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[Avena sativa]

Oats: The restorative and sedative

Oats are one of the most valuable cereals that we have. Oats have been found in Swiss pile-dwelling settlements of the Bronze Age and are known as a food grain from Germanic times and the early Middle Ages. Since industrialization and the increasing use of machinery, however, the consumption of oats has been steadily declining. Especially in the 19th and early 20th century, oats were the grain used to feed (working) horses. In naturopathy, oats have a long tradition as a tonic and sedative. Its value as a source of vegetable protein has long been appreciated and known. A few years ago, findings regarding its contribution to intestinal health added new weight to its value. Especially diabetics and patients with inflammatory bowel diseases like to recommend oats as an excellent food in practice.

Oats facts

Did you know that...

... the fodder oats for horses in the past was not entspeltzt and hence the phrase 'stings me the oats' comes?
... Classic porridge is considered super healthy for stomach and intestines?
... oats have a high protein content and contain many trace elements?
... oats are so resistant to cold that they can be grown up to 1600m?

What is oats?

Oats are an annual cereal belonging to the sweet grass family. It has been native to our country for several thousand years and has been cultivated and used as a cereal for about 2000 years. With the industrial revolution, oats lost their importance as demand for them as a forage crop declined. Today, an increase in demand can be noticed again, as it has experienced a renaissance with the advent of cereal culture. Various parts of the oat plant are used today. Oat flakes are made from the hulled whole grain. Oat herb and oat straw are used, for example, for tea or sitz baths. The topic cow milk consumption stood the last years again and again as discussion topic on the agenda. The vegan movement in particular has promoted plant-based alternatives. Oat drinks have established themselves as a good plant-based alternative. Oats are of course vegan, rich in protein, gluten-free and therefore a good choice for all people with sensitive gastrointestinal tracts.

General and healing properties of Avena sativa

The basic knowledge

Soothing & invigorating

Oats is soothing and invigorating. For nervous overstimulation and exhaustion, it is considered a true miracle cure! If you have had a lot of stress, even over a long period of time, it is advisable to think of oats. Already the regular oatmeal in the morning provides you again with the nutrients that your nerves need and you feel back in the middle of your strength.

Good for diabetes type 2

Oats are a good cereal for type 2 diabetes. Sugar patients need to make sure that they reduce their total amount of carbohydrates and that the carbohydrates they eat have a good glycemic index. This means that the carbohydrate is absorbed slowly by the body and your blood sugar levels do not experience short-lived spikes and drops. Because this is also accompanied by a rapid rise and fall of your insulin and this should be prevented. Slow but constant is better than fast and sudden.


Oats also reduce your total cholesterol and your 'bad LDL cholesterol'. It binds cholesterol in the intestine and the cholesterol is then excreted in the stool. As a result, your risk of atherosclerosis and thus CHD and stroke is reduced.


Oatmeal is also a good choice for liver-biliary disorders. Oats themselves do not stimulate the liver to produce bile and cause a full gallbladder to release bile. This decongests the liver-biliary system and your digestion improves.

Gluten free

Celiac disease is an intestinal disorder that has become increasingly common in recent years. The patients have problems with gluten, a cereal gluten. Many types of grain contain gluten, especially wheat, and cause massive intestinal cramps and abdominal pain in those affected. Oats do not contain gluten by themselves and are therefore suitable as a cereal for celiac disease patients.

Avena sativa ingredients

In medicine, oats are used a lot for issues like nervous breakdown, stress, restlessness and exhaustion. Due to its high quality dietary fiber, it has additionally been recommended as a gut-regulating immune booster in recent years. The proven ingredients explain its effect.

You can find the following ingredients in oats:

  • Vitamin B1 and B6
  • Zinc Iron Magnesium
  • 10% Dietary fiber with beta-glucans
  • High quality carbons
  • High quality proteins
  • 75% of the fats contained are unsaturated fatty acids

Oats: effect for body and mind

Oats are a powerhouse on all levels. With its high amounts of trace elements such as iron, magnesium and zinc, it is a veritable gold mine of nutrients for the nervous system. Iron gives energy and is needed for blood formation, zinc and magnesium are necessary for a healthy nerve metabolism. They calm and strengthen the central nervous system by participating in the transmission of stimuli. For the body, a good supply of iron also means a good supply of oxygen. The red blood cells, which contain iron, transport the oxygen in our body. Magnesium is important for having relaxed, loose muscles and being able to move without pain, and zinc makes you less susceptible to colds. High fiber intake is significant for intestinal health. When you eat enough fiber, the chance of constipation decreases. But the fiber they contain is special. They contain high levels of so-called beta-glucans. Studies have shown that beta-glucans not only serve as a conventional dietary fiber, they also promote the important population of lactic acid-forming lacto-bacilli in the small intestine and thus support the immune system. And it is precisely here that many people are lacking due to modern lifestyles. In addition to the positive effect on the lacto-bacilli, it has been observed that beta-glucans reduce total cholesterol levels as well as the 'bad' LDL cholesterol. This means that they must have some antioxidant effect and accordingly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, heart attacks and atherosclerotic processes. Overall, oats are known and much used as one of the most important foods for athletes.

Avena sativa properties

  • Invigorating
  • Rich in protein
  • High fiber
  • Soothing
  • Nerve-strengthening
  • Immune-boosting

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Avena sativa]
Due to its enormous variety of ingredients, oats has made it to a wide field of application. It is restorative and invigorating for people with strong nerves.

