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Gastrointestinal tract

Herbal treatment of irritable bowel - what medicinal plants are in our mixture?

The Zimply Natural Irritable Bowel Complex mixture for spraying into the mouth.

Irritable bowel mixture

With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

What is irritable bowel syndrome?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a digestive disorder that affects the colon and can be very uncomfortable. Symptoms include abdominal pain, cramping, bloating and changes in bowel movements. Common causes of IBS can be dietary factors, such as an intolerance to certain foods or stress in everyday life. Unfortunately, there is often no clear cause. Self-care methods such as yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques can help lower stress levels and improve quality of life. Prescription medications can also help relieve IBS symptoms when other treatments have not been successful. The goal for anyone with IBS should be to find the right treatment plan for their individual needs so they can better manage their symptoms over time.

Why is a functioning gastrointestinal tract so important?

Man is in pain. The gastrointestinal tract can be seen

The gastrointestinal tract is an incredible and complex system. It is responsible for absorbing nutrients from food, obtaining the energy that fuels our bodies, and removing toxins from our system. A functioning gastrointestinal tract ensures that your body performs at its best. It ensures that it can digest and absorb important vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. At the same time, it helps break down toxins into simpler substances that can be safely excreted through the liver or kidneys. The movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract is controlled in a very sophisticated way by gastric juices and nerve receptors. Proper digestion of food depends on these activities to break down larger edible molecules into smaller particles so they can be transported through cell walls into the cells of our body. So a healthy gut is important not only for proper nutrition, but also for the overall health and well-being of our bodies.

Can sports help with IBS?

Exercise has long been associated with building physical fitness and strength, but new research on the effects of exercise on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has uncovered even more ways that exercise can benefit your health. New studies suggest that regular physical activity can help reduce both the severity and frequency of IBS symptoms. In fact, researchers have linked up to a 40 percent improvement in abdominal pain associated with IBS with regular moderate exercise such as cycling or swimming. Exercise is also thought to improve sleep and lower stress levels - both of which are known triggers for IBS symptoms. So if you suffer from ongoing IBS problems, it might be worth finding out how exercise can help you manage your problem.

What home remedies can help with irritable bowel syndrome?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common digestive disorder. Fortunately, there are some home remedies that can help relieve these symptoms. Eating high-fiber and fermented foods such as yogurt or sauerkraut can be beneficial for people with IBS, as they promote digestive health. In addition, peppermint or ginger tea has been shown to relieve IBS symptoms. This is an excellent remedy for those who prefer natural alternatives to over-the-counter medications. Finally, grandma's home remedies such as fennel seeds or a mixture of honey and orange juice are also used by many people with IBS, as they can help reduce inflammation in the intestines that leads to stomach pain and other unpleasant effects. While these remedies may not provide adequate relief for everyone, they are worth trying if you are looking for an alternative way to manage your symptoms.

These medicinal plants help stimulate the metabolism

Zimply Natural offers you a blend of medicinal plants to relieve your symptoms. We at Zimply Natural support you in benefiting from a well-functioning gastrointestinal tract not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

Our irritable bowel mixture contains:


Green leaf from kava kava plant

Kava-Kava is the revered ritual plant of its native region. Its unique action, which does not cloud perception as with other intoxicants, helps relieve anxiety and relax the function of the central nervous system - making it useful for treating both stress and chronic pain such as rheumatism, without dulling the senses or clarity.


white hawthorn with green leaves

The Chamomile is a versatile plant with many beneficial properties! It not only has anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties, its aroma can also soothe the soul. Its expectorant effect helps to eliminate constipation, to achieve mental clarity and relaxation.

Goldenseal root

yellow flower of goldenrod against blue background

The Goldenseal root has long been used as an effective digestive aid. Hydrastis stimulates the production of bile so that the intestines maintain a balanced pH and create ideal conditions for liver enzymes and bacteria. In other words, goldenseal root can help you eat regularly - no more annoying problems with constipation!

Nux vomica

Masterwort with white and green leaves and purple bud

The Nux vomica is a natural remedy that can help relieve stress-related stomach problems such as cramps and heartburn caused by the consumption of irritants such as cigarettes, coffee or heavy foods. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and mitigates its effects on the digestive tract - when stress levels decrease, the pressure in the intestines decreases, which leads to relaxation of the muscles surrounding it and thus to less acid production.


artichoke with purple flowers

The Mandrake has long been valued for its medicinal properties. There is a unique combination of alkaloids in this powerful plant that gives it an anticholinergic effect - that is, it turns off the nerves and makes them relax. This helps relieve cramps by restoring balance to the central nervous system and helps with digestive or other problems related to muscle spasms caused by overstimulated nerve endings. No wonder mandrake was used far beyond ancient times!

Pure herbal medicine for your irritable bowel - Zimply Natural

With Zimply Natural, we are the antidote to painkillers, sleeping pills, and standard medications. We are your medicine! For our blends we use the centuries-old natural healing method of the Spaygrik back. Spagyric combines the herbal active ingredients and phytotherapeutic elements of medicinal plants, the mineral salt qualities, as well as the subtle information of medicinal plants and the energetic potential of Bach flowers.

Everyday stomach problems like abdominal pain, bloating and constipation don't have to be a normal part of life. With the right medicinal herbs, you can say goodbye to IBS symptoms and get back to a healthy normal for good! Discover how easy it is to take back control with our clever blend of natural ingredients designed specifically for IBS.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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