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Nina Bürklin with dark blond shoulder-length hair, smiling at the camera and wearing a white top.
Therapist for meaning centered psychotherapy
Balance/ Body Mind Soul/ Anti-Stress

Mental health, more than a mindset - On the interactions of body and mind.

A Zimply Natural Webinar with Dr. Nina Bürklin

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Dr. Nina Bürklin

Therapist for meaning-centered psychotherapy (logotherapy), PhD in business administration, communication expert

Dr. Nina Bürklin has a great passion for combining the unusual. Her concern is to accompany people and organizations on the path to less stress and more meaning. As a doctor of business administration (focus: sustainability), she combines sense orientation with business and creativity. After working as a communications expert in Germany and abroad, she is currently the managing director of an organization that promotes mindfulness. At the Institute Wert & Sinn (Value & Meaning), which she founded, she offers meaning-centered psychotherapy and business coaching based on Viktor Frankl's logotherapy, especially in the areas of resilience, crisis management and personality development (

Mental health, more than a mindset - On the interactions of body and mind.

What is it about

The topic of mental health has also gained importance in the public eye - but it is still too often viewed in complete isolation, as if our head were separate from the rest of the body. While we understand connections like "cold weather and a cold" or a "broken leg and sitting out sports," we (in the West) usually still have a hard time looking at mental health. It is more than a mindset: the more we look at our behavior and well-being as a whole, the better we can establish and maintain our own health. How can this be done?

In this webinar, Dr. Nina Bürklin reveals amazing research findings and numerous testimonials describing the glaring connection between physical and mental health. The idea of the Body-Mind Connection encompasses a holistic approach to health that integrates physical and mental aspects. Dr. Nina Bürklin shares case studies from her own psychotherapeutic practice to make the topic tangible for you. She provides practical tips on how you can bring body and mind into better harmony and how you can take advantage of the interactions between the two. Insights, experience reports and concrete impulses for you and your health!

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