[Bolus alba]

Kaolin: The magic substance of porcelain

Kaolin is a fine, iron-free rock, which is better known under the name white clay or bolus alba. Chemically, it is an aluminum silicate that can also be produced synthetically from silicic acid and aluminum hydroxide. It plays an important role as a filler in the cosmetics industry and as a starting material for ceramics production.

Kaolin facts

Did you know that...

... kaolin is the basis of Meissen porcelain?

... the melting point of 1450°C is very high

... kaolin is used for the production of artificial casing in the sausage factory?

What is kaolin?

Kaolin or bolus alba is a naturally occurring compound. It occurs as a whitish rock and is chemically an aluminum silicate. Basically, it is very fine, which makes it suitable for the production of high-quality white pigments for painting. In the food industry it is much used as a separating agent and anti-caking agent; in the cosmetics industry as a filler. Kaolin had its great history when Johann Böttger, the famous alchemist who invented Meissen porcelain, used it as a basis for the production of high-quality porcelain and thus brought down China's porcelain monopoly.

General and medicinal properties of Bolus alba

The basic knowledge


Bolus alba is draining. It helps tissues to purify, eliminate toxins and metabolic waste products. This increases the regenerative capacity.


Bolus alba is digestive. It helps digestive secretions to flow well into the intestines, where it binds toxins that could inhibit digestion.


Bolus alba is anti-rheumatic. It lowers the pH of the tissues and thus prevents the body's rheumatic inflammatory cascade from being triggered. Pain and discomfort thus remain absent and one can continue to move freely.

Bolus alba: Ingredients

  • Kaolin or aluminum silicate

Kaolin: effect for body and mind

Kaolin has a very good effect in the digestive tract. It binds gastric acid, soothes the mucous membranes and drains the tissues. It is antispasmodic and helps the digestive tract to relax. It lowers pH and binds excess acids in the stomach. Its silicate content has a silicea-like effect and helps tissues to overcome and drain old processes. Kaolin cleanses and detoxifies the body and supports the regenerative powers of the organism through relief.

Bolus alba properties

  • antispasmodic
  • draining
  • digestive
  • toxin-binding
  • cleansing
  • skin caring

Areas of application in naturopathy: Kaolin

[Bolus alba]

Introduction to the various and different areas of application:

Bolus alba for tonsillitis

Kaolin should be considered for chronic tonsillitis. Its draining and detoxifying properties help relieve and nourish the affected tissue. Bacterial toxins are bound and eliminated, allowing the body to overcome the inflammation and eventually heal.

Kaolin for diarrhea

Diarrhea usually has to do with toxins. Sometimes they come from your own intestines through maldigestion, sometimes from bacteria that produce toxins. Bolus alba helps bind these toxins and nourishes irritated intestinal tissues. The diarrhea goes away and the stressed intestine can regenerate.

Bolus alba for stomach problems

Bolus alba is a real gift for the stomach. It binds excess acids in hyperacidity, soothes mucous membranes and relieves inflammation. In addition, kaolin relaxes the muscles of the stomach and bile ducts, so that the digestive secretions of the liver can better run into the intestines to help digestion. The stomach and digestive tract calm down and work effectively again to digest food.

Kaolin for joint & muscle pain

Joint and muscle pain can often be related to digestion. Chronic hyperacidity of the stomach means that it must constantly buffer strong acid. In doing so, it wears out alkaline buffers such as sodium hydrogen carbonate. If this buffer system is increasingly depleted, the pH levels in other areas of the body, such as the muscles or joints, can also drop. This leads to activation of the rheumatic inflammatory cascade with pain. Bolus alba binds acids and helps regulate pH levels. The inflammation is deprived of its basis and recedes.

Instructions for the use of Bolus alba

Bolus alba is taken as a cure for a few days to weeks. It makes sense to spread the intake over the day. Drinking cures with dissolved kaolin powder are the means of choice.

Kaolin during pregnancy & lactation

Kaolin can also be taken during pregnancy by mothers who are plagued by heartburn.

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Bolus alba



Other name

Bolus alba


Mineral solid

Application area

Skin diseases, gastrointestinal problems


mineral compound, mainly aluminum silicate



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