Lady's mantle, Alchemilla vulgaris, has yellow-green flowers and green leaves with serrated edges. Lady's mantle is used particularly in gynecology
Lady's mantle
[Alchemilla vulgaris]

Alchemilla vulgaris: The jack of all trades for the ladies' world

In ancient times, lady's mantle was still relatively unknown as a medicinal plant. However, it rapidly gained popularity in the late Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. Paracelsus loved it as a bone and wound healer. Midwives have long loved it as a universal remedy for women's ailments. In modern phytotherapy, it is one of the great remedies for gynecological problems and is considered a real blessing for the troubled ladies.

Facts about lady's mantle

Did you know that...

... lady's mantle is found all over the world?

... the lady's mantle sweats out the morning dewdrop in its center itself and it is not dew? 

... the water in the middle is called 'sky water' and was much sought after by alchemists for their experiments?

What is Alchemilla vulgaris?

Lady's mantle is a perennial plant that is native to our region. It is very widespread and can be found in meadows, on forest edges or in the mountains. It is quite undemanding of its habitat and thrives well. It has strong vigor and, as a ground cover plant that grows to a height of around 30 cm, tends to form extensive carpets. Because of this characteristic and its unobtrusive but attractive appearance, it is often planted by horticulturalists in landscaped gardens.

General information and medicinal properties of Alchemilla vulgaris

The basic knowledge


Alchemilla is antispasmodic. It is used for severe menstrual cramps but also before birth to relax the abdomen and ensure a complication-free conception.


Alchemilla is progesteronizing. It therefore has a positive influence on the entire hormonal balance and can be used as a universal remedy to balance hormonal difficulties.


Alchemilla strengthens the uterus. On the one hand, it ensures that all parts of the abdomen are optimally supplied with blood and nutrients, and on the other hand, it also ensures that the uterus retains its elasticity at an advanced age, so that prolapse and its complications are less likely.

Alchemilla vulgaris: Ingredients

Lady's mantle contains various active ingredients. These include

  • Tannins
  • Flavonoids
  • Phytosterol
  • Saponins
  • Glycosides

Lady's mantle: effect on body and mind

Today, lady's mantle is considered one of the most important Venusian plants of all. It belongs to the rose family and thus carries the primal idea of femininity. Lady's mantle is a soothing plant. On a psychological level, it relaxes the mind and helps us to become more receptive, to let go and to trust. On a physical level, it softens, supports the tissues in their physiological metabolism and is considered to heal wounds. As a source of progesterone, it provides the hormone balance with everything it needs to work smoothly.

Properties of lady's mantle

  • anti-inflammatory
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • astringent
  • hormone regulating
  • Uterus-strengthening
  • wound healing
  • decongestant

Fields of application in naturopathy

[Alchemilla vulgaris]

Alchemilla vulgaris is used as a remedy to strengthen the uterus in cases of uterine prolapse and pelvic inflammatory disease. In the case of irregular menstruation (metrorrhagia), Alchemilla vulgaris can harmonize the woman's cycle.

Lady's mantle for pregnancy

The desire to become pregnant is often hormonal imbalance against. Because lady's mantle is progesteronizing, it has a balancing effect on the hormonal system. It also strengthens the woman's uterus and prepares the body for the conception of a child.

Alchemilla vulgaris for acne

As a rose plant, lady's mantle is also a remedy that has a strong connection to the skin. It helps on the one hand with its hormonal potential and on the other with its anti-inflammatory properties. It cares for the skin and reduces rashes, significantly improving the appearance of the skin and reducing inflammation. Acne and the skin injuries can heal.

Young woman with very clear skin after a shower

Lady's mantle for menopausal symptoms

During the menopause, women's hormones decline and symptoms such as Hot flashes, Hair loss, Fatigue and mood swings are the order of the day. Lady's mantle helps to maintain the basic supply of the necessary hormones so that the drop in hormones is not so severe and the symptoms are as mild as possible or do not occur at all. This means that the transition can be pleasant and unspectacular.

Lady's mantle for PMS

At the PMS patients usually have a massive lack of progesterone, which means that they cannot produce enough oestrogen. This results in abdominal cramps, discomfort and massive mood swings. As lady's mantle fundamentally restores the hormone balance, promotes the production of hormones and has a relaxing effect on the abdomen, the discomfort and mood swings disappear. PMS blues. It is often combined with other plants that have a similar effect.

Woman holds her stomach because of period problems

Notes on the use of Alchemilla vulgaris

Lady's mantle is often a component of phytotherapeutic, spagyric or homeopathic complex remedies for gynecological issues. However, it is also often used in practice as a tincture or tea. Fresh or dried, flowering herbs are usually used. It is taken as a cure for therapy; long-term use is not recommended.

Lady's mantle during pregnancy & breastfeeding

Lady's mantle can be used during pregnancy and before birth to relieve pain.

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Alchemilla vulgaris as a circular flower, rich green


Lady's mantle

Botanical name

Alchemilla vulgaris

Plant family

Rose plant

Other designations

Lady's mantle, Lady's aid, Mantli


May till September

Harvest time

May till September


full sun to shady


native, distributed worldwide

Flower color


Flower shape

Mirage umbels

Leaf color


Leaf shape

sawn edges

Sheet properties

Hand- or foot-shaped lobed

Soil type


Soil moisture




Lime compatibility

lime tolerant

Nutrient requirements




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