Arsenic acetate
[Acidum arsenicosum]

Arsenic acetate: the remedy for anxiety and weakness

This remedy is better known under the name Arsenicum album. In classical homeopathy it is one of the big ten remedies that are used. It is the remedy for anxiety, weakness and loss of strength in the context of great stress and consuming illness. But even so, it can give the kick of vitality it needs to promote lasting change.

Facts about Arsenicum album

Did you know that...

... Acidum arsenicosum and Arsenicum album is the same thing?

... Acidum arsencosum used to be used to treat syphillis?

... that arsenic-rich water is the secret of many spas?

Arsenic acetate: Chemical background

Acidum arsenicosum is a white solid. It is extremely toxic and is usually referred to simply as arsenic. It became famous through its centuries-long use as a reliable murder poison. The advantage was, for example in comparison with hemlock, that its use was undetectable. Administered in small quantities, it makes people or animals appear more vital than they actually are. It was used for a long time to sell old horses as younger horses for more money.

General and healing properties of Kalium chloratum

The basic knowledge


Arcidum arsenicosum is invigorating. It is a stimulating therapy and stimulates the deep vital forces of the organism. It releases vital energy reserves and makes them available for body and soul.

Anxiety Relief

Acidum arsenicosum is anxiety relieving. The existential anxiety in Arsenicum album comes from the lack of strength and the feeling of not being able to cope. By activating vital forces, self-confidence comes back and fear disappears.


Acidum arsenicosum is restorative. It strengthens the mental body and creates mental reserves, so that insecurity and depressive moods recede and light and hope can dominate again.

Properties of Arsenicum album

  • solvent
  • organizing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • digestive
  • heart strengthening
  • Softening

Arsenicum album: effect for body and mind

Arsenicum album has a stimulating, vitalizing effect on the body in the smallest amounts. Patients look fresher, have rosy cheeks and feel stronger. Moreover, besides the symptoms of physical weakness, it also targets the psychological level. Here it causes an increase in self-confidence, fears weaken and depressions subside. In febrile infections with diarrhea and vomiting, it is often used to rebuild the patient.

Arsenicum album storage locations

  • All cells
  • Blood
  • Blood cells

Symptoms of arsenic acetate deficiency

  • Mucous cough
  • Bronchitis
  • White tongue coating
  • Inflammations
  • Wound healing disorders
  • Couperose
  • Glandular swellings
  • Tendency to overweight
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Adhesions to muscles and ligaments

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Acidum arsenicosum]

Arsenic acetate in consumptive diseases

One speaks of consumptive diseases in the context of cancer or, for example, tuberculosis. In this case, the underlying diseases are so debilitating that they consume the organism and its forces. Arsencum album is used here as stimulation therapy and releases silent reserves on the cellular level. The patient thus gets a vitality boost, feels better and is thus prepared for an important treatment.

Arsenicum album for diarrhea and vomiting

In the case of diarrhea and vomiting, the loss of fluids and the impeded absorption of nutrients cause a rapidly increasing weakness. Arsencum album releases deep forces, irritates the organism and vitalizes it, so that the patient has more resources to fight the basic problem and overcome it.

Arsenic acetate for hyperthyroidism

In cases of hyperthyroidism, arsenic acetate is said to harmonize the excessive vital forces. It helps to reduce restlessness, cold sweats and irritability. The overactivity of the thyroid gland should thus be balanced and the metabolism normalized again.

Arsenicum album for severe febrile infections

In the case of severe infections, the event is often very stressful for the organism. The patient is depressed, dull and powerless. Arsenic acetate is supposed to reawaken the body's forces and give the patient a better general condition. In addition, the more vital organism can better fight the actual infection and quickly reach the goal of recovery.

Notes on the use of arsenic acetate

Arsenicum album is basically an acute remedy. It should therefore always be given as a cure within a limited time frame for a maximum of 1-2 weeks for convalescence and strengthening. The dosage depends on the homeopathic potency or preparation. Spagyric essences are usually administered 3 times a day, in case of highly acute events also hourly.

Arsenic acetate during pregnancy & lactation

During pregnancy and lactation, Acidum arsenicosum should not be used.

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arsenic acetate


Arsenic acetate


Acidum arsenicosum


White solid


Arsenic, Arsenicum album, Arsenic acetate, Acidum arsenicosum

Occurrence in the body

All cells, blood cells

Application area

Weaknesses, cachexia, fears

Typical potency

D6-C200 or LM 6-24

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