Kalium sulfuricum
[kalium sulfuricum]

Kalium sulfuricum: The salt of detoxification

Kalium sulfuricum is the third of the inflammatory salts. Along with Ferrum phosphoricum and Kalium chloratum, it is the salt that is finally used in the 3rd stage of inflammation to mature and drain pus. This salt is also popular for activating the metabolism and stimulating a basic purification. Especially in the context of diets and cures, it is therefore often combined with drinking cures.

Facts about Kalium sulfuricum

Did you know that...

... potassium sulfate is needed for the production of synthetic rubbers?
... some extinguishing agents in fire extinguishers are made of potassium sulfate?
... the pharmacist Johann Glauber produced potassium sulfate as early as the 14th century?

Kalium sulfuricum: Chemical background

Potassium sulfate is the salt obtained from potassium chloride and sulfur dioxide. In the chemical industry it plays an important role in the production of potash alum, potash, synthetic rubbers and compound fertilizers. It is also elementally important in the production of various dyes and explosives. Potassium sulfate is colorless and transparent and very hard. It has a very bitter to salty taste and dissolves well in water. In alcohol, on the other hand, it is considered insoluble.

General and healing properties Kalium sulfuricum

The basic knowledge


Kalium sulfuricum is detoxifying. It stimulates the cell to cleanse itself and eliminate toxins. The body now has the possibility to eliminate the waste via the liver and kidneys or the intestines.


Kalium sulfuricum is healing. It accelerates inflammatory processes in the third inflammatory stage and allows them to mature. The body and its immune system can now overcome and heal them.


Kalium sulfuricum is maturing. Pus processes like to chronify and persist in the stage. Kalium sulfuricum helps the body to eliminate the pus and the remaining tissue to recover and regenerate. Thus, Kalium sulfuricum always shortens the healing process and optimizes it.

Properties of Kalium sulfuricum

  • Detoxifying
  • Eliminating
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pus ripening
  • Acute
  • Fungicide

Kalium sulfuricum: effect for body and mind

Kalium sulfuricum is the salt of elimination and the 3rd stage of inflammation. In this stage of inflammation, the body melts broken cells, immune complexes and pathogen residues into pus and discharges this from the body. If something chronifies at this stage, it is deficient in Kalium sulfuricum and the body cannot complete the process of transporting it outward. At the cellular level, sulfur stimulates the activity of mitochondria and purifies the cell.

Storage locations of Kalium sulfuricum

  • The whole body
  • Especially the liver and pancreas

Symptoms of potassium salt deficiency

  • Skin rashes, mostly purulent
  • Intestinal fungi
  • Muscle soreness
  • Pigment spots
  • Psoriasis
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Sugar cravings
  • Liver disease
  • Rheumatism
  • Mucosal inflammations with chronic character
  • Chronic tonsillitis

Fields of application in naturopathy

[kalium sulfuricum]

The areas of application are directly derived from the importance in the energy and iron metabolism of Kalium sulfuricum.

These include:

Potassium salt for inflammation of the respiratory tract

The respiratory tract includes both the bronchi, the larynx, but also the frontal and paranasal sinuses. If there is a chronic inflammation here, which is obstructed and does not heal, Kalium sulfuricum helps to successfully pass the last phase of the inflammation. The process can subside and the disease event finally subsides.

Kalium sulfuricum for detoxification

Sulfur has been known to detoxify the body since ancient times. In doing so, it boosts cellular activity. In this case, the process is accelerated by potassium, because it helps the sulfur residue to get into the cell more easily to do the work there.

Kalium sulfuricum for intestinal fungus

Intestinal fungus is defined as candidiasis, i.e. an excessive infestation with Candida albicans. This can occur when the natural bacterial environment of the intestine is no longer right. Kalium sulfuricum comes into play here, as its sulfur content has a detoxifying effect on mucous membranes. Thus toxins can be eliminated and the natural bacteria are supported to multiply. As a result, the intestinal flora regenerates and the fungus is pushed back.

Kalium sulfuricum for cystitis

Bladder infections can become chronic. This means that the infection is never properly overcome and the patient always notices inflammatory irritation. Kalium sulfuricum detoxifies the mucous membranes and stimulates the process to become acute again. Subsequently, the inflammation can heal cleanly and the discomfort will pass again.

Kalium sulfuricum for skin problems

Many skin problems with purulent rashes are excretory reactions, as the skin also performs detoxification tasks for the body. Kalium sulfuricum supports the elimination of toxins and flab. Thus, an initial aggravation is usually to be expected, but subsequently leads to healing.

Young woman with very clear skin after a shower

Notes on the use of Kalium sulfuricum

Kalium sulfuricum should be taken as a cure or over a limited period of time for purification. In order to heal inflammation, multiple daily doses should be taken over a period of days to a few weeks.

Kalium sulfuricum during pregnancy & lactation

Even during pregnancy, the intake of Kalium sulfuricum is not a problem.

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kalium sulfuricum


Kalium sulfuricum


kalium sulfuricum




Potassium chloride

Occurrence in the body

All cells, blood cells

Application area

Inflammations 2nd stage, mucous membranes

Typical potency


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