Oats: effect on concentration disorders

Concentration disorders are not always associated with an excess of energy. Many concentration disorders are associated with restlessness due to actual lack of energy. Due to the fact that Avena sativa provides B vitamins, iron, magnesium and zinc, the person regains energy, real strength and the peace to be able to concentrate on his work again.

Oats: effect on sleep problems

Oatmeal tea has a long history as a remedy for sleep problems. Already in the Middle Ages it was recommended to the insomniac as a peasant remedy for a deep sleep. Even today it is still used. Oat herb tinctures are a component of many naturopathic preparations prescribed for sleep and nervous problems. The reason is its good tolerance and reliable relaxing effect on the central nervous system.
application area-sleep

Avena sativa for nervous exhaustion

In most cases, nervous exhaustion is also preceded by a massive, prolonged stress. In this stress, the stores of B vitamins, iron, zinc and magnesium have been emptied. Oats are the perfect plant to replenish these empty stores, as they contain everything the nervous system needs to function well.

Oats for the immune system

The oats contain many dietary fibers including the valuable beta-glucans. The beta-glucans take care of the intestines by helping to promote the important lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobaciluus acidophilus and contributing to their proliferation in the small intestine. A healthy small intestine is the basis for a strong immune system. Beta-glucans are recognized by the immune system in the intestinal mucosa and cause immune system cells to be activated. These activated immune cells are now much more alert to real pathogens and prevent infections earlier.
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Oats as a tonic

Even after prolonged serious illness, you can think of oats as a restorative. Due to its high content of high-quality protein, oats are very nutritious and strengthening. Oatmeal has therefore been given to the sick to eat since time immemorial. The classic farmer's breakfast also included oat preparations. When you work a whole day in the field, you need strength and oats provide this strength.

Oats for diabetes

Diabetics have a problem with sugar and short-chain carbohydrates. When he eats these, the blood sugar level rises quickly and he may have to (re)inject insulin. But afterwards, the sugar level goes down again just as quickly and the cravings come. Because oats contain very high-quality, long-chain carbohydrates, this effect does not occur. The blood sugar level goes up slowly and constantly and does not drop down again quickly. So it is said to have a very low glycemic index, because the lower this index, the less happens to the blood sugar level rapid rise and fall.

Oats for hypercholesterolemia

Cholesterol is a substance that is counted among the so-called blood lipids. It is enormously important for the body. However, if this value becomes much too high, it can be deposited in cell walls of your blood vessels, thickening them and thus triggering so-called arteriosclerosis. This arteriosclerosis is the No. 1 risk factor for strokes, coronary heart disease and heart attacks. The beta-glucans contained in oats have the property of lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, thus lowering the risk of stroke, heart attack or similar.

Avena sativa for liver-biliary disorder

Due to the fact that oats have a very high fiber content, it is optimal for patients with a lot of bile. Oats only minimally stimulate the formation of new bile, but its fiber promotes the outflow of bile into the intestine, where it belongs. The results are decongestion of the full gallbladder, improvement of digestion and relief of the liver.

Oats for neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis is a skin disease in which the nervous system plays an important role. Factors such as stress and psychological strain usually aggravate the course of the disease. Oats can be used here in several ways. Oat straw baths are popular because they have anti-itching properties and are said to soothe the nerves externally. However, oat tinctures or oat flakes in muesli can be positive, as they provide important B vitamins and trace elements such as magnesium and zinc, which usually bring relief and relief to the neurodermatitis sufferer and are important for a healthy nervous system.
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Oats for celiac disease

Since oats are not related to other grains, they do not contain gluten. This gluten is the cause of celiac disease patients' intestinal problems such as diarrhea, pain, cramps and inflammation. Oats can therefore be eaten almost without hesitation.

Notes on the use of oats

The most common way to use oats is to eat them in a cereal. In English-speaking countries, porridge, i.e. a cooked oatmeal, is common as a breakfast. Also with us the oats are used more and more as a basis for breakfast porridges. In the well-known Bircher muesli oat flakes are a main component. It makes sense to soak the oatmeal overnight before eating it. They are then easier for the intestines to digest. Otherwise, there are countless tinctures and tablets from various naturopathic manufacturers that contain oats as an ingredient. Green oat tea or oat straw can be bought in well-stocked health food stores or pharmacies. One can make full baths with it as well as put on the morning tea.

Oats during pregnancy & lactation

Oats do not pose a problem during pregnancy. Both external and internal applications are feasible. Especially oat flakes as muesli are even highly recommended. They provide protein, zinc, magnesium and iron, soothe the intestines as they harmonize the flow of bile and give power in a stressful time.

Oats for allergy to cereals

Just because you are allergic to one grain does not mean you are allergic to the other. It is best to have an allergy test to determine what is causing problems and then act accordingly.

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Botanical name

Avena sativa

Plant family

Sweet grasses

Other designations

Haber, Haver, Biwen


June till August

Harvest time

Middle August


Fields and grain fields


Near East, native since approx. 5000years

Flower color

light green to yellow

Flower shape


Leaf color

light green

Leaf shape


Sheet properties

up to 40cm long

Soil type

optimally clay soil

Soil moisture

moderate to humid


6.5 to 7.0

Lime compatibility


Nutrient requirements




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