Sea sponge
[Euspongia officinalis]

Sea sponge: ideal for the thyroid gland

The marine sponge is an animal inhabitant of the oceans. It takes on colors ranging from beige to black. It resembles somewhat porous spheres, which are, however, quite soft to the touch. Its skeleton consists of a calcium silicate, which contains quite a lot of natural iodine. Sea sponge was discovered quite early as a therapeutic agent. Nowadays it is mostly used as a soothing aid for bathing or as a sponge for cleaning wounds in medicine.

Sea sponge facts

Did you know that...

... sponges, although they have highly differentiated cells, do not form nerve or muscle structures?

... sponges feed by filtering incoming water?

... sponges can also move around?

What is sea sponge?

Euspongia is a species of animal from the sponge family. It is found in seas and oceans at water depths of up to 40 meters. The sponge consists of a calcium-silicate framework into which it has incorporated natural iodine compounds. These sponges are used medicinally for wound cleansing due to their sterility, but also in dried, powdered form as a source of iodine for treating thyroid problems and associated diseases.

General and medicinal properties of Euspongia

The basic knowledge

Formation of thyroid hormones

Euspongia is thyroid balancing. In its skeleton, the sponge contains natural iodine compounds that can be used by the body to produce thyroid hormones. Thus, it has a balancing effect on a variety of basic metabolic processes.

Metabolism activating

Euspongia is metabolism activating. When the thyroid gland is weak and produces too few hormones the metabolism is weak. Patients gain weight, their skin changes and they are often tired and listless. Euspongia stimulates the metabolism and provides new energy.


Euspongia is croppindernd. It supports the thyroid gland and helps it do its job. As a result, the swelling of the thyroid gland, i.e. the goiter, goes down and the organ returns to normal.

Euspongia officinalis: Ingredients

Euspongia is dried, roasted and ground. The resulting powder contains:

  • Proteins like spongin
  • Diiodtyrosine
  • Monoiodtyrosine
  • Dibromtyrosine
  • Terpenes
  • Amino acids

Sea sponge : effect for body and mind

The sea sponge consists of a calcium silicate skeleton in which natural iodine compounds with high bioavailability are incorporated. This iodine is the required element from which the human body synthesizes its thyroid hormones. These hormones are very important for energy metabolism and the body. They regulate the basal metabolic rate, cell metabolism and all organ functions. Accordingly, a deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms ranging from weight gain to fatigue and exhaustion to skin changes. On a mental level, such a basic problem can also lead to psychological abnormalities. Depression, despondency and listlessness can have their physical origin here.

Properties of Euspongia officinalis

  • Hormone regulating
  • Thyroid-balancing
  • Revenue-generating
  • Blood pressure regulating
  • Stimulating
  • Powering

Areas of application in naturopathy: Sea sponge

[Euspongia officinalis]

Various therapeutic indications are derived from the underlying mechanism of action of the sea sponge. The most significant ones are listed below.

Euspongia officinalis in thyroid diseases

Sea sponge is one of the most important remedies for the treatment of thyroid problems. Due to the iodine compounds it contains, it provides the body with the basic building blocks it needs to produce its thyroid hormones. Sea sponge is used for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Disease patterns such as Graves' disease are part of its spectrum.

Sea sponge for mucosal inflammation

Some mucosal inflammations are linked to the basic mechanism of action of the sea sponge. Thus, the patient may develop inflammation that there is a lack of thyroid hormones. The sea sponge supports the formation of the hormones and thus ensures that the inflammations are contained by the body. The mucous membranes decongest and the mucus can be better dissolved.

Euspongia officinalis for heart problems

Among other things, the thyroid gland also regulates the vegetative system. In the case of a weak thyroid gland, the patient may experience heart weakness and drops in blood pressure. In the case of hyperthyroidism, the opposite is true. Euspongia now regulates the vegetative system again and has a balancing effect on the heart, so that it can do its work regularly and with strength.

Sea sponge for respiratory tract infections

Some infections are caused by a disorder of the thyroid gland. The organism is weakened, one catches an infection and the mucus is poorly coughed up. With Euspongia the organism is stimulated in its entirety. The metabolism works better, mucus is better broken down and coughed up and the immune system is more active. Thus infections can be better overcome. The patient also does not get sick so easily, because the immune system and the body can defend themselves better.

Euspongia officinalis for rheumatism

Rheumatism is often caused by a weak metabolism. Irritating waste products remain in the body, which irritate and inflame the fine membranes of the organism. Euspongia stimulates the thyroid gland and thus also the metabolism. The waste products can be better excreted and rheumatism is deprived of its basis.

Notes on the use of sea sponge

Euspongia is usually a component of complex remedies for the treatment of underlying thyroid problems. It is usually used as a course of treatment with multiple daily doses. It is available in tablet form, as drops, sprays or globules.

Euspongia officinalis during pregnancy & lactation

The treatment should be indicated in pregnancy and may even be helpful. Consultation with the therapist is a prerequisite for adequate application.

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beige round sea sponge


Sea sponge

Zoological name

Euspongia officinalis

Other designations






beige to black


spongy, spherical



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