Natrium phosporicum
[Natrium phosphoricum]

Natrium phosphoricum: The salt of the metabolism

Natrium phosphoricum is a key salt. It regulates pH in the human body and thus intervenes in almost every metabolic process of the body. Whether stress or dietary and lifestyle habits, they all leave their mark on the body's metabolism and over time usually cause a derailment of pH levels in the individual systems, leading to symptoms of disease.

Sodium phosphate facts

Did you know that...

Natrium phosphoricum is used as a water softener?

Higher phosphate levels in rivers lead to increased plant growth?

It must be listed in the EU as a food additive under the number E339?

Natrium phosphoricum: Chemical background

Natrium phosphoricum is chemically obtained from the reaction of phosphoric acid with sodium hydroxide. The resulting sodium phosphate is an alkaline salt that reacts alkaline in aqueous solution. In agriculture, sodium phosphate is widely used as a component of fertilizers because it massively accelerates the growth of plants. In rivers, unfortunately, the increased phosphate levels have a negative effect. The phosphate favors the growth of aquatic plants and algae and is thus responsible for the tilting of water bodies.

General and healing properties of sodium phosphate

The basic knowledge


Natrium phosphoricum is pH regulating. It binds acidic molecules and allows the pH value to rise. This relieves the inflammatory cascade and the body is less prone to inflammatory reactions.

From uric acid to urea

Natrium phosphoricum reduces uric acid to urea. This makes the uric acid excretable via the kidneys, relieves the organs and reduces the risk of gouty-rheumatic diseases.

Metabolic relief

Natrium phosphoricum is metabolism-relieving. It helps to regulate the environment of the body and to make waste products excretable. This relieves the metabolism because the liver and kidneys find fewer substances in the organism with which they have to deal.

Properties of Natrium phosphoricum

  • Balancing
  • vitalizing
  • relieving
  • purifying
  • pH-regulating
  • Acid-base balancing

Sodium phosphate: effect for body and mind

For body and mind Natrium phosphoricum has an energizing and relieving character. Because it supports all purification processes and supports the metabolism through the pH-value regulation, the body has to make less effort. There is noticeably more vital energy and power left. One feels fitter, more vital and clearer in the head. Natrium phosphoricum is therefore also the salt of balance, which ensures that everything can remain in balance and the living center.

Storage locations of Natrium phosphoricum

  • Intercellular space
  • Blood

Symptoms of sodium phosphate deficiency

  • Weight gain
  • Impure, oily skin
  • Skin rashes scaly, itchy
  • Inflammatory tendencies
  • Wound healing disorders
  • Rheumatic diseases such as joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Poor digestion

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Natrium phosphoricum]

Natrium phosphoricum for rheumatic diseases

In rheumatic diseases, there is an excessive concentration of arachidonic acid in the organism. This mediates inflammation. The lower the general pH values of the body, the more hypersensitive this inflammatory cascade is and inflammatory reactions occur more quickly. Natrium phosphoricum balances these pH values and reduces the sensitivity of the inflammatory cascade.

Natrium phosphoricum for fatigue

Some fatigue is not caused by lack of sleep, but by the fact that the body uses too much energy with its normal metabolic processes. Because Natrium phosphoricum relieves the metabolism, it becomes easier for the body and it does not have to exert itself so much. There is noticeably more energy left over and you feel fitter.

Natrium phosphoricum for skin rashes

Some skin rashes are metabolic. In this case, the body uses the skin as an excretory organ for waste products. Natrium phosphoricum supports the metabolism in the breakdown of waste products and the regular excretion through urine and stool. The skin is thus relieved and the rashes disappear.


Notes on the use of sodium phosphate

Natrium phosphoricum is one of the most used Schuessler salts. It is often combined with Schüssler No. 10 Natrium sulfuricum, as the two form a good team and intervene deeply in the metabolism. It should be taken as a cure. 3×3-5 tablets or 3×20 globules make sense. The ointment is used less often, as systemic therapy makes more sense.

Sodium phosphate in pregnancy & lactation

There are no problems with taking it during pregnancy. On the contrary, Natrium phosphoricum can be a real blessing for pregnant women to get pregnancy-related problems such as heartburn under control.

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Natrium phosporicum


Natrium phosphoricum


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Sodium phosphate

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