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Yin - Your life flow

A Zimply Natural webinar with Diana Pavić

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Diana Pavić

Educator, theater teacher, yoga teacher, holistic health and nutrition consultant, Life Trust Coaching training participation and 9 years of experience abroad on stage Beijing

In my youth I quietly informed myself about Far Eastern wisdom, in my early 20s I encountered yoga more intensively and healthy nutrition for my body was also important to me, which changed in the course of my experiences and I consider food to be holistic - for body, mind and soul. Married, mom of 3, Educator, theater teacher, yoga teacher, holistic health and nutrition consultant, Life Trust Coaching training participation and 9 years of experience abroad on stage in Beijing. I have combined my professional as well as my life experiences and insights and passionately offer guidance, counseling and coaching for women and moms, for their EasyGoing design on their life stage for body mind soul.

Yin - Your life flow

What is it about

"I allow myself to do good for myself."

Do you know the feeling of restlessness and are often unbalanced? Do your thoughts constantly circle in your head and do you feel powerless as a result?
Then allow yourself a moment to let go and relax!
We cordially invite you on a special journey where we will immerse ourselves together in the world of "Yin - your life flow". Yin, a term from Chinese philosophy, symbolizes the feminine, receptive and calm energy that exists within each of us. It is the gentle flow of life that is often overlooked in our hectic everyday lives. Yin reminds us to come to rest,
To become still, to listen to ourselves, to surrender, to accept all the sensations experienced in the moment, to let go and trust.
We cordially invite you to experience the rhythm of your breathing and your body in this special webinar.
Surrender yourself, accept what is, give up tensions - let go of what no longer serves you.

Your preparation -
Make yourself comfortable, put on your favorite comfortable clothes and warm socks. Perhaps you would like to light a candle or create a relaxing atmosphere with an aromatic oil.
Feel free to take your yoga mat and blanket to join in our short yoga sessions.

Useful approaches for your everyday life

What you take with you

yin yoga webinar

Our Approach & Focus

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Questions and answers about the webinar

For all those who want to take their health to a new level and are open to new impulses.
The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes. We try to time all of our webinars around this time frame.
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