Ferrum phosphoricum
[Ferrum phosphoricum]

Ferrum phosphoricum: salt of the immune system

Iron is the metal of the immune system and resistance. Since ancient times, this metal has been associated with the Greek god of war, Ares. It represents will and energy. In this case, it has a phosphate residue that additionally acts as an energy provider. In our body, phosphorus compounds and iron play a major role in elemental energy metabolism. Especially the energy-rich substance ATP consists essentially of phosphorus compounds. It is the battery and at the same time the motor of all metabolic processes.

Facts about Ferrum phosphoricum

Did you know that...

... its natural form vivianite was named after the discoverer John Henry Vivian?
... the vivianite becomes slightly molten magnetic?
... vivianite occurs and is mined in Bodenmais in Lower Bavaria?

Iron blue: chemical background

Iron blue or vivianite are the natural minerals from which iron phosphate is extracted. It occurs worldwide, but only very locally concentrated. In Germany we have strong occurrences in Lower Bavaria and Hesse. The substance is mostly present in crystal form and impresses with an intense blue to black color, but only after contact with oxygen in the air. Today, iron blue is still used as a painting pigment or as a gemstone.

General and healing effects of Ferrum phosphoricum

The basic knowledge

Immune boosting

Ferrum phosphoricum is immune-enhancing. It supports the immune system and strengthens the defenses in the fight against infections. It gives the body the strength and energy it needs to defend itself against infections.


Ferrum phosphoricum is energizing. It strengthens the elementary ATP metabolism of the body and helps it to keep its batteries charged. Thus, metabolism and defense processes can run safely and the vital energy is fundamentally strengthened.


Ferrum phosphoricum is blood-forming. Red blood cells consist of a molecule called hemoglobin. This contains iron, to which the oxygen can attach in the lungs. Without iron the red blood cells cannot be formed, cell respiration and oxygen transport do not function smoothly.

Properties of iron blue

  • energizing
  • defense strengthening
  • hematopoietic
  • antianemic
  • ATP regenerating
  • convalescent

Ferrum phosphoricum: effect for body and mind

For the body, Ferrum phosphoricum is an important compound. Both parts of the molecule have an effect on the energy metabolism of the body. Iron is needed for the formation of red blood cells and is increasingly consumed during infections and febrile diseases. Phosphorus plays an enormous role in the respiratory chain of cells. It is the core element for the regeneration of the ATP molecule, which acts as a basic energy carrier and a kind of battery in the body. An active immune system therefore needs both parts of Ferrum phosphoricum to ensure a clean energy metabolism. Strength and vital energy depend directly on these metabolic processes and are therefore of fundamental importance. It is also considered the salt of the first stage of inflammation. This means that it is especially needed in the first, hot, feverish phase of an infection to support the body's defense.

Storage locations of Ferrum phosphoricum

  • All cells
  • Blood hemoglobin

Symptoms of iron blue deficiency

  • Inflammations
  • Infections
  • Wounds
  • Low fever
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Iron deficiency
  • Powerlessness
  • Ferrum shadow in the corners of the eyes

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Ferrum phosphoricum]
The areas of application are directly derived from the importance in the energy and iron metabolism of Ferrum phosphoricum. These include:

Iron blue for acute injuries, pain & inflammation

Whenever acute processes with inflammation and hematoma take place in the body, Ferrum phosphoricum should be considered. The iron is needed to compensate for the blood loss by forming new blood cells. It also supports the healing process by acting as an energizer for cellular respiration and tissue regeneration.
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Ferrum phosphoricum for the immune system

Ferrum phosphoricum is considered an inflammatory agent of the first phase. This means the acute inflammation with activation of the immune system. In this phase, the immune system is armed to fight off infections. Blood flow and body temperature are increased so that enzymatic processes can be activated, which are necessary. The body is thus armed and can optimally ensure its necessary processes of defense and regeneration.

Ferrum phosphoricum for mental and physical weakness

Psychological as well as physical stresses directly affect the body's energy metabolism after some time. The reserves are used up and on a cellular level this means that ATP regeneration no longer functions sufficiently well. Ferrum phosphoricum provides the body with the necessary substances to restore the energy balance. This restoring power for a noticeable improvement in the physical feeling of weakness and helps the psyche to have more resources available to get through times of crisis. A better emotional detachment and a clear alignment of wills are the result.

Iron blue for stress

Stress is an influence on the body that demands a lot of strength, energy and attention from it. The system must perform at its best, for which he needs strength. Ferrum phosphoricum supports the power-giving processes in the body, activates cellular respiration to ensure that energy is released. On an emotional level, it supports will processes and helps psychologically to muster the strength to go through this phase and then relax again.

Notes on the use of iron blue

How, when and in what dose is Name taken? What forms of administration are there (tablet, drops, etc.)? What should one pay attention to when taking the drug?

Ferrum phosphoricum during pregnancy & lactation

Even during pregnancy and lactation, nothing stands in the way of taking Ferrum phosphoricum.

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Ferrum phosphoricum


Ferrum phosphoricum


Ferrum phosphoricum


colorless to black crystals


Iron phosphate

Occurrence in the body

All cells, hemoglobin of blood cells

Application area

Immune system, inflammations

Typical potency


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