Aralia racemosa
American nard
[Aralia racemosa]

American Nard: Help with inflammation of the respiratory tract

American nard has long been a staple in North American folk medicine. It is often prescribed for infections of the upper respiratory tract. In the occidental naturopathy, it rather ekes out a niche existence. It is considered a specialist and is therefore used rather rarely.

Facts about the American Nard

Did you know that...

... can grow up to 2 meters high?

... it is frost-hardy in our latitudes?

... the root is used to flavor 'root beer'?

What is the American Nard?

American nard is a perennial herbaceous plant native to North America. It reaches up to 3 meters in height and forms rhizomes to ensure its survival. From its aromatic roots emerge dark brown, erect, sturdy stems on which are multipinnate, large foliage leaves. Such a leaf can grow up to 75cm long. Its leaflets are ovate and grow only up to 20cm. The edges of the leaves are serrated and the texture gives an impression of thin leather. When it develops its flowers in summer, the whole plant shines with spherical, white-greenish umbels on it. The single flower is not bigger than 6mm. As the year progresses, red-black berries are formed from them.

General and medicinal properties of Aralia racemosa

The basic knowledge


Aralia is decongestant. It is traditionally used for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It helps to reduce swelling and makes breathing easier. The patient can regenerate better and is not so badly affected by the cold.


Aralia is anti-inflammatory. Mucous membranes such as lymphatic tissue can relax and regenerate, as the inflammation decreases and with it the swelling, pain and redness. One feels better and the symptoms quickly subside.

Mucosa affinity

Aralia has mucosal affinity. It is also considered in gastrointestinal or bladder diseases. Mucous membranes decongest, the inflammation recedes and the symptomatology improves again.

Aralia racemosa: Ingredients

The two main known active ingredients are:

  • Essential oils
  • Aralia saponins

American nard: effect for body and mind

Aralia is a specialist. Nowadays it is mostly used in our latitudes as a homeopathic or spagyric preparation and has built a reputation as a remedy for diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Due to its good effect on mucous membranes, it is quite popular in the treatment of colds. In its native North America, it is also used to treat wounds and digestive problems. Due to its relation to mucous membranes, it is usually a component of complex mixtures for the treatment of associated issues. Single applications are uncommon.

Properties of Aralia racemosa

  • decongestant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • intestinal
  • caring for the respiratory tract
  • expectorant
  • soothing

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Aralia racemosa]

From its action on the mucous membranes of the body have derived some indications for which natural medicine likes to think of Aralia as a remedy. These include:

Aralia racemosa for asthma

In asthma, the bronchial and lung tissue overreacts. It spasms and the mucous membranes swell. Since Aralia has an expectorant effect and thus also decongests mucous membranes, it is always a good choice for asthma and a frequent component of complex mixtures.

application area-hay fever

American nard for allergies like hay fever

In allergic reactions such as hay fever, the allergen causes an excessive reaction of the immune system. The result is a swelling of the mucous membranes with e.g. runny nose. Aralia helps to regulate the swelling of the mucous membranes and thus reduces the amount of mucus. The reaction to the allergen diminishes and the hay fever becomes easier again.

Aralia racemosa for cough & bronchitis

In cough and bronchitis, like upper airways, usually by a virus, become infected and inflamed. The mucous membranes swell and produce more mucus. The body wants to cough this up. Aralia helps to reduce the amount of mucus and to clear the airways. One can breathe better and the mucus is loosened better. In most cases, the cough is also shortened because the mucus can not settle.

American nard for sore throats

The entire throat and pharynx is lined with mucous membrane. If you catch a virus, it is usually this area that becomes inflamed first. The result is a sore throat. If you start treatment early enough, there is a chance that the infection will not spread further. Aralia helps the body to get a better grip on the sore throat and reduces the amount of mucus produced. The throat hurts less and you do not get mucus to the same extent as without therapy.

Aralia racemosa for rhinitis

In the case of the common cold, the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses are affected. As a rule, they become infected with a cold virus. This causes the mucous membranes in the area to swell massively, produce a lot of mucus and thus make breathing difficult. Aralia helps inhibit the production of mucus and better loosens the existing mucus so that it can be secreted. The chance of long-lasting sinus infections decreases and the event can heal without complications.

Notes on the use of Aralia racemosa

Aralia is an acute remedy and is also usually taken only in phases of acute infection or allergy season. Most often Aralia is a component of complex remedies in the form of drops or tablets. It can be taken up to hourly in acute cases.

American Nard in Pregnancy & Lactation

In pregnancy and lactation, the intake of Aralia is not a problem and can be done without hesitation.

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Aralia racemosa


American nard

Botanical name

Aralia racemosa

Plant family

Aralia family

Other designations

American nard


June till August

Harvest time



sunny to semi-shady


North America

Flower color


Flower shape

small, umbellate

Leaf color


Leaf shape


Sheet properties

pinnate three to five times

Soil type

rocky, sandy permeable

Soil moisture




Lime compatibility

lime tolerant

Nutrient requirements




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