Magnesium phosphoricum
[Magnesium phosphoricum]

Magnesium phosphoricum: The salt of nerves and muscles

The hot 7 is a household name for many patients. It stands for relaxation, calm and balance. The Schuessler salt No. 7 is the basis for this. The magnesium has a strong relation to the nervous system. It regulates and controls the transmission of stimuli from the central nervous system to the organism. In the muscular field, this is quickly noticeable. Cramps and relaxation are the two poles between which it is necessary to find an individual balance with Magnesium phosphoricum.

Facts about Schuessler Salt No. 7

Did you know that...

... magnesium phosphoricum is used as a ceramic raw material?

... Schuessler salt No. 7 is also used as a laxative?

... magnesium phosphoricum is used as a separating agent in foods?

Magnesium phosphoricum: chemical background

Magnesium phosphoricum does not play a very important role in the chemical industry. In food chemistry it is often used as a release agent, acidity regulator or flame retardant. There is no mineral source in nature. It is industrially obtained from sodium phosphate and magnesium sulfate heptahydrate.

General and healing effects of Magnesium phosphoricum

The basic knowledge


Magnesium phosphoricum is balancing. It calms nerve potentials and helps to be able to take like a relaxed starting point. From here, the nerves and muscles can do their work optimally again.


The Schuessler salt No. 7 is relaxing. Stress leads to tension and Magnesium phosphoricum counteracts this. It reduces the potential of the nerves and ensures that potentials lower and the tension of the muscles with them.


Magnesium phosphoricum is calming. It rebalances the body and its nervous system and ensures that the natural calm and relaxation return. Calm flows through the body and, for example, sleep works better again.

Properties of Magnesium phosphoricum

  • Relaxing
  • Regulating
  • Balancing
  • Potential stabilizing
  • Relaxing
  • Nurturing nerves

Schuessler salt No. 7: effect for body and mind

Magnesium phosphoricum is widely distributed in the human body. Muscles, blood, liver and nervous system permanently contain this substance. Magnesium plays a decisive role in the regulation of electrical-neuronal excitation of the nerves. This nerve potential subsequently controls the tension of the muscles. It is not important whether the muscles are voluntary or involuntary. In naturopathy it is also called 'nerve fire' and thus also describes the regulation of sleep and wake rhythms. In modern times, the substance plays a major role, as we live in a very neurogenic, stressful phase, which, as Kneipp put it, is 'fundamentally nervous'.

Storage locations of Magnesium phosphoricum

  • Liver
  • Blood
  • Muscles

Symptoms of Magnesium phosphoricum deficiency

In the event of the following symptoms, it is essential to contact the Schuessler salt No. 7 be thought of:

  • colicky pain in the abdomen
  • Flatulence
  • Muscle cramps
  • Muscle hardening
  • Asthma
  • Headache & Migraine
  • crampy, dry, irritating cough
  • Unrest
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anti-Stress
  • Hunger for sweets

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Magnesium phosphoricum]

Like all Schuessler salts, Magnesium Phosphoricum is used for functionally related symptoms and diseases. The most important areas of application are explained below.

Magnesium phosphoricum for trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is an irritation of a sensitive facial nerve. In this case, the nerve is hypersensitive and hurts. By applying magnesium phosphoricum internally or also locally, one wants to calm the nerve and relax the situation. The magnesium regulates the potentials of the nerves, which is why tension and pain subside and eventually disappear.


Magnesium phosphoricum for menstrual cramps

A woman's period is often associated with massive cramps. These are usually hormonal, but magnesium helps to relax the cramping muscles. The discomfort decreases and menstruation is much more pleasant for women.

Magnesium phosphoricum for sciatica & back pain

Cramping muscles are the main cause of back and sciatic pain. Magnesium phosphoricum is often given here because it regulates the nerve potentials and thus directly addresses the cause of tense muscles. When you relax the muscles, the pain and accompanying inflammatory irritations also decrease.

Schuessler salt No. 7 for constipation

The intestine is a large tube that is provided with musculature. Here the food pulp is digested and pushed further. If there is a lack of magnesium phosphoricum, it can happen that the muscles of the intestine spasm and the stool is not transported further. This is called constipation. Magnesium relaxes these muscles and they can again perform their transporting task as usual and move the stool further.

Notes on the use of Magnesium phosphoricum

Magnesium phosphoricum is usually taken in the evening before sleeping. It is usually recommended to dissolve 10 tablets in hot water and drink. This is called the 'hot 7'. However, it may also be that one intake is used several times during the day to increase the patient's stress resilience and keep them relaxed to the influences of the day.

Magnesium phosphoricum during pregnancy & lactation

Magnesium phosphoricum may also be taken during pregnancy. An overdose is almost impossible because of the increased consumption.

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Magnesium phosphoricum, magnesium phosphate


Magnesium phosphoricum


Magnesium phosphoricum


White powder


Schuessler salt no. 7 // Salt of the nerves and muscles

Occurrence in the body

Nerves, muscles, brain, blood, liver

Application area

Nerves, muscles

Typical potency


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