Calcium sulfuricum
[Calcium sulfuricum]

Calcium sulfuricum: salt of the joints

Calcium sulfuricum is the twelfth of the Schüssler salt series and had long been subordinated by Dr. Schüssler. The reason was that he himself had difficulties to classify the salt and its spectrum of action. He could not attest the remedy to be constantly involved in the metabolism. Today, however, it is proven that the salt is present in the metabolism and plays a significant role.

Facts about Calcium sulfuricum

Did you know that...

... its natural mineral variants are anhydrite, gypsum and bassanite?

... it plays an important role in wastewater treatment?

... it is a by-product of the industrial production of citric acid?

Calcium sulfuricum: Chemical background

In natural, mineral form Calcium sulfuricum occurs as anhydrite, gypsum and bassanite. In industrial chemistry is a common waste product in the desulfurization of processes such as wastewater treatment or flue gas cleaning.

The salt is a white, odorless solid dissolved in mineral-rich spring and drinking water together with other minerals. It is responsible for the permanent water hardness together with the other mineral salts of the spring water.

Today it is used mainly in the form of gypsum in the construction industry, where it is used specifically in drywall construction or by plasterers.

General and healing effects of Calcium sulfuricum

The basic knowledge


Calcium sulfuricum is draining. Its sulfur content activates the tissues and cell metabolism, so that waste products and toxins can be removed from the tissue. This increases the regenerative capacity and the tissues heal.


Calcium sulfuricum is activating. Often structures are busy with old processes such as chronic inflammation, never having been able to overcome the inflammation, but keeping it in check. Calcium sulfuricum helps the body reactivate the reaction to be able to heal it.


Calcium sulfuricum has a draining effect. Where chronic processes are smoldering, the metabolism and also often you fluid in the tissues. The result is swelling. Calcium sulfuricum becomes draining, so that the fluid can be transported away from the tissue and the congestion is reduced.


Calcium sulfuricum has a maturing effect. Purulent inflammations often have the property of getting stuck at a certain stage, so that the focus festers but does not heal. Calcium sulfuricum supports the body in passing through the stage of suppuration, maturing the pus and transporting it to the outside. This allows the wound to heal and settle down again.

Properties of Calcium sulfuricum

  • Reactivating
  • Eliminating
  • Stimulating


  • Warming
  • Detoxifying
  • Maturing

Calcium sulfuricum: effect for body and mind

In principle, Calcium sulfuricum is considered a salt of the joints, but its action in general is to activate old processes, to help them mature, and then to overcome them. To pass through in order to heal is the idea underlying this remedy, especially in processes that are old, chronic and lack the strength to be passed through as acute events. Therefore, it is much used in metabolic diseases such as rheumatism and gout. These often manifest themselves in poorly perfused tissues and joints. Here it activates the metabolism with its sulfur content and brings fire into the proceedings. On a mental level, it is often an old anger that is nourished from an old scar and keeps this wound open.

Storage locations of Calcium sulfuricum

  • Liver
  • Bile
  • Cartilage
  • Muscles

Symptoms of Calcium sulfuricum deficiency

  • Chronic infections such as rhinitis or bronchitis
  • Chronically swollen tonsils, sore throat and middle ear infection
  • Acidosis diathesis
  • Conditions after mental shocks
  • Hardened and slagged tissues
  • Rheumatic complaints, gout

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Calcium sulfuricum]

Like all Schuessler salts, Calcium sulfuricum is used for functionally related symptoms and diseases. The most important areas of application are explained below.

Calcium sulfuricum for purulent inflammations

Deep-seated, purulent inflammations such as abscesses usually need to be opened if they cannot develop or be cleared. The salt helps these purulent inflammations to mature so that they migrate to the outside and disappear.

Young woman with very clear skin after a shower

Calcium sulfuricum for skin problems

The salt is an important agent for driving pus and inflammation. Therefore, it is also suitable to treat all skin problems in which purulent inflammation plays a role.

Calcium sulfuricum for detoxification

Calcium sulfuricum is a cleansing agent. Due to its sulfur content, it activates cell metabolism and stimulates the elimination of waste products and toxins from the tissues. This relieves the metabolism and ensures that the risk of chronic diseases decreases.

Calcium sulfuricum for the joints

Joint problems are often caused by rheumatic inflammations that irritate the serous membranes of the joints. Joints are susceptible to this because they are generally less well supplied with blood than other structures of the body. As a result, metabolic diseases associated with increased inflammation are often felt here. The salt stimulates the metabolism and thus cleanses the structures from waste products.

Calcium sulfuricum for the connective tissue

Connective tissue is readily used by the body as an intermediate storage facility for metabolic products and is weakly predisposed in many people. This connective tissue weakness can manifest itself as poor regenerative capacity. Calcium sulfuricum helps the connective tissue to cleanse itself and thus relieves the tissue.

Notes on the use of Calcium sulfuricum

Calcium sulfuricum is available as Schuessler salt No.12 in pharmacies. Mostly it is used in tablet form orally three times a day 1-5 tablets. For skin processes, people also like to use the ointment.

Calcium sulfuricum during pregnancy & lactation

There is nothing to prevent the use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, other means are used more for pregnancy-associated issues.

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crushed Calcium sulfuricum, one of the Schuessler salts, in a white bowl


Calcium sulfuricum


Calcium sulfuricum


white, odorless solid


Salt of the joints

Occurrence in the body

Joints, cartilage, liver, gall bladder, muscles

Application area


Typical potency


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