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Clarita R.
Clarita R.
Trusted Shops, 18.01.2022, "I have had chronic pain for many years..."
I have had chronic migraines for many years and have tried all the relevant treatments without success. Zimply has given me a new quality of life: I now only have 1 or 2 migraine days a week and thanks to Zimply I can make the severe pain more bearable. Thank you😊👏👍
Beatrix K.
Beatrix K.
Trusted Shops, 14.01.2024, "I have a lot to do with headaches..."
I have a lot of headaches and am not allowed to take any chemical medication. I found out about Zimply Natural from a friend and bought the migraine complex. I am taking it as recommended by Zimply Natural. It's only been a few days, but my headaches are no longer there. I am thrilled and will continue to order and also do what I don't normally do, promote Zimply Naural to my friends and acquaintances.
Cindy Q.
Cindy Q.
Trusted Shops, 07.08.2023 "Enthusiastic with several sprays"
I already have several sprays and I am thrilled. The individual spray for periods works immediately. The spray for motivation gives me a positive outlook on my activities. In addition [...] the tension headaches are also gone immediately. Without any side effects. I have therefore already set up subscriptions. Thank you.

Article description

Your Zimply Natural blend for the treatment of migraines and headache attacks naturally helps you to harmonize body, mind and soul. Our migraine complex is 100% natural and offers a convenient solution in the form of a spray - whether you're struggling with aura or nausea. Harness the power of aconite, wild jasmine, iris and butterbur for more healthy normality in your everyday life. We offer a gentle alternative to chemical preparations, because nature offers a wide range of medicinal plants and herbs that can help you relieve the symptoms of your migraine. Our herbal alternative goes beyond mere symptom relief and aims to tackle the causes of your symptoms. Our medical advisory board of doctors and therapists has selected the most successful migraine formulas for you from our more than 75,000 formulas. This means you can easily benefit from the individual know-how of our ZIMPLY NATURAL experts. The sprays are produced individually "on-demand" in our partner pharmacies. This means that everything is pharmaceutically controlled to the highest standard & Made In Germany. Application is child's play: simply spray into the mouth using the practical atomizer. The bottle fits in every pocket and lasts a whole month with regular use (3×3 sprays daily up to 12×3 in acute cases). You deserve more than standard off-the-shelf products. Body, mind and soul in harmony with your individual Zimply Natural blend!

What is Zimply Natural

As a young start-up, we stand for more individuality & naturalness in medicine & the pharmaceutical industry. We are the antithesis to synthetic painkillers & standard preparations. We firmly believe that harmony between body, mind and soul is essential for your health and well-being. Here to find out more about us.

Zimply Natural draws on the centuries-old manufacturing process of the"Spagyric"back. Thanks to the complex manufacturing process, Zimply Natural manages to combine the spectrum of effects from herbal medicine, Bach flowers, homeopathy and Schuessler salts.

Medical Advisory Board

The latest state of science

Individual medication is becoming increasingly important. Zimply Natural harnesses the power of over 100 medicinal plants for you!

Dr. André Vicariesmann
Pharmacist & Owner Severinus Pharmacy Lindlar

Individual medication is becoming increasingly important. Zimply Natural harnesses the power of over 100 medicinal plants for you!

The medicinal plants of your migraine complex

Learn more about the plants in our mix!

Individual spagyric meets digitalization

Spagyric is one of the oldest natural healing methods. It contains clear instructions on how to prepare medicinal plants and minerals in order to make them therapeutically useful. In this way, the natural powers and energies of nature can be used for you and your individual situation. With our essences, we combine the principles of nature with the needs of modern people to create unique blends for special times.
Pharma & medicine often reduce the human being to the purely physical dimension. You don't have to be a prophet to understand that there is more to your individual health than simple physical integrity.

We are firmly convinced that for your health and well-being you need harmony between body, mind and soul. Especially in the current time it needs more individuality and less off the shelf. So a big piece more yourself!

Mandy aka. Susanne

"The spray is great! Would definitely buy again. Thank you very much."

Katrin Kick aka. Stephanie

"Use the spray for two weeks and it has actually already set a relief! So far top!!

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