[Tartarus depuratus]

Tartar: a stone that dissolves stones

Tartar is a particularly interesting substance. It settles in wine bottles and barrels and is the unloved child of wine lovers, which must be filtered out by decanter. However, tartar has very interesting properties. It has long been used in baking as a leavening agent for heavy doughs and in dyeing to regulate the pH value. In modern medicine it has fallen into oblivion, but in naturopathy it is of great importance. Its importance can be seen in its name. After all, in Greek mythology, Tartarus is the deepest place of the underworld where the Titans themselves are imprisoned.

Facts about Weinstein

Did you know that...

... tartar is used as a leavening agent?
... cream of tartar egg whites stabilized?
... tartar is the salt of tartaric acid?

What is Tartarus depuratus?

Tartarus is the salt of tartaric acid. It can be obtained from the tartaric acid produced during the pressing of grapes. This acid is obtained by titration and then further processed. The wine drinker therefore decants his wine. During prolonged storage, tartar can precipitate and form a solid sediment in the bottle. This is unpleasant to drink and undesirable. The tartar in the bottle is a mixture of different substances. From this mixture, the pure tartaric acid is obtained chemically by separating the substances.

General and healing properties of tartar

The basic knowledge


Tartar is solvent. It is used for the treatment of age-related deposits. It dissolves them and reduces the tendency of the body to harden.


Tartar is antisclerotic. Especially in vessels, sclerosis plays a major role. Vessels lose their flexibility and become hard. Tartar counteracts this, keeps the vessels soft and ensures that hardening is minimized.

Blood pressure lowering

Tartar has a blood pressure lowering effect. It counteracts the sclerosis of the vessels and ensures that they remain soft. The blood pressure remains normal and does not rise.

Tartar: Ingredients

Tartar is the solid substance of Tartarus. It contains potassium hydrogen tartrate.

Tartarus depuratus: effect for body and mind

Tartar is considered the remedy of old age and is used to treat the symptoms of old age. It symbolizes matter fallen into heaviness, detached from living processes of metabolism. Just as the Titans are trapped in the Tartarus of Greek mythology in the deepest depths, far from the world, so too are the processes treated with Tartarus fallen from the living world. Sclerosis, deposits and hardening are the result.

Tartar properties

  • Stone dissolving
  • softening
  • deposited in violation of
  • anti-inflammatory
  • invigorating
  • regenerative

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Tartarus depuratus]
Due to its profound effect against sclerotic signs of aging, there are a number of indications for which tartar is used.

Tartar for kidney stones

Kidney stones are formed from various organic compounds that have a solid and massive structure. Tartar is dissolving. Hardening and deposits are dissolved again, so that the body can slowly but steadily eliminate the stones.

Tartarus depuratus spag. for lung diseases (asthma, bronchitis)

Chronic inflammation leaves traces in the form of calcium deposits. These are dissolved and broken down by the tartar. Thus, the cause of chronic irritation recedes and the lung condition fades.

Tartar in heart failure

Aging hearts have a lot of work behind them. This can cause sclerosis phenomena in the muscle and vessels of the heart. Tartar dissolves these sclerotic manifestations, revitalizes the tissues and promotes the heart in its physiological activity, as it can work more freely again.

Tartarus depuratus spag. for gastritis

Many years of stomach inflammation leave their mark. Mostly this shows itself in the form of erosions. Tartar inhibits the chronic inflammation here and helps the stomach to close these erosions again. The tissue can regenerate and the chronic gastritis recedes.

Tartar for ulcers of skin & mucosa

Ulcers are usually a consequence of long inflammatory processes. These become 'cold', are no longer subject to metabolism and interrogated. Tartarus helps to loosen the hardenings and to connect the tissue again to the metabolism. The ulcers of the skin and mucous membranes recede and the symptoms such as pain and dysfunction disappear again.

Notes on the use of cream of tartar

Tartar is not a 'quick' remedy because the problems are usually also very old. It can be used prophylactically in old age. For the treatment of chronic problems is usually a lower dosage, but over a long period of months.

Tartarus depuratus spag. during pregnancy & lactation

Tartarus can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, usually the problems are older and therapy can be started even after pregnancy.

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Tartarus depuratus



Other name

Tartarus depuratus


mineral hard

Application area



organic salt of tartaric acid


Not toxic

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