.

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Silicea in solid form as quartz








Quartz, silica

Occurrence in the body

Bones, connective tissue, skin, tendons, hair, nails

Application area

Support apparatus

Typical potency


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