SIBO and SIFO - ways to a healthy gut

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SIBO and SIFO - ways to a healthy gut What it's about The gut plays a crucial role in our health and well-being. SIBO and SIFO are conditions (small intestinal overgrowth) that can disrupt the balance in the gut and lead to a variety of symptoms. In our webinar we will: An introduction to SIBO and [...]

Intestinal health - Parasites and worms

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Intestinal health - parasites and worms What is it all about Intestinal health is an essential part of our well-being. However, parasites and worms can impair the functioning of our digestive system and lead to a variety of complaints. These uninvited guests can be transmitted through contaminated water, contaminated food or contact with infected people or animals. Symptoms of a parasitic [...]

Intestinal health - special intolerances

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Let's talk: Sleep disorders are female What it's about Intolerances to certain foods are widespread in today's society and can cause a variety of symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to serious health problems. While most people cope well with conventional foods, there is a group of people who have specific food [...].

Digestive hero: The importance of eating right for good digestion

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Digestive hero: The importance of eating right for good digestion What it's all about The gut and digestion are the gateway to health. Wisdom from healers of the past points this out across all eras and cultures, such as "All diseases begin in the gut"; Hippocrates. Our modern lifestyle and our eating choices - how and [...]

Intestinal health - mast cells and histamine

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Gut health - mast cells and histamine What is it about We cordially invite you to our upcoming webinar, which will deal with the fascinating and important topic of "Gut health, mast cells and histamines". Join us as we dive into the world of the digestive system and learn how mast cells and histamines can have a significant impact on your health. Why is [...]

Healthy gut, beautiful skin: Why the cause of skin problems often lies in the gut

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Emotional Eating: Myths, Causes and Ways to Overcome Unhealthy Patterns What's it about Emotional eating is a widespread phenomenon that affects many of us. We want to help you better understand the background and show you concrete steps to healthier eating behaviors. In this webinar, we will debunk the three biggest myths surrounding [...]

Your immune system - be strengthened for autumn and winter

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Your immune system - be strengthened for fall and winter What is it about Ready for winter? Strengthen your immune system and feel fit and vital, no matter what! Learn in our free webinar how you can boost your immune system with the right nutrition, enough sleep and stress management. You'll also learn about nutrients, [...]

Blind date with your intestine - Get to know your intestine properly!

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This is what awaits you in approx. 60 minutes webinar Go with the flow - and take care of your intestinal health! Content Do you often feel tired, unwell and constantly struggle with a bloated belly? Every attempt to find out what could be the cause is draining your energy and causing you additional frustration? Remain confident and give [...]