Lead acetate
[Plumbum aceticum]

Lead acetate: The remedy against sclerosis and hardening

Lead is the metal of Saturn, the lord of time and age. Lead processes are always about old, chronic processes that are moving away from life. Cancer, sclerosis, hardening and chronic inflammation are the themes of this metal.

Lead Sugar Facts

Did you know that...

... lead acetate is also called lead sugar because the compound tastes sweet?

... lead acetate is toxic, but really taken as a sugar substitute?

... lead represents the end of all natural radioactive decay series?

Lead acetate: Chemical background

Acidum arsenicosum is a white solid. It is extremely toxic and is usually referred to simply as arsenic. It became famous through its centuries-long use as a reliable murder poison. The advantage was, for example in comparison with hemlock, that its use was undetectable. Administered in small quantities, it makes people or animals appear more vital than they actually are. It was used for a long time to sell old horses as younger horses for more money.

General and medicinal properties of Plumbum aceticum

The basic knowledge


Lead acetate is antisclerotic. It helps to revitalize vessels and counteracts hardening tendencies. As a result, they regain their flexibility and can do their job optimally.


Lead acetate is nerve regenerating. It stimulates the regeneration of nerves and helps alleviate chronic paralysis symptoms. Thus, mobility can return and with it sensitivity.


Lead acetate is antispasmodic. Due to the fact that it affects and regenerates the nerves, existing cramps also decrease and improve. The muscles can recover and become softer again.

Plumbum aceticum: effect for body and mind

On a physical level, Plumbum aceticum is used for all types of chronic diseases with a tendency to harden or deposit. These include sclerosis, stone formation and signs of aging of any kind. Lead is the metal of time and Chronos its master. Plumbum aceticum is not only concerned with diseases that come with age, but also with those that are only likely to come with age. Therefore, Plumbum aceticum is often used for dementia and forgetfulness with declining memory.

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Plumbum aceticum]

Lead acetate in PAVK and arteriosclerosis

In PAVK, plaques are deposited on the vessel walls of the arteries, narrowing them and thus causing circulatory disorders. Lead acetate inhibits these deposition tendencies and tackles existing deposits so that the vessels become freer again and blood can flow freely.

Lead acetate in dementias

Dementias are signs of old age in which memory performance declines. Old memories usually remain and become colorful, younger memories fade very quickly. Lead acetate is said to positively influence the nerve structures and ensure that these signs of aging progress less quickly and are slowed down.

Lead acetate for paralysis symptoms

In cases of paralysis, Plumbum aceticum helps the nerves to regenerate better. Numbness and paralysis slowly recede and the nerve improves its functional performance again. Thus, paralysis can weaken and insensitive skin areas become more sensitive again.

woman touches her hand which is paralyzed

Notes on the use of lead sugar

Up to D3, Plumbum aceticum is available by prescription. Otherwise, lead aceticum should only be taken as a cure as part of a targeted therapy. It is not taken for short periods of time, as the remedy is one of the slow acting remedies. A dosage of 3 times a day is common.

Plumbum aceticum during pregnancy & lactation

During pregnancy and lactation, Plumbum aceticum should not be taken.

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lead acetate picture


Lead acetate


Plumbum aceticum


colorless, crystalline solid


Lead acetate, Plumbum aceticum, lead sugar

Occurrence in the body

Blood, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, brain and digestive tract

Application area

Sclerosis, vascular diseases

Typical potency

from D6

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