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Individual Spagyric - Your key for more success in practice!

The Spagyric is one of the oldest pharmacological procedures for the production of naturopathic medicines from natural substances, which still exists today. It goes back to the physician and pharmacist Paracelsus who lived and worked in the 17th century. Hahnemann's homeopathy is younger! It is assumed that his basic ideas for homeopathy are based on the knowledge of spagyric and he developed homeopathy from it. 

Spagyric is an ancient method in which the truly healing of the substance is concentrated or worked out. The word spagyric in itself gives information about the technique that is used. Spagyric derives from the ancient Greek 'spao' and 'ageiro' and means something like 'separate and unite'. 

Technically, approaches are created in which the Plant is fermented. This is called fermentation. This process produces alcohol, which has a stabilizing effect on the fermented product. During the fermentation process, essential oils are released and plant-specific aromas and new substances are created, which are also considered a sign of quality for a process that has gone well.

In the next step, these organic substances, essential oils and aromas, which are dissolved in the resulting alcohol, are distilled off together with it. The whole plant mass is subjected to steam distillation, as this is considered particularly mild and gentle for the extraction of the desired substances. If everything has gone optimally, the distillate is also characterized by the characteristic odor that was previously so striking in the batch.

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The third step is followed by ashing. The plant residue left over from distillation, the solid, is now subjected to calcination. In this process, the residue is burned, in some cases several times, to such an extent that only the mineral, inorganic components of the plant remain. 

In the fourth pass, the reunion of distillate and solids takes place. This process is called 'marriage'. The solid, mineral ingredients from the ashing are now dissolved in the distillate with its fine, spiritual, dissolved compounds. The individual spiritual idea of the plant is brought together with the purified materiality and an enriched, highly potent remedy is created that contains the concentrated healing power of the source plant. 

What is individual spagyric?

Naturopathy and complementary medicine offer a huge amount of possibilities to treat health problems. The therapist has a large number of therapeutic concepts to choose from. Spagyric is one of these approaches, which has its roots in our own cultural circle and with which we have gained centuries of experience. The most important aspect of an accomplished naturopathic therapy is to find a therapeutic approach that is exactly tailored to the problem of the patient to be treated.

Individual spagyric covers exactly this aspect comprehensively. We have a large selection of pharmacy-grade essences that represent a very high pharmacological standard and allow us to conceptualize and prescribe mixtures that can be individually tailored to the disease process. The amount of possible combinations is almost uncountable. In an individually prescribed mixture, various symptoms of the patient can be taken into account, as well as the basic pathomechanism that has causally produced the patient's problem. Thus, a primarily symptomatic therapy can be combined with a causally effective one without the patient having to take a large number of drugs. 

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The complexity of this approach seems to be very high, but it is possible for a naturopathically trained therapist to quickly approach the subject. Basic knowledge of phytotherapy already helps at this point to reduce the complexity to such an extent that the creation of individual mixtures becomes possible. 

Zimply Natural is the partner who is dedicated to exactly this topic. We offer a modern, digital solution to create spagyric mixtures. The mixtures can be generally focused on disease topics, but can also be tailored to the patient. The partner therapists have the possibility to create their own mixtures, which they expect to achieve a high therapeutic success or with which they have already gained highly positive experiences in the treatment of their patients. The vision for our partner therapists is to increase the diversity of drugs available on the market in order to fill therapeutic gaps that have existed until now. No one company can cover everything a therapist needs in his practice for his patients with ready-made drug mixtures. Thus, the approach so far has always been to use the available spectrum of remedies to achieve the closest possible approximation to the patient's problem. This gap is closed by Zimply Natural. Finally it is possible to create exactly THE mixture for the patient, easily accessible and available, which the patient really needs. Our configurator system supports this process. Optionally, the patient is taken directly by the hand and guided through his problem with targeted questions, so that in the end an individual prescription proposal for the treatment of his ailments can be presented.

Alternatively, the therapist can of course take over this process for his patient. His expertise and his personal perception of the patient will help to create even more precise and suitable mixtures for his client. The idea of a medicine to be as close to the human being as possible and to have the almost perfect medicine for him thus comes within reach and becomes reality!

