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Migraine and headaches - Diet can help!

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Anne Goldhammer-Michl

Nutritionist, epigenetics coach, statistician and cook.

Anne Goldhammer-Michl is a nutritionist, epigenetics coach, statistician and cook. Although she was very skeptical at first, she was able to cure her own chronic migraines with a change in diet. She has since become very passionate about the connections between health and lifestyle. In particular, she is fascinated by the enormous influence of nutrition on our well-being. She loves reading studies and translating them into understandable "aha insights". Today, she mainly coaches people with migraine regarding their nutrition and lifestyle.

Migraines and headaches - diet can help!


Headaches are common. Each of us has certainly had a headache at some point. The causes of headaches are often very diverse, but diet can also play a role.

Migraine, a particularly severe type of headache, is one of those diseases where doctors are often at a loss and only try to combat the symptoms with medication. Those affected often suffer enormously and their quality of life is usually massively restricted. An influence of nutrition on migraine is largely excluded by orthodox medicine.
In the meantime, however, there are more and more studies indicating that migraine is an energy deficit of the brain and that migraineurs have a metabolic problem with carbohydrates.

In this free lecture our partner and speaker Anne Goldhammer-Michl explains to you how nutrition can contribute also with migraine and headache completely crucially to the relief and it are given completely concrete Tipps for the conversion.

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