Glauber's salt
[Natrium sulfuricum]

Natrium sulfuricum: The salt of elimination

Natrium sulfuricum is also much used allopathically to this day. In human medicine it is used as a laxative and is drunk dissolved in water. In naturopathy, it is mostly used as a low, homeopathic potency for purging and cleansing. In addition, the liver is activated, which has a positive effect on digestion.

Sodium sulfate facts

Did you know that...

Natrium sulfuricum is the same as the well-known Glauber's salt?

Natrium sulfuricum takes its name from a Dr. Glauber who discovered the salt?

water by dissolving Glauber's salt cools?

Sodium sulfate: Chemical background

Sodium sulfuricum as a pure substance is largely obtained from the naturally occurring mineral called mirabilite. It is chemically natural sodium sulfate and industrially only needs to undergo some purification. It can also be obtained artificially by reacting rock salt with sulfuric acid. This produces hydrochloric acid and sodium sulfate as end products. Another important role outside medicine is played by sodium sulfate as a filler in detergents.

General and healing properties of sodium sulfate

The basic knowledge


Natrium sulfuricum is laxative. It binds water in the intestine and liquefies the stool. This makes it easier to go to the toilet and constipations subside.

Liver cleansing

Natrium sulfuricum is liver cleansing. It detoxifies the body and ensures that more bile is produced. This bile can flow more and easier into the intestines, so that more harmful substances are eliminated through the intestines.


Natrium sulfuricum is draining. It binds harmful substances and thus cleanses the connective tissue. The amount of tissue fluid decreases in the cleansed tissue and the water retention disappears again.

Properties of Natrium sulfuricum

  • tissue-cleaning
  • detoxifying
  • liver stimulating
  • bile flow stimulating
  • stool-promoting
  • intestinal cleansing

Sodium sulfate: effect for body and mind

Natrium sulfuricum has a cleansing effect on the body. Extracellularly, Glauber's salt binds harmful substances and waste products and stimulates the tissues to eliminate them. It is therefore a classic remedy for choleric liver patients who tend to deposit toxins in the tissues due to lifestyle and stress. Most often, these people of the rheumatic type or the digestive system weakens. But also in metabolic skin symptoms of the psoriatic circle Natrium sulfuricum is the remedy of choice.


Storage locations of Natrium sulfuricum

  • Mainly in the extracellular space of all tissues

Symptoms of sodium sulfate deficiency

  • swollen legs
  • poor, dirty looking skin appearance
  • Headache & Migraine
  • rheumatic pain and inflammation
  • Muscle Hard Tension
  • Itching of the skin
  • Rashes, mostly scaly
  • Obesity
  • Flatulence often smelly
  • Blockages

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Natrium sulfuricum]

Natrium sulfuricum for rheumatic forms

Natrium sulfuricum stimulates the cells to detoxify and it purified the intercellular space. Rheumatism is caused by a slagging of the body, which promotes inflammation. Because sodium sulfate supports the elimination of these waste products, the body can cleanse itself and the cause of the increased tendency to inflammation disappears.

Natrium sulfuricum for digestive disorders

Indigestion and diarrhea are often related to an overload of the active digestive glands such as the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Sodium sulfate stimulates these glands, promotes their secretion capacity and cleanses the intestines so that the environment can return to normal. The digestive processes can run better again and phenomena such as constipation and diarrhea recede.

Natrium sulfuricum for skin rashes

Many skin rashes are metabolic. In this case, the body uses the skin as an additional excretory organ for detoxification and purification. Natrium sulfuricum further stimulates the cleansing of the cells and supports the liver in its detoxification capacity. As the waste products are eliminated, the skin is relieved and the rashes recede.


Notes on the use of sodium sulfate

Natrium sulfuricum is available as Schuessler salt No.10 in pharmacies. Most often it is used in tablet form orally three times a day 1-5 tablets. Alternatively, sodium sulfate is also available as globules. In this case, 20 globules should be taken 3 times a day. Gladly, however, also as a morning single dose with 3-15 tablets dissolved in warm water. It is also often combined with Schuessler salt No. 9 Natrium phosphoricum. It is important to drink plenty of water during the intake.

Sodium sulfate during pregnancy & lactation

There is nothing special to note when taking Natrium sulfuricum during pregnancy. It can be taken at any time without hesitation.

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Glauber's salt


Natrium sulfuricum




Glauber's salt

Occurrence in the body


Application area

Purging, purification

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