Christmas stress - relaxed through the holidays with ZIMPLY NATURAL

Christmas gifts

For many people, the Christmas season means: Candle scent, mulled wine and shining children's eyes. Unfortunately, stress also always plays a major role. Christmas stress means: quickly shopping for a few gifts after work, planning the five-course Christmas menu and baking cookies in between. Your individual stress mixture With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and [...]

Sleep disorders during menopause

Woman with sleep disorder

Difficulty falling asleep, sweating, hot flashes or mood swings - more than two thirds of all affected women experience menopausal symptoms as a burden. The cause of these complaints is the decreasing activity of the ovaries. This is noticeable in both body and soul. At the latest when it comes to sleep disturbances in the climacteric, the phase of hormonal change becomes an ordeal. This is not surprising: [...]

Cold, flu or corona?


One minute you're fit as a fiddle and the next you feel tired and run down. A cold, cough, hoarseness... This can be a harmless cold or an actual flu. However, COVID-19 can also cause these symptoms. Common cold (flu-like infection) In a common cold, the upper parts of the respiratory tract are [...]