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Bye bye parenting frustration,Hello family harmony!

A Zimply Natural Webinar with alternative practitioner Christina Strauch

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Even as a child, Christina was fascinated by medicine. Instead of cartoons, she preferred to watch shows about knee surgery -no joke!- and read books about people who overcame serious illnesses. She helped people around her when they were injured and sat by their bedside until they were well again. As a consequence, Christina spent almost her entire professional life in the medical field (laboratory, pharmacy and naturopathy) and knows it from all sides. This knowledge from over two decades she now gladly passes on to you from the bottom of her heart.

Bye-bye parenting frustration, hello family harmony! - When children can, but don't want to


Your child is unmotivated, not interested in anything and goes through the day with a no-bull attitude? Or is it "over-excited", easily distracted and always does the opposite of what you want? You're reaching your limits because all the well-intentioned advice isn't working for you?

In our free webinar we would like to inspire you, which holistic solution approach you can strive for. Because we care about you and your family.

Christina Strauch (mother, certified alternative practitioner and medical emergency trainer) accompanies you competently and lovingly on your way and gives you immediately applicable and simple tips for a harmonious everyday life with children.

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For all those who want to take their health to a new level and are open to new impulses.
The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes. We try to time all of our webinars around this time frame.
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