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Your individual ZIMPLY NATURAL mixture against annoying herpes blisters around your mucous membranes helps you to harmonize your body, your mind and your soul in a natural way. Act already at the first itch and feeling of a herpes blister. You deserve more than standard off-the-shelf preparations. You can create your mixture from over 100 medicinal plant essences and have it made directly at our partner pharmacy and sent to your home. Your mixture will be produced according to the highest quality standards and pharmaceutically controlled. The shipping is free of charge for you. Our individual spray contains 30ml of your individual herpes formula. This will last approximately one month if taken regularly. Easy to take with our spray head - just spray into your mouth.

What is Zimply Natural

Zimply Natural combines digitalization with traditional naturopathy and makes centuries-old knowledge about medicinal plants and spagyric essences available to everyone without the need for expensive visits to therapists or doctors.

We offer both individual and tailored to you recipes, as well as complex mixtures that can be ordered immediately with just one click!

Medical Advisory Board

The latest state of science

Especially in current times it needs more individuality and less 0815. Time for Zimply Natural!

Tobias Eisenkolb
Alternative practitioner, Spagyrics & Naturopathy expert

Especially in current times it needs more individuality and less 0815. Time for Zimply Natural!

Treat herpes blisters naturally

Herpes simplex is a common infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. It can be transmitted both through contact with an infected person and through direct transmission of salivary fluids to the skin. The symptoms of herpes simplex can be very uncomfortable and are often associated with an itchy rash, small blisters and bleeding. When the virus breaks out, symptoms can be more severe, including fatigue, fever, headache, and muscle aches.

Although there is no complete cure for herpes simplex, plants and natural ingredients can help reduce outbreaks and relieve symptoms. At the first sign of a blister, the word is already out: spray like a champion. Our medicinal plant blends are simply sprayed into the mouth for oral ingestion. You can also apply the essence to your herpes blisters from time to time. 

Mandy aka. Susanne

"The spray is great, especially the herpes spray. Would definitely buy again. Thank you very much."

Katrin Kick aka. Stephanie

"Use the spray for two weeks and it has actually already set a relief! So far top!!

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