Natrium chloratum
[Natrium chloratum]

Natrium chloratum: The salt of the fluid balance

Natrium chloratum is the Schüssler salt that is commonly known to us as table salt. It is one of the salts that is most abundant in our body. Each cell contains sodium chloratum in the cellular fluid, as it regulates the water balance and maintains the osmotic pressures of the tissues.

Facts about Natrium chloratum

Did you know that...

Prehistoric seas had the same 0.9% content of common salt as the human cell?

Heavy salt starvation also points to the kidney as a problem area?

Strong salt hunger is a sign that sodium chloratum is needed?

Natrium chloratum in homeopathy is called Natrium muriaticum?

Natrium chloratum: Chemical background

Sodium chloratum is common salt. In the chemical industry, common salt is obtained by evaporation from sea water or mined as a mixture in the form of salt crystals in mines. This rock salt usually contains other compounds and trace elements in addition to common salt. Which trace elements are contained can often be recognized by their color. Therefore, there are red, blue, but also black rock salts. Pure table salt is white in crystalline form.

General and healing properties of sodium chloride

The basic knowledge

Fluid regulation

Natrium chloratum is fluid regulating. It ensures that the cells can absorb water and also release it again, so that the filling of the cells is always at the physiological normal level. It regulates the passive nutrition of poorly perfused tissues.

Thermal regulation

Natrium chloratum is heat regulating. Thus, it activates the metabolism and helps in the regeneration of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, the skin and all tissues.


Supports the joints

Natrium chloratum forms synovial fluid. Natrium chloratum is needed to form mucin, the mucous substance of the body. It thus regulates the formation and breakdown of mucous membranes.

Properties of sodium chloride

  • Water-binding
  • hydrophobic
  • thermoregulating
  • Mucilaginous
  • gastric acidity
  • Passive nourishing

Table salt: effect for body and mind

Natrium chloratum is common salt. This common salt is present in every cell of the body with a concentration of 0.9% as constant as possible. Sodium chloratum is therefore essential for life. If this intracellular value of sodium chloratum drops, the cell can no longer hold the water, it leaks out of the cell and edema develops. If the concentration is too high, there can be an excessive accumulation of water in the body, which increases the preload of the heart and thus puts a great strain on the heart and kidneys. On a mental level, Natrium chloratum is used in cases of deep melancholy, usually with self-injurious tendencies

Storage locations of sodium chloratum

  • All cells
  • All tissues
  • All liquids

Symptoms of sodium chloride deficiency

  • Runny nose, hay fever
  • Sinus problems
  • Dry skin, dandruff
  • Watery and dry eyes
  • Sharp sweat
  • Diarrhea and constipation
  • Heartburn, also due to lack of high quality gastric acid.
  • Shiver
  • Joint problems due to cartilage and intervertebral disc dehydration
  • Bladder kidney infections
  • Mucus in the lungs
  • Weepiness with withdrawal and emotional harshness

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Natrium chloratum]

Natrium chloratum for sadness

On the psychological level, Natrium chloratum is used for people who are very melancholic, always see the half-empty glass, and at the same time react harshly and dismissively to help. These people are characterized by a feeling of being alone, which forces them to make everything up only with themselves. Characteristic is the tendency to self-injury and self-overload.

Natrium chloratum for rheumatism

With Natrium chloratum, the fine membranes of the joints and mucous membranes tend to be too dry. The result is an increased tendency to become inflamed. Natrium chloratum ensures that fluid is again incorporated into these structures, so that the dehydration and thus the tendency to inflammation decrease.

Natrium chloratum for mucus

Mucus can be the result of a misregulation of the amount of fluid in the mucous membranes. As a result, the mucous membrane produces too much mucus. Sodium chrloratum regulates the formation of mucus qualitatively and quantitatively. Thus, the condition of mucus returns to normal and it decreases.

Natrium chloratum for heartburn

Heartburn is caused by too much stomach acid, but also because the stomach can no longer produce high-quality hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Sodium chloratum is needed by the body to form this high-quality stomach acid. As soon as it has enough sodium chloratum available again, it produces less but good stomach acid and the heartburn goes away.

Man with pink sweater in front of pink wall grabs his chest and is relieved that his soda burning is gone by herbal help from Zimply Natural

Natrium chloratum for thirst

Thirst is caused by the body not having enough water in its cells. Here, not only the amount of drinking must be the cause. If Natrium chloratum is missing, the body simply cannot bind the water in its cells. The result is that drinking does not quench thirst. If the body has enough sodium chloratum available again, it can bind the water in the cell and the thirst disappears.

Notes on the use of sodium chloride

Natrium chloratum is available as Schuessler salt No.8 in pharmacies. Mostly it is used in tablet form orally three times a day 1-5 tablets. For skin processes, people also like to use the ointment.

Table salt during pregnancy & lactation

When taking during pregnancy or lactation should not be considered. Natrium chloratum can be taken without hesitation in these phases.

Natrium chloratum

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Natrium chloratum


Natrium chloratum




Table salt

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Water balance, mucous membranes

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