Potassium phosphate
[kalium phosphoricum]

Kalium phosphoricum: The salt of the nerves

Kalium phosphoricum is, next to No.7, the most important salt for our nerves. While No.7 is more concerned with cramps and nerve activity in the periphery, Kalium phosphoricum is concerned with central nerve metabolism and the interaction with other body tissues. It plays an important role in intracellular energy metabolism and is therefore one of the most important salts of all.

Facts about Kalium phosphoricum

Did you know that...

... Kalium phosphoricum is labeled as a food additive with the number E340?
... Kalium phosphoricum is much used for the production of detergents?
...potassium is an important screening parameter in dialysis patients?

Kalium phosphoricum: chemical background

Kalium phosphoricum is industrially extracted from phosphoric acid and is not soluble in water. In the steel industry, potassium phosphate is produced when Thomas slag is heated with potassium sulfate and coal. Potassium phosphate played an enormous role in the production of fertilizers. Today, due to the accumulation of phosphates in the soil, low phosphate fertilizers are used. In the food industry it is used as an acidity regulator. However, legal maximum amounts must be taken into account.

General and healing effects of Kalium phosphoricum

The basic knowledge

Nerve stabilizing

Kalium phosphoricum is nerve stabilizing. It restores strength to the body at the cellular level and helps it regenerate. The nervous system can shut down and recover.


Kalium phosphoricum is power-giving. Through its phosphorus content, it provides the resource that the cell needs to regenerate ATP. ATP serves as the battery of the body. With phosphorus, this battery is recharged.


Potassium phosphoricum is stress-relieving. The body goes into stress mode when it already lacks true energy. Stress overstimulates and depletes the body. By returning true energy to the body, Kalium phosphoricum allows the stress mode to be shut down and the body to recover.

Properties of Kalium phosphoricum

  • Energizing
  • Nerve regulating
  • ATP-regenerating
  • Stress Reducing
  • Invigorating
  • Cell respiration supporting

Kalium phosphoricum: effect for body and mind

The human nervous system and muscles need potassium. This ion helps to regulate potentials on the nerves and enables the muscles to contract and relax. It also regulates pH values in the organism and stabilizes osmotic pressure, i.e. the balance of substance concentrations. If potassium is lacking, fundamental metabolic processes break down at the cellular level. Due to its elementary importance, almost all structures are affected.

Storage locations of Kalium phosphoricum

  • Nerves
  • Brain
  • Muscles
  • Blood fluid

Symptoms of deficiency of Kalium phosphoricum

  • Weakness & exhaustion
  • Burnout & Long Term Stress
  • Depression
  • Nervous diarrhea & irritable stomach
  • Ticks
  • Cramps
  • Circular hair loss
  • Nervous asthma
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Sleep disorders

Fields of application in naturopathy

[kalium phosphoricum]

The areas of application are directly derived from the importance in the energy and iron metabolism of Kalium phosphoricum.

These include:

Kalium phosphoricum for anxiety

During anxiety, the nervous system ramps up to the maximum. One is tense and hyper-attentive. Kalium phosphoricum helps to calm the nerves and alleviate the effects of anxiety on the body. The potentials of the nerves are reduced and the tension subsides. However, it is important to get to the bottom of the actual anxiety and treat it.

Kalium phosphoricum for healthy hair

Circular hair loss can occur in the context of chronic stress. The cause is thought to be high blood cortisol levels associated with stress. Kalium phosphoricum reduces the stress level and thus the cortisol level. The hair loss stops and the lost hair can grow back.

Kalium phosphoricum for constipation

Constipation can occur because stress makes the involuntary digestive muscles tense. Kalium phosphoricum regulates the activity of the nerves and reduces the effects of stress. As a result, the muscles of digestion relax again and the constipation dissolves.

Kalium phosphoricum for sleep problems

Sleep problems are very often caused by chronic stress. This leads to the fact that the nervous system is overstimulated and you can no longer switch off. Kalium phosphoricum helps to rebalance the nervous system and bring it down to a normal level. Relaxation and calmness can set in and sleep can return.
application area-sleep

Notes on the use of Kalium phosphoricum

Kalium phosphoricum should be taken during periods of stress. It can be taken once or several times a day. Kalium phosphoricum is available in the pharmacy as tablets, as drops or also in ointment form.

Kalium phosphoricum during pregnancy & lactation

There is nothing wrong with taking Kalium phosphoricum during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Especially against the stress associated with pregnancy, it is even explicitly recommended.

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Potassium phosphoricum


Potassium phosphate


potassium phosphoricum




The salt of the nerves

Occurrence in the body

Nerves, brain, muscles, blood fluid

Application area

Nervous system

Typical potency


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