We are in a time where digitalization is taken for granted by the younger generations and is almost inevitable. The Internet offers convenient ways for consumers to do research to find solutions for themselves. For us as providers and therapists, it represents a unique opportunity to bring the knowledge and experience of naturopathy in general and spagyric in particular to a large group of young people in a modern way. He is picked up according to the spirit of the times in a modern way and at the same time gets the opportunity to use the huge wealth of experience of the past for himself. It is our interest to transport the excellent ideas and approaches of old methods like spagyric into the new time and to make them accessible NOW for therapists and patients. Be a part of it.

Why individuality is so important for your patient and your success!

Individuality is the core theme around which it revolves. The patient appears in the practice with an individual theme. The cause lies in his constitution, coupled with his lifestyle, in short, what makes him an individual person. So, as personal as the story is that has led to his problem, the solution to be found for it must also be personal. 

The partner therapist now has the opportunity to design an individual solution for his patient and thus ensure that success is achieved for the patient. It must be clear to every therapist, the personal reputation as a practitioner is always directly linked to the successful treatment of the patient. The success of the patient in solving his problem, is the success of the therapist as a practitioner. This equation has been true since day one and will continue to be so in the future. 

The closer I get to the patient's problem, and the closer I can tailor the solution to it, the closer I get to his and my success!

This approach of giving the patient the feeling of being placed in the center of the action is tremendously important. 

On the one hand, the patient feels perceived and understood. So he gets the attention he deserves and needs to enter the healing process. Healing is, after all, always a question of physical and mental components. The patient is thus better perceived in his entirety as a human being and is picked up on all levels in order to take a step towards health. By accompanying him on several levels on his way through the problem, the chance of healing increases. We as a therapist have the opportunity to become part of a significant change, in which we have positively contributed at important points so that everything goes its way. The patient will associate this competence with us, so that we will be remembered with high esteem. In the best case, as the person who changed his life!

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What do I mean by success?

The term success in this context is multi-layered. Of course, success in the therapeutic field always means first and foremost that the problem has been alleviated or solved to the satisfaction of the patient. Through a high degree of customizability, one has with the individual spagyric of Zimply Natural thus a perfect tool in hand.

The success for the patient is in the satisfaction of the patient. If you solve his problems, you are considered competent, will be recommended to others and will probably be consulted for other problems. He has built trust, and that is what the practice is all about. Building trust through good work! This is the basis for good business and economic prosperity of the therapist. Zimply Natural can be a suitable support for the therapist's economic success. Not only do the mixtures work excellently, give the patient a good experience and increase compliance, they also bring money directly into the cash register of the therapist. The reason for this is that the prescriber is credited with money for every Zimply Natural Spray that he prescribes to his patients. The aim of this cashback system is simply to reward him for his good cooperation. After all, the fates are linked. Together we provide the patient with the solution and so it is only fair that everyone really benefits from it. 

5 important tips for your interaction with the patient:

These tips should help a little with how to deal with the patient. The same questions keep coming up that need to be answered. A few notes on this:

  1. Where does your patient stand? Is he ready for change? Is he able and willing to let go of his problem and take a step. Does he come to the practice of his own free will?
  2. What is his core problem? What is his actual core problem. I don't just mean the physical ailments, but also on which level the cause actually lies. In order to get there, you have to ask questions, listen carefully and want to penetrate into the interior of the other person. Taking time is important for this.
  3. What can YOU do for him? What message besides the prescription does the patient need? This can be information, but also positive feelings that need to be given.
  4. What can spagyric do for HIM? And, can it do anything? Since it works on several levels, it is usually a good choice. However, it is also important to have a professional assessment of the problem by the practitioner. If a remedy is created, it makes sense to consider all levels of action and include them in the formula. The causes are not always obvious.
  5. How can YOU establish yourself as a competent partner with him? What feelings does he need from you? Where can you support him everywhere? If you do your job well, the patient will usually stay with you because he has been able to build up trust, which has also been confirmed. Compliance is the magic word and that comes through quality and positive experiences.

Our common goal must be class, not mass, because this is where our potential lies. In a medical world that increasingly resembles an impersonal assembly line, this is our advantage that we must put into the field. Good advice and effective therapies based on trained know-how are the factors that build trust and guarantee good patient compliance. And this for the benefit of all involved. Therefore, I invite you to start into a new era of individualized, digitalized spagyric. Let us shape the future.
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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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