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ADHD/ Attention/ Balance/ Concentration/ Body/ Body Mind Soul/ Anti-Stress

ADHD in focus: Holistic paths to a balanced life

A Zimply Natural webinar with Christian Götz and Thorsten Schmitt

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Christian Goetz

Naturopath, osteopath, Krav Maga instructor

In 2015, I successfully completed my training as an alternative practitioner, which marked an important milestone in my career. I have been self-employed since 2016 and founded my own practice in which I specialize in holistic approaches to health. My interest in osteopathic methods led me to complete specialized training in osteopathy in 2017. This holistic approach to health enables me to treat my patients in a comprehensive way and improve their quality of life. The importance of nutrition and nutrients for health led me to deepen my knowledge of orthomolecular medicine. Since 2021, I have been integrating these advanced concepts into my practice to develop individualized and preventive approaches for my patients. In addition to my commitment to healthcare, I also pursue a passion for self-defense and personal safety. In 2019, I completed training to become a Krav Maga instructor and have since been sharing my knowledge in this area to empower people to protect themselves and feel safe. My professional path is characterized by a deep commitment to the well-being of my patients and students. Through continuous education, I strive to expand my skills and contribute to a healthier and safer society.

Yin - Your life flow

What is it about

Do you feel addressed when you read the following:

Chaos in your head, being driven and listless at the same time, constantly on the move, easily distracted and having difficulty concentrating, depressive mood swings?

Or do you already struggle with ADHD yourself and are still looking for your way to more balance?

ADHD not only affects children, but also adults, who often have to deal with issues relating to attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity.

We, together with our speakers Thorsten Schmitt  and Christian Goetz cordially invite you to our webinar to delve deeper into the topics of ADHD and ADD.

In our webinar, we take a closer look at the typical symptoms of ADHD and offer holistic approaches and inspiring ideas for a balanced and fulfilling life.

We will also present effective methods and strategies for coping with ADHD as well as various approaches for holistic support and self-regulation, including supportive supplements and medicinal plants.



Useful approaches for your everyday life

What you take with you

webinar adhs cover picture

Our Approach & Focus

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Questions and answers about the webinar

For all those who want to take their health to a new level and are open to new impulses.
The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes. We try to time all of our webinars around this time frame.
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