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How To Detox: How to detoxify your body

Every day we are exposed to various negative environmental influences and pollutants that can thus burden the body. These include, for example, heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead, chemicals from cosmetic products or industrial cleaning agents, pesticides or bisphenol-A in plastic. What can you do to efficiently rid the body of such toxins? The answer is: Detox!

Everything about Detox

Why may a detoxification cure be necessary?

So-called "detox cures" pursue the goal of detoxifying and cleansing the body. This is to be freed by a detox diet from possible unwanted substances such as chemicals and pollutants that the body inevitably absorbs in everyday life through the skin, water, air and food.

But doesn't the body cleanse itself? Basically, the body has mechanisms by nature with the help of which it frees itself from various harmful substances. It even has several options at its disposal for this purpose:

  • The kidneys filter the blood and rid it of metabolic waste.
  • The liver plays an important role in detoxifying the body: it absorbs toxins in order to convert them into non-toxic substances, break them down and excrete them through the urine or bile. 
  • The intestine is not only responsible for processing food and filtering important nutrients, but also fends off toxins, pathogens and bacteria that have entered the body through food intake, for example.
  • Coarser air pollutants are carried out of the body by the nose and throat through sneezing, coughing and throat clearing. Finer particles are filtered out by the mucous membranes and cilia in the trachea and bronchi.
  • The lymph fluid, which flows in its own vascular system, removes harmful substances and supplies fresh cell material. It passes through numerous lymph nodes in the so-called lymphatic system before being absorbed into the bloodstream via the left subclavian vein. 

These processes usually function reliably. Nowadays, however, environmental toxins are absorbed by the body in such high quantities that the body's own detoxification organs can no longer completely eliminate them. The unwanted substances are then deposited as so-called "slags" in organs, in connective tissue and even in the bones, burdening the body. An unhealthy diet with additives, lots of fat, sugar, nicotine and alcohol, as well as a stressful lifestyle, can exacerbate the negative consequences of loading the body with toxins and harmful substances. Regular detox cures may be able to rid and cleanse the skin and internal organs such as the lymph, intestines, liver and kidneys of toxins.

Signs that you should detoxify your body

Pollutants from the environment that accumulate in the body are often not directly noticeable and are not subjectively perceived immediately, but they can significantly impair health in the long term. In the long term, they can promote the occurrence of cancer and some chronic diseases, as well as disrupt fetal and child development and impair sperm quality. This can lead to infertility, impaired potency and miscarriages. When the body's exposure to environmental toxins becomes excessive, the initial effects can be as follows:

What are the environmental toxins?

Heavy metals

Pollutant emissions in production by industry

Lead, mercury, amalgam, cadmium and aluminum are heavy metals. We are exposed to them through industrial emissions, for example from steel and coal-fired power plants, the paper industry and petrochemicals, through which metals enter the atmosphere. In addition, the oceans, and thus also the fish, are sometimes heavily polluted by heavy metals. Through their consumption, they accumulate in our bodies. Mercury used to be present in vaccines in the form of thiomersal, which can still be found in the body today. In addition, amalgam fillings in teeth, which wear out over time, consist of about 50 percent mercury. Aluminum, on the other hand, can be found in cosmetics, medications, foods and drinking water, among other things. According to several studies, the aluminum content in our environment has increased constantly over the last 30 years.

Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

Pesticides are sprayed on a field by a man with white cap

Pesticides are toxic, that is their purpose. They are intended to protect fruits and vegetables from pests. But they can also become problematic for the environment and nature, as well as for us humans. There are a number of ways in which pesticides reach us and endanger our health. According to an EU spot check, 3.9 percent of foodstuffs in the EU exceeded the maximum permissible residue levels Some studies link the development of chronic diseases, which are widespread in industrialized countries such as Germany and the USA, to pesticide contamination of our food and environment.

Additives in processed foods

Canned food cans on a supermarket shelf

In the processing of foods, artificial additives, which are often listed as E-numbers in the ingredient list, perform various tasks. They can give them flavor, extend shelf life, improve appearance or increase volume. An ordinary strawberry yogurt, for example, may contain acidity regulators, thickeners and flavorings that provide the desired consistency and taste. 

Although many food additives are supposed to be harmless, the German Consumer Center warns of a total of 50 additives in foods that can have undesirable side effects if consumed in excess. The tendency is to use pure, unprocessed foods rather than highly processed foods.

How To Detox

Juice or soup cures and tea

green fruit juice or smoothie in a basket with apple, half orange and half lemon and checkered blanket

A detox diet can be a pure juice or soup diet that is carried out over a few days. A detox diet is roughly equivalent to alkaline fasting, in which acid-forming foods are avoided and alkaline-forming foods are preferred. First, special tablets or capsules are usually used to empty the intestines, which is also known as "colon cleansing" among detox adherents. 

On the following juice days, in addition to plenty of water and herbal tea, only fruit and vegetable juices are drunk or soups are consumed. This is to stimulate metabolism and digestion and flush out toxins. 

Following the juice days, a high-fiber diet consisting exclusively of fruits and vegetables or raw vegetable juices is recommended. Solid foods are only slowly reintroduced in the style of a fasting cure.

Certain dietary supplements

Dietary supplement pills in a woman's hand

For efficient detoxification, the detoxification organs such as the liver, kidneys and digestive system must first be resistant enough to transport the toxins out of the body. The basic prerequisite for this is a healthy diet with enough vitamins and minerals. It is also recommended to take a probiotic for the duration of the detoxification cure, but also in general, to actively support intestinal health.

Supplements that have been shown to bind and eliminate toxins include the microalgae chlorella and spirulina, modified citrus pectin, iodine, vitamin C, bentonite, silicon and R-alpha lipoic acid.

Whether detoxing through liquids alone or through supplements: It is essential to drink plenty of fluids during detoxification, preferably water or tea, to help the liver and kidneys flush out toxins and waste.

  • Chlorella and spirulina can bind heavy metals and excrete them through the intestines. If possible, these microalgae should be taken in an empty state, as they may also bind to important minerals.
  • Iodine can carry toxic halogens such as chlorine, bromine and fluorine as well as metals out of the body.
  • In high doses, vitamin C activates the liver enzymes responsible for the breakdown of toxins. This enables toxins such as cyanides, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, as well as nitrosamines and nicotine, to be rendered harmless.
  • Bentonite can bind pollutants such as heavy metals, acids, pesticide residues, histamine or radioactive particles.
  • Silicon prevents the establishment of aluminum in the body and can dissolve it from the tissues and remove it from the body.
  • A real insider tip for detoxification is modified citrus pectin (MCP). Unlike chlorella, which can initially manifest itself in headaches, there are no known side effects to date when taking MCP.
  • For advanced users, R-alpha lipoic acid is also excellent. In the detoxification of heavy metals, R-alpha lipoic acid not only acts in the blood, but also penetrates into the fat-soluble environment.

Our detoxifying medicinal plants and source materials

Herbs and medicinal plants are also excellent for natural detoxification. ZIMPLY NATURAL also has some medicinal plants and source materials that can have a detoxifying effect. These include:

More tips

Detox diets can be supplemented by accompanying treatments such as massages and baths. In addition, sauna sessions, yoga exercises and long walks in the fresh air can support the detoxifying effect. During the detox cure, it is advisable to reduce stress, avoid alcohol and nicotine, take plenty of antioxidants and allow yourself a restful sleep.

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