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Treating tonsillitis naturally - here's how

Ouch - suddenly there's a strange scratchy sensation in your throat that also hurts when you swallow? Then it's not unlikely that you have tonsillitis. Fever, sore throat and tiredness are all symptoms that can restrict you in your everyday life and lead to bedriddenness. But how can you counteract these symptoms and supplement them naturally? If you want to find out this and much more, you've come to the right place!

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your complaints can be relieved naturally and sustainably.

Did you know ...

That the old practice of "tonsillectomy Tuesdays" from the 1950s in the USA meant that tonsillectomies in children were often performed on Tuesdays?

This gave the children the rest of the week to recover.

What is tonsillitis actually?

You probably know where your tonsils are: they are located on the left and right side of your throat. If they become inflamed, this causes a sore throat, fever and a number of other effects. As they become inflamed, your tonsils swell and purulent plaque can form. Basically, in the case of tonsillitis, the lymphatic system is attacked by bacteria or viruses. This leads to a severe weakening of the immune system. Viral pathogens can be the Epstein-Barr virus, adenoviruses or the flu virus, for example. The most common bacterial pathogens are streptococci. Tonsillitis can occur in both children and adults and is usually transmitted via droplet infection.

These are the causes of tonsillitis

Viruses and bacteria as the most common cause of tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is usually caused by viruses or bacteria. Known viruses that can cause tonsillitis are the Epstein-Barr virus, the adenovirus, rhinoviruses and influenza viruses. The first virus is responsible for "kissing disease", so called because it is mainly transmitted via saliva. Adenoviruses and rhinoviruses often cause the symptoms of the common cold. One of the most common bacterial causes of tonsillitis is streptococcus bacteria. Group A streptococci are known to cause streptococcal tonsillitis. This is sometimes referred to as "strep throat".

Other causes for the occurrence of tonsillitis

In general, there are many ways of infection, including droplet infection. So if the other person is infected and, for example, coughs, sneezes or you have close contact, you can become infected in this way. This risk is particularly high in closed rooms. A weak Immunesystem due to too much Anti-Stresstiredness or other reasons can increase the risk of tonsillitis. Factors such as dry air, allergies or poor air quality can irritate the mucous membrane in the throat. These irritations are very painful and increase the likelihood of an infection. A build-up of bacteria can actually lead to recurring tonsillitis. The reason for this is that the dead bacteria collect in the tonsil grooves. This then creates the right conditions for germs and bacteria.

Did you know ...

That tonsillitis is more common in children and adolescents?

Especially between the ages of 5 and 15. They are less common in adults, but still occur.

The effects of tonsillitis

Mild tonsillitis

With a mild tonsillitis, you usually have a sore throat, which is particularly noticeable when swallowing and can also slowly increase. Your tonsils are also likely to be a little swollen and reddened. You may also have a headache and a generally dry feeling in your throat. You may also feel a little weak and tired and are not performing at your normal level. If you also have a fever, this should remain below 38.5°C in the case of mild tonsillitis.

Moderately severe tonsillitis

If you have moderately severe tonsillitis, you will probably have a very sore throat, which will also make swallowing very difficult. Eating and drinking can also be very painful due to this pain. In addition, there will be pronounced redness and swelling and possibly a white coating on the tonsils. Your everyday life can also be affected by severe tiredness and exhaustion. Severe headaches and aching limbs can also make this even more difficult. The fever that occurs with moderate tonsillitis should not rise above 39.5°C. Medical clarification is advisable if the above symptoms occur.

Severe tonsillitis

Severe tonsillitis should always be checked out by a doctor, otherwise serious complications could occur. Your sore throat is almost unbearable and hurts a lot when swallowing. This makes it difficult to drink fluids, which can lead to dehydration. Your tonsils may be very red, swollen and enlarged, often accompanied by purulent plaque or ulcers. Your normal functioning may also be affected by severe headaches and aching limbs, often accompanied by severe fatigue. In addition, signs of an inflammatory reaction may occur, such as a rapid heart rate, confusion and low blood pressure. The fever in severe tonsillitis can rise above 39.5°C and is often accompanied by chills.

What other reasons are there for a sore throat?

Of course, tonsillitis is not the only thing that can make your throat hurt. Pain and irritation can also be caused, for example, by allergies to Pollenanimal hair and house dust mites. If you have the heating on, especially in winter, this dry air can also lead to a sore throat. This is because the heated air dries out your mucous membranes, causing irritation when swallowing. One complaint you are probably familiar with is heartburn. This is caused by acid reflux and manifests itself as a burning sensation in the throat when stomach acid enters the oesophagus. Everyday causes of sore throats can include smoking, shouting, excessive talking or inhaling irritants such as smoke. Stress and tension can also lead to muscle tension in the throat and thus cause pain. There are also some illnesses of which a sore throat can be one of the symptoms. These include laryngitis, tonsil abscesses, throat ulcers or even certain cancers.

spray bottle Zimply Natural is sprayed into mouth woman presses on pump sprayer against black background
Easy application by spraying into the mouth

The application of your Tonsillitis sprays is, by the way, very simple: The spray is simply sprayed into the mouth according to the dosage instructions given on the vial. In order to achieve the best possible effect and to be able to optimally counteract the causes, we recommend use over a longer period of six to eight weeks. As a kind of cure, you spray 3×3 sprays daily.

These natural remedies can alleviate your symptoms

Home remedies that you can try for tonsillitis

There are some natural remedies that can have a positive effect on your tonsillitis. As absurd as it sounds, gargling with salt water can actually help you. It can help to kill bacteria and loosen mucus, thereby relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Warm liquids such as herbal tea, warm water with honey or lemon juice or clear broths can sometimes work wonders. They can have a soothing effect on the throat and moisturize the mucous membranes. Honey also has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can benefit you.

