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The invisible superpower: why good sleep is the key to optimal health and performance

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Biohacking Chris


Chris is a multiple sclerosis sufferer himself. Instead of despairing, he accepted the diagnosis and is doing everything he can to get the best out of his life. This is how he came to the topics of biohacking and self-optimization. After 3 years of gaining experience, he decided to write down his knowledge at the end of 2017 and help other sufferers with it. Since he himself had to struggle with problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night before his diagnosis, he quickly found his passion topic: helping other people improve their sleep and reduce sleep problems.

The invisible superpower: why good sleep is the key to optimal health and performance


In this webinar, Chris explores the topic of healthy sleep from all angles.
Because sleep is still treated very stepmotherly in our society. You could say: sleep has a PR problem.
You often hear people say things like "I can sleep when I'm dead!" or "Sleep is overrated!". Even in professional life, stressed people are often more highly regarded than people who make breaks and sleep a priority.
Chris, on the other hand, is 100% convinced that sleep is the absolute basis of health optimization. If you have deficiencies there (duration, quality, distribution of sleep phases, etc.) all other health optimizations are only half as effective.
You also increase your risk of getting seriously ill many times over. What's difficult about this topic is that people often don't even know that there are deficiencies in their sleep. Therefore, be sure to join the webinar and learn from Chris' many years of experience in this area!

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