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Your light anchor set

Your light anchor set

Subtle room & aura sprays for noticeable well-being inside and outside
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Create your own light anchor in your home!

Awaken positive emotions and create an inspiring atmosphere. Our finely tuned compositions are designed to clear and strengthen the energy around you.

We rely on the power of nature. Our room and aura sprays consist of pure spagyric essences that gently but effectively cleanse and revitalize your aura.

Start your day with positive energy. Spray our spray over your head or in the room to envelop yourself in an atmosphere of clarity and peaceful surroundings. You can also use your personal companion as a refresher throughout the day.

A heartfelt recommendation from soulclarity with Anne

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Welcome to Balance

"I love being protected by the power of plant energy. Why shouldn't we incorporate the natural treasures we already have? Do something good for yourself and your home!"

Let this lovingly selected combination of 3 to accompany you into an easier life.

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Welcome to love

This special composition with specially selected spagyric essences harmonizes & creates a soft and warm room and aura atmosphere.

It increases empathy and gently opens the heart space.

At the same time, it provides insights into deeper needs and thus ensures more mindful interaction with one another.

It gives confidence and vitalizes our subtle levels.

Light & Harmony

This subtle spray slows down negative energies and leads us from darkness into light.
On an energetic level, it enables us to radiate calm and balance.
The composition stands for joie de vivre, mindfulness and promotes your own creativity. It promotes a positive and hopeful atmosphere and shows you your path to inner harmony.

The subtle aura and room spray clears negative energies.

On an energetic level, it enables us to achieve inner peace and balance.

This composition stands for joie de vivre, luminosity and encourages creativity.

recipe light and harmony including medicinal plants on a light background

Protection & strength

Created with subtle essences, this spray is the perfect companion to dispel overwhelming negative thoughts and worries. It opens the doors to a clear mind and a light soul and allows you to rediscover harmony in your life.

It promotes a stable inner balance in turbulent times.

protection and strength formula with selected medicinal plants on a gray background

Medicinal plant encyclopedia

Experience even more positive properties with the power of plants

Frequently asked questions

The best way to do this is to read the article on our Zimplyfy blog: 

"What exactly is spagyric?" 

Here we have summarized everything you need to know.

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