Aurum metallicum
[Aurum metallicum]

Gold - the most precious thing for body and soul

Aurum metallicum is the noblest of metals, it is pure gold. This metal has accompanied society since the beginning of human history and is the epitome of wealth and prosperity. It is the metal associated with the sun. Just as the sun is considered the queen of the planets, gold is considered the metal of kings. It stands for consciousness, self-confidence and power. The organs it affects are the brain as the seat of waking consciousness and the heart as the home of the soul and life energy.

Facts about Aurum metallicum

Did you know that...

... gold is very malleable and a three kilometer long wire can be drawn from one gram?

... gold is very resistant to corrosion and only a few things can attack and dissolve it?

... The largest gold deposits in Europe are in Romania?

Aurum metallicum: Chemical background

Aurum metallicum is a yellowish metal that can be found in the wild in the form of various mineral compounds. It can be mined as ore in the mountains, washed out of rivers as a mineral or extracted from sands using mercury. Depending on the compound present, different methods are used to extract it. Gold consists of a stable isotope and can form compounds with many different elements. It is also difficult to dissolve and can only be dissolved with a few substances. One of these is the so-called aqua regia, a compound of hydrochloric and nitric acid. Due to its high ductility, extremely long wires can be drawn from gold and wafer-thin gold leaf can be produced by beating gold.

General information and healing effects of aurum

The basic knowledge


Aurum metallicum strengthens the center. It strengthens the heart, allows it to do its work more persistently and supports blood pressure.


Aurum metallicum centers us. It brings us to the center of ourselves, gives us self-confidence and connects us with the elemental force within us.


Aurum metallicum makes us courageous. It weakens fear and gives us the strength and connection with the source within ourselves to be able to face it.

Aurum metallicum: Effect on body and mind

Aurum metallicum is an archetypal metal that represents and strengthens the fire principle in its subtle form in the body. It is the metal of the sun and brings the all-warming power of light into the organism. Like the sun, it is considered a giver of life and a universal remedy.

It primarily addresses the heart area. This is the seat of the subtle firepower, which is inherent in the original idea of one's own existence, vitality and consciousness. Due to the combination of gold and consciousness processes, it is also used in naturopathy for perceptual weaknesses or ego disorders.

Properties of Aurum :

Warming, invigorating, heart-strengthening, consciousness-promoting, tonic, antisclerotic

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Aurum metallicum]

As a cardinal metal, Aurum metallicum is one of the largest remedies and has a very variable range of applications.

Aurum for heart failure

Aurum metallicum has a strengthening effect on the heart muscle. It is therefore often combined with other heart plants such as Crataegus to support the heart in its work. The heart muscle is better supplied with blood by gold and psychological things that you 'taken to heart' are released more easily.

Gold for blood pressure abnormalities

Aurum metallicum has a blood pressure regulating effect. In spagyric form, it helps both when the pressure is too high and too low. It harmonizes the vitality forces inherent in the circulatory system and thus ensures a balanced blood pressure.

Aurum metallicum for dementia

Aurum metallicum represents the sun in the mind and stands for consciousness. In dementia, the mind becomes increasingly foggy, you forget a lot and no longer know who you are. Gold helps to strengthen self-awareness and at the same time supports the life force in the organism. The heart, which is connected to the gold, distributes this life force and thus helps to counteract dementia and slow down the process.

Aurum metallicum for depressive moods

As the metal of the sun, aurum brings light back into the system. It also helps with depressive moods, as darkness spreads through the system and melancholy gains the upper hand. Aurum strengthens the connection to the self, gives trust and confidence and thus helps to overcome the dark phase.

Woman sits stressed on floor and frantically runs the through her hair

Notes on the use of Aurum metallicum

Aurum metallicum is used either from D6 in homeopathic form or as a spagyric essence. It should only be used in moderation, continuous use is not recommended. Aurum metallicum is usually used in acute conditions 3 to 5 times a day as part of a complex mixture. The dosage forms are powder, drops or tablets.

Aurum metallicum during pregnancy & breastfeeding

There is nothing special to consider with Aurum metallicum during pregnancy. It can be taken under the supervision of a therapist.

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Aurum metallicum

Professional name

Aurum metallicum

Other designations

Gold, Aurum

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