nettle blossoming
[Urtica urens]

Nettle: the all-rounder among the medicinal plants

Stinging nettle is one of the many-rounders among medicinal plants and is a very frequently used remedy. In difficult times and in rural areas, the young shoots of nettle are used to this day as a very tasty substitute for spinach. For the fauna, the medicinal plant plays a very important role. It serves as a food plant for countless species of insects. It is especially popular with butterflies. As a nitrogen indicator, it plays an important role for farmers in order to draw conclusions regarding the condition of the soil. In the textile industry, nettle has played an important role for centuries in the production of utility textiles such as sacks and the like, a role that has unfortunately been overtaken by cotton fiber. Its importance in this regard today is almost zero.

Facts about stinging nettle

Did you know that...

...nettle is a good edible plant?

...Nettle liquid manure is a good pesticide?

...nettle seeds make the coat of horses shine?

What is the nettle?

The nettle is a plant that grows up to 60cm high and is very common in our latitudes. It likes to grow along roadsides, on meadows, in rubble areas, in vegetable gardens and on dung heaps. It has a very high nutrient requirement and loves nitrogen-rich places. Therefore, it also serves as a nitrogen indicator. Characteristic of the plant is its defensive burning, which can be felt as soon as you touch the leaves. Here, small stinging hairs of the plant hook into the skin and release irritating substances that cause burning, itching and swelling of the skin.

General and healing properties of the nettle

The basic knowledge


The nettle is metabolism stimulating. It stimulates the metabolism to eliminate harmful substances and waste products and thus promotes the cleansing of the body. It is rich in trace elements and supports the body in regeneration. Its ability to bind and eliminate acids helps relieve the body.

Hair Growth Promoting

The nettle promotes hair growth. Therefore, it is often a component of organic shampoos. It stimulates the metabolism of the hair roots, which therefore strengthen and also sprout new hair. The hair becomes firmer and fuller and visibly gains shine.


The nettle is blood-forming. It provides the body with plant-bound iron, which is readily available to the body and thus supports the formation of new, red blood cells.

Utrica urens: Ingredients

Nettle provides a diverse number of different important substances that are important for our body.

  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Silicon
  • Silica
  • Histamine
  • Lignans
  • Formic acid

Nettle: effect for body and mind

Nettle is a true cleanser, as it supports the body's ability to eliminate waste. That is why it is part of many spring cures. It cleanses the connective tissue, flushes the kidneys and provides the body with fresh minerals and trace elements. Especially in states of weakness, as a restorative cure and for strengthening, nettle is traditionally used. As a source of iron, it helps the body to reproduce red blood cells, so that the oxygen transport in the body can run optimally. Cells that receive oxygen can cleanly metabolize, cleanse and renew themselves. Stinging nettle is often used to boost vitality and to improve performance. Especially with slagging and the excretion of metabolic acids such as uric acid helps the nettle, because it promotes the elimination of slags through the kidneys and relieves the body.

Properties of the nettle

  • Purifying
  • Invigorating
  • Iron-giving
  • Promoting hair growth
  • Blood-forming
  • Purifying

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Urtica urens]
Due to its extensive effect on metabolism, there are a number of indications for which the medicinal plant is a good remedy of choice.

Nettle for urinary tract diseases

In urinary tract diseases, pathogens usually settle in the mucous membrane of the urinary tract and inflame it. The consequences can be more frequent urination, pain, burning and foul smell of urine. Nettle increases the volume of urine and stimulates the flushing of the urinary tract. This flushes the bacteria from the mucous membrane and helps the immune system to overcome the infection.

Utrica urens for skin blemishes

Many skin blemishes occur because the body also excretes through the skin. Due to the fact that the nettle stimulates the metabolism and promotes purification through the urine, the skin is relieved and the skin impurities disappear again.

Nettle for gastrointestinal disorders

The nettle is known to relieve mild gastrointestinal complaints. Today, the tannins are held responsible for this. These form a protective layer on the mucous membranes and have a regulating effect on intestinal movement. The gastrointestinal tract relaxes and the discomfort subsides.

Utrica urens for menstruation

Many ladies have such heavy menstruation that they lose a lot of blood and thus also iron. Especially in the phase between the period, the nettle helps to replenish the iron stores. In addition, the nettle harmonizes the menstrual bleeding, so that they lose vehemence.

Nettle for hypertension

In naturopathy, high blood pressure is often associated with congestion and slagging of the metabolism. Since nettle purifies and stimulates the body to regenerate, it is often used in cures to lower blood pressure. Recent studies have also shown that nettle has a positive effect on the tension of blood vessels and thus reduces blood pressure.

Utrica urens for rheumatism

In rheumatism, joints or tissues become inflamed and cause pain. Nettle purifies the body, cleanses it and thus helps less irritating substances circulate in the body. This has a positive effect on the tendency to inflammation and helps to reduce rheumatic inflammation.

Notes on the use of nettle

Nettle can be a component of medicines or is often used as a tea. Most often the dried leaves or the whole plant are used. It is very popular as part of a spring or general purification cure.

Nettle in pregnancy & lactation

Since nettle is highly dehydrating, it should not be consumed during pregnancy. In addition, it can trigger early labor. In the breastfeeding period, the nettle is then no longer a risk and can be enjoyed.

Nettle for allergies

Strong allergy sufferers should be careful because of the histamine contained.

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young shoot of stinging nettle with small green leaves



Botanical name

Urtica urens

Plant family

Nettle family

Other designations



July till October

Harvest time

March till August


sunny to semi-shady



Flower color


Flower shape


Leaf color


Leaf shape

oval, serrated edge

Sheet properties

Burning hairs

Soil type

rich in humus

Soil moisture



weakly acidic to weakly alkaline

Lime compatibility

lime shy

Nutrient requirements




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