real flowering valerian with green stem
[Valeriana officinalis]

Valerian: For restlessness, sleep problems and test anxiety

Since ancient times, valerian has been an integral part of the naturopathic medical arsenal in our latitudes as a great medicinal plant. It experienced its absolute peak in the Middle Ages. There it was considered a polychrome and was prescribed for a myriad of ailments. Some of these medieval indications are no longer common today, but as a medicinal plant for nervous and neurological disorders, it is still one of the remedies of choice.

Facts about valerian

Did you know that...

... The valerian leaves are also good to eat in a salad?

... Valerian is also a popular spice in Indian cuisine?

... Valerian gives off a smell that cats love and that attracts them?

What is valerian?

Valerian is a perennial herbaceous plant with a growth height of up to two meters. Its rhizomes help it to survive in order to sprout new shoots. Valerian is often found in bog meadows and along river or stream banks, as it loves moist soil and tolerates it well. It even copes with flooding situations and standing water without any problems. A distinctive feature of the plant is its strongly thickened, deep-rooted taproot, which holds it firmly in the soil. The root, as well as the rest of the plant, emits a distinctive, characteristic odor that is considered immensely pleasant and attractive by tomcats. From this fact also comes the nickname 'cat herb' of valerian.

General and medicinal properties of Valeriana officinalis

The basic knowledge


Valerian is calming. It addresses agitation and restlessness, balances the heartbeat and calms the body central in the nervous system. Relaxation and calm return and the body shuts down.


Valerian is relaxing. The muscles of the body become loose again and the tension leaves the organism. The cool head takes control again, everything relaxes and can return to a normal state.


Valerian is sleep-inducing. The fact that the tension softens and everything comes to rest, you can relax again and fall asleep better. The head cinema and the inner trembling calm down and subside.


Valerian is balancing. It does not dampen or anesthetize, but regulates the nervous system back down to normal levels, creating a natural starting point from which deeper states of relaxation can be achieved and sleep found.

Valeriana officinalis: Ingredients

Valerian contains a special, centrally acting mixture of active substances.

  • Essential oils like isovaleric acid
  • Valepoderivatives
  • Flavonoids like linarin

Valerian: effect for body and mind

The known and comprehensible effectiveness of valerian today refers to effects in the central nervous system. There, valerian has a relaxing, regulating and anxiety-relieving effect, which is why it is often used for heart complaints, restlessness, sleep disorders and the like. The flavonoid linarin is now known to have a sleep-inducing effect in humans. However, although it has been possible to detect and isolate some active ingredients in valerian, it has not yet been possible to specifically assign the entire effect to one substance. It is therefore assumed that the effect is due to the mixture of active ingredients.

Properties valerian

  • soothing
  • balancing
  • relaxing
  • sleep-inducing
  • anxiety-relieving
  • concentration enhancing

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Valeriana officinalis]

Valerian develops its effect in the central nervous system. Therefore, the indications are all from the neurological field.

application area-sleep

Valerian for sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are one of the most common applications of valerian. The wealth of experience in this application is accordingly large. Since the discovery of the flavonoid, a pharmacological substance has been found to which this effect can be attributed, since it has been established that linarin has a sleep-promoting effect in humans.

Valeriana for nervousness & restlessness

Valerian is one of the best known and most used, herbal sedative. Thereby the effect is very elegant and has no numbing sensations as a side effect. It calms when taken internally and goes against restlessness, so that relaxation is possible again and the person can calm down.

Valerian for anxiety

Valerian is also said to have an anxiety-relieving effect. Most often, this effect is used for mild anxiety such as stage fright. Valerian relaxes and calms and thus enables better concentration on the task at hand.

Valeriana for lack of concentration

In the case of concentration weaknesses, feelings such as anxiety or a basic inner restlessness are often responsible for the fact that you can not stay on task. Valerian calms and weakens the feeling of anxiety, so that you can arrive back in your center and concentrate.

Valerian for nervous stress

For nervous stress, valerian is always worth a try, because it gently soothes without dampening too much. So you can find your peace again, the nerves relax and you can recover. Valerian is therefore often used for stress and stressful situations.

Valeriana for headaches

Many headaches come from nervous tension. Either because the nervous system is directly overstimulated or because the muscles are so tense that the head begins to hurt. Valerian takes a positive influence on the nervous system, calms the nerves and reduces their activity. This also relaxes neither the hard muscles, so that the headache subsides and disappears.


Notes on the use of valerian

Valerian can be used both as a component of sedative teas, as well as complex remedies. It is usually combined in mixed preparations with other plants and substances with similar effects. In case of restlessness, it is recommended to take it throughout the day, in case of insomnia rather in the evening and before sleeping.

Valerian in pregnancy & lactation

Valerian is actually considered safe and can be used during pregnancy. Also in the breastfeeding period should not be a problem.

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white, light pink small flowers of valerian



Botanical name

Valeriana officinalis

Plant family


Other designations

Cat weed, stinkwort


May till July

Harvest time

End of September until mid-October


sunny to off-sun



Flower color

pink, white

Flower shape

Umbrella panicles

Leaf color


Leaf shape

pinnate, pointed

Sheet properties

Stems are hairy

Soil type

sandy to clayey

Soil moisture

fresh to marsh


weakly alkaline to weakly acidic

Lime compatibility

lime tolerant

Nutrient requirements




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