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Emotional Eating: Myths, Causes, and Ways to Overcome Unhealthy Patterns.

A Zimply Natural webinar with Lisa Maas

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Lisa Maas

Nutritionist, alternative practitioner

Lisa Maas is a mother, nutritionist and alternative practitioner who founded her Integrative Nutrition practice with one goal in mind: To help women recognize their challenges with their body weight and their relationship with food as opportunities for personal growth and guideposts to their best life. Through her years of experience with ambitious clients around the world, she has come to realize that people don't lack knowledge about what to do to lose weight permanently, but about how to do it.

Emotional Eating: Myths, Causes, and Ways to Overcome Unhealthy Patterns.

What is it about

Emotional eating is a widespread phenomenon that affects many of us. We want to help you better understand the reasons behind it and show you concrete steps to healthier eating habits.

In this webinar, we will uncover the three biggest myths around emotional eating and give you insights into the possible causes of this behavior. We will emphasize that emotions are a natural part of being human and how they interfere with our eating behavior.

We clarify which common assumptions about such eating behavior are true and which are not.

Recognize causes: We'll show you how different factors in life can contribute to trigger eating driven by emotions and how you can identify them.

Healthy coping strategies: You will receive practical tips and approaches on how to break unhealthy eating patterns and better manage emotional eating.

Useful approaches for your everyday life

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For all those who want to take their health to a new level and are open to new impulses.
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