3 hours incl. 3 breaks (2x5 minutes 1x20 minutes)
Specialized training/ Skin/ Spagyric

Recognition and treatment of skin rashes - Psoriatic diathesis versus neurogenic-lymphatic constitution.

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Tobias Eisenkolb

Alternative practitioner

For over 10 years, alternative practitioner Tobias has been working successfully with naturopathy & spagyric in his own practice. He is on the advisory board responsible for the area of customer consulting and supports our blog as an author. He and his team are always available for questions.

Recognizing and treating skin rashes - Psoriatic diathesis versus neurogenic-lymphatic constitution

What is it about

Skin rashes and skin diseases are widespread and often pose a challenge for every naturopath in diagnosis and treatment.
 In order to offer effective treatment, it is crucial to identify the exact cause. Our specialist training offers you an in-depth understanding of psoriatic diathesis and the neurogenic-lymphatic constitution to enable targeted and sustainable diagnosis and treatment.
The following topics will be covered during this specialist training course:

  • Differentiation between psoriatic diathesis and neurogenic-lymphatic constitution
  • Diagnostic methods and techniques for skin rashes
  • Therapeutic approaches and options for sustainable treatment
    Case studies and practical applications
  • Billing option for in-house laboratory diagnostics


Our speaker, alternative practitioner and member of the medical advisory board of Zimply Natural, Tobias Eisenkolb, will impart his extensive and competent knowledge to you and thus offer you opportunities to deepen your knowledge and understanding of skin health.

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Naturopaths and anyone interested in learning more about skin health and diagnosis.
3 hours with 2 breaks of 15 minutes each.
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