How herbs and medicinal plants can help you with tonsillitis

If you would rather rely on herbs, you can try special rinsing solutions based on herbs such as ointment or camomile. Ginger syrup or ginger tea can help you with a sore throat and relieve inflammation. Another very popular use of medicinal plants is inhalation, which can loosen mucus and enable better breathing. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint or tea tree oil are often used. However, you should really make sure that you dilute the oils sufficiently and use them safely.

Did you know ...

That there is evidence that passing through tonsillitis lowers the risk of contracting other diseases?

At the same time, there are also some studies that say the exact opposite.

How the doctor diagnoses tonsillitis

Your doctor will first ask you about your symptoms, the duration of your symptoms and the course of the illness. You will probably also have to state whether you have ever had tonsillitis before and when. You will also be asked about the presence of symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, headache, difficulty swallowing and swollen lymph nodes. This is followed by a physical examination, during which your doctor will examine your throat, pharynx and tonsils. He or she will pay particular attention to redness, swelling and purulent plaque. The tonsils in particular will be checked for size, color and pus. The lymph nodes in the throat and neck are also examined. If necessary, your doctor may also order laboratory tests, such as a throat swab, to identify the viral or bacterial pathogen. Blood tests can be very effective as they can detect the presence of possible streptococcal bacteria in particular. In addition, signs of inflammation such as an increased white blood cell count can be checked.

These medicinal plants can help you with your tonsillitis

Tonsillitis makes swallowing difficult, as the tonsils are usually swollen bright red in the acute stage and constrict the palate. Belladonna is anti-inflammatory, causes the tonsils to lose their redness and swell. This frees up the palate and makes swallowing easier.

Most inflammation is caused by high oxidative stress, which allows viruses to overcome the immune system and cause infection. Cistus has a strong antiviral effect and also has a very high antioxidant potential. This makes it the ideal medicinal plant for colds. Its effectiveness has been proven in studies. As rockrose has a good effect on mucous membranes, it is also often used in the mouth and throat.

Many pharyngitis also spread to the palatine tonsils, which usually causes swallowing difficulties and pain. In the case of non-bacterial inflammation, naturopathy repeatedly recommends Pokeweed as it reduces swelling in the affected areas, inhibits inflammation and thus also alleviates swallowing difficulties. The pain gradually subsides and the situation relaxes again.

In the case of sore throats, the lymphatic pharyngeal ring, as the pharyngeal and palatine tonsils, is usually also affected, as they provide the local immune defense. Mercury now helps to kill the pathogens in infections and at the same time stimulates the lymphatic structures. The tonsils are thus driven to perform and their work is relieved. The infection can be passed through more quickly and cleanly and the sore throat soon subsides.

For chronic tonsillitis, the following should be considered Kaolin should be considered. Its draining and detoxifying properties help to relieve and care for the affected tissue. Bacterial toxins are bound and excreted so that the body can overcome the inflammation and eventually heal.

Inflammation of the palatine tonsils is usually caused by streptococcus bacteria. This type of bacteria reacts to the Nasturtium sensitive. They are killed by the mustard oils and the vitamin C contained in nasturtium also supports the body's own immune system in fighting the bacteria. This reduces the number of pathogens and the inflammation subsides.

Mugwort is anti-inflammatory. Its bitter substances constrict the blood vessels and allow inflammation to subside. Its effect against pathogens removes the basis of the process and the symptoms disappear again. Mugwort is also antimicrobial. Its ingredients are effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. They kill them and soothe the inflamed area. This allows the symptoms to subside and the body to recover.

Arnica anti-inflammatory. Inflamed tissue hurts, swells and loses its ability to function. It combats these symptoms and cares for the injured tissue so that the inflammation subsides quickly. The restrictions disappear and you can breathe again without pain.

Zimply Natural - Your natural help for tonsillitis

With Zimply Natural, we are the antidote to painkillers, sleeping pills, and standard medications. We are your medicine! For our mixtures we use the centuries-old natural healing method of spagyric back. The Spagyric combines the herbal active ingredients and phytotherapeutic elements of the HealingplantsThe mineral salt qualities, as well as the subtle information of the medicinal plants and the energetic potential of the Bach flowers.        

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your complaints can be relieved naturally and sustainably.

FAQ: Questions and answers about tonsillitis

Are tonsillitis contagious?

Yes, tonsillitis is definitely contagious. Viral tonsillitis caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, for example, can be very contagious. In the case of bacterial inflammations, those caused by streptococcal viruses are particularly transmissible. These infections occur through direct contact with infected people and by touching surfaces on which the bacteria can survive. During your infection, try to wash your hands regularly, follow cough and sneeze etiquette and avoid sharing personal items. Although not all types of sore throats are contagious, it is still advisable to be careful with those around you.

Can other health problems be caused by tonsillitis?

Yes, tonsillitis can actually cause many other health problems in some cases. For example, severe bacterial tonsillitis can lead to the formation of an abscess, which is an accumulation of pus. This can lead to severe pain, fever and difficulty swallowing. Infections can also spread to the ears and paranasal sinuses and cause inflammation there. In rare cases, untreated bacterial tonsillitis, mainly caused by streptococci, can lead to rheumatic fever. This can then promote joint inflammation, which can lead to swelling, pain and restricted movement. In addition, an untreated streptococcal infection can cause inflammation of the kidney structure. This can lead to symptoms such as high blood pressure, fluid retention and abnormal urine values.

Can tonsillitis have more serious consequences in adults than in children?

Tonsillitis in adults tends to be more serious and more likely to lead to complications than in children. In general, adults have a higher risk of inflammation as they are more susceptible to chronic illnesses or have a weakened immune system. Symptoms such as sore throat, difficulty swallowing and fever can also be more severe than in children.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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