Joints and immune system in pets (dog/cat) and the importance of a balanced diet

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Joints and immune system in pets What is it about Are you concerned about the health and well-being of your dog or cat? Would you like to find out more about how you can optimally support the immune system and joints of your beloved four-legged friend? Then we cordially invite you to our informative webinar! Our speaker and animal nutritionist Jasmin [...]

Your immune system - be strengthened for autumn and winter

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Your immune system - be strengthened for fall and winter What is it about Ready for winter? Strengthen your immune system and feel fit and vital, no matter what! Learn in our free webinar how you can boost your immune system with the right nutrition, enough sleep and stress management. You'll also learn about nutrients, [...]

Post-Covid, Long-Covid and Post-Vac -Aftercare with Naturopathy

This awaits you in approx. 60 minutes webinar Post-Covid, Long-Covid and Post-Vac - Aftercare with Naturopathy Content Covid 19 came upon us like an apocalyptic rider and has since changed our lives permanently. The pandemic still keeps us on our toes and pretty much every one of us knows a person who has had to go through [...]

When pollen becomes a problem! Healthy & symptom-free through the hay fever season

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Allergies are a torment and especially now for many an enormous burden with restriction of the quality of life! Naturopathy can also contribute an important and essential part to your well-being. Register now for our webinar and let us convince you of our holistic approach! We look forward to showing you how you can feel fit and healthy again!