Treating sun allergy naturally - home remedies for light dermatosis

Woman lying on a lawn with a hat over her face and sunbathing. Avoid sun allergy

We've probably all been there: you're on vacation and have a nice day at the beach. Then in the evening you suddenly discover a red shimmer on your skin. But what is it if this rash spreads over your skin in many small dots? Then it's probably a sun allergy. What is it? You can be allergic to the sun [...].

Naturally against PCOS - Polycystic ovary syndrome

Woman holding a model of a uterus in front of her. Signs of PCOS and more can be seen on the uterus.

PCOS is a term that some people have probably never heard of. It is the abbreviation for the complicated term "polycystic ovary syndrome" and refers to a hormonal disorder that brings with it many restrictions. Among other things, it can affect fertility and lead to insulin resistance. In this blog post, we reveal some natural tips and [...]

Fighting chickenpox naturally - dealing with varicella

Healthy children without chickenpox run along a meadow towards the sun

Small red blisters and incredible itching - that describes chickenpox very well. Some people remember it from kindergarten, others may still have small white scars from it. There's probably one thing everyone can agree on: it's really hard not to scratch the blisters with all that itching. Whether it's your [...]

Natural ways to control asthma - your spray without cortisone

Woman sits on couch and has an asthma cough attack

Asthma - everyone has heard of it, and some people may even suffer from it. The chronic respiratory disease that can make your life difficult and sometimes literally take your breath away. But what triggers asthma attacks and how can you deal with them? Which natural home remedies can help you find relief [...]

Adenomyosis and endometriosis: what are the differences?

Woman sitting smiling on bed with glass in hand. Without adenomyosis pain.

Adenomyosis - a subtype of endometriosis and just as painful. The disease in which your uterine walls thicken, making your periods all the more painful. But what is the difference to endometriosis and what are possible risk factors for the disease? And what home remedies can you use if you don't want to take painkillers straight away? [...]

Relieve migraines: Natural home remedies and everyday adjustments

A woman holds her head due to migraine headaches

You probably know the situation: the weather has changed and you have another headache. But is it a normal headache or is it a migraine? In this blog post, we reveal how you can recognize this and which natural home remedies can help you. We also explain how migraine attacks affect different age groups and which [...]

Against small intestinal overgrowth: Natural tips for SIBO/SIFO

Woman lying on a bed with a pillow over her head. SIBO SIFO

SIBO and SIFO - that sounds strange at first. And no, they are not for eating, but types of small intestinal overgrowth. They are abbreviations for a process in which the small intestine is overgrown by microorganisms. With SIBO these are bacteria and with SIFO fungi. This mal-colonization can have several consequences and can sometimes be associated with other [...].

Natural treatment of Crohn's disease - tips and home remedies

Woman sits in bed and holds her stomach in pain

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory and chronic disease of unknown origin. In Germany, more than 320,000 people suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to some natural tips and home remedies that can help you to relieve your symptoms. If this sounds interesting to you, [...]

Treat gastritis naturally with these home remedies

Woman holds her stomach in pain (gastritis)

Abdominal pain and heartburn - these are the leading symptoms of gastritis. This is an inflammation of the stomach lining that can occur for various reasons and has a number of effects. To help alleviate the symptoms, we have put together some tips on nutrition and foods to avoid below. If this sounds interesting to you, you are [...]

How you can naturally improve your irritable bladder symptoms

Woman holds her bladder and suppresses the urge to urinate

Oh no - you have to go to the toilet again, even though you've only just been? This is not bad at first. However, you may be suffering from an irritable bladder if you have to go to the toilet really often. There may even be a small accident at some point if you don't [...]