Let's talk: Sleep disorders are female

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Let's talk: Sleep disorders are female What are they about Sleep disorders can occur more frequently in women than in men and have various causes. Hormonal changes in connection with menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause and other stages of life can influence sleep. Together with Andrea Mohr, we look at possible correlations and give you ideas for improving your sleep and therefore your [...]

Let's talk: Menopause

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Let's talk: Menopause What it's all about Back in the 19th century, only a few women lived long enough to leave the menopause behind them - as the average life expectancy was well below 50 years. The premenopause begins from the age of 40. The body starts its first preparations to end the fertile phase. It begins [...]

Lets talk: PMS

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Let's talk: PMS What is it about It affects about every 4th woman or menstruating person and the discomfort can seriously affect their quality of life from the second half of the cycle onwards. Premenstrual syndrome is as individual as you are. We now know more than 150 different symptoms that can occur from ovulation onwards, and with the onset of bleeding [...]

Your immune system - be strengthened for autumn and winter

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Your immune system - be strengthened for fall and winter What is it about Ready for winter? Strengthen your immune system and feel fit and vital, no matter what! Learn in our free webinar how you can boost your immune system with the right nutrition, enough sleep and stress management. You'll also learn about nutrients, [...]

Serene through the childbearing years

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What is it about Many couples decide to have a baby full of anticipation and euphoria. If, after some time, it turns out that the wish to have a child does not work out as desired, a time of suffering between hope, anxiety and doubt begins, especially for women. The possibilities in medicine are now very extensive. [...]

Boost Your Vitality: Understanding Testosterone Deficiency and Natural Ways to Boost Vitality

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Balance Your Hormones: Understanding Testosterone Deficiency and Discovering Natural Ways to Increase Vitality What This Webinar Is About In this webinar, we will look at the causes and effects of testosterone deficiency and discuss natural, gentle solutions. We'll find out how diet, lifestyle changes and natural medicine can help bring your hormones into optimal balance and boost vitality and performance [...]

Metabolism - imbalances and diseases

Metabolism - imbalances and diseases What is it about In the second module of this webinar series, you will learn from our speaker Annic Scholer in just under 45 minutes the most important information about metabolism imbalances and we focus on blood sugar. You will understand why a stable blood sugar is so important and what role histamine plays in the [...]

Metabolism - simply explained

Metabolism - simply explained What is it about In the first module of this webinar series, you will learn from our speaker Annic Scholer in just under 45 minutes the most important information about metabolism and receive valuable tips on prevention and measures. The following modules cover the topics of imbalances and metabolic diseases, natural detoxification and intestinal cleansing, as well as a look at [...]

Hormones and yoga - the all-round feel-good package

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Hormones and Yoga - the all-round feel-good package Content Our speaker Bettina shows you how you can get your hormone balance going again with the help of yoga! Be there for valuable tips and tricks around hormone balance - no matter what phase of life you are in! Useful approaches for your everyday life This is what you take with menopause [...]

Our thyroid gland: small organ, big effect!

Our thyroid gland: small organ, big effect! Content Do you know this too? Do you have cold hands and feet all the time? Do you hardly feel warm? Your energy level has been better before? You are gaining weight and don't know why? Your digestion doesn't work the way you want it to and your concentration is also slowly [...]