Superpower Emotions - How we gain power from recognizing and naming emotions

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Our secret superpower: naming and recognizing feelings What's it about We all have feelings, every day and every minute - but most of us have never learned to deal with them well. While we learned math and German in school, we often remained illiterate when it came to emotions. Yet this is where an incredible [...]

From daycare to classroom: How to master changes and fears with ease

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From Daycare to Classroom: How to Master Change and Anxiety with Ease What's it about In a world full of change, children often face big steps - whether it's transitioning from a familiar daycare center to a new classroom or mastering anxiety during such changes. This webinar invites you to discover proven strategies to [...]

When the little (hot) hunger comes: Understanding causes and finding solutions

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When the little (hot) hunger comes: Understanding causes and finding solutions What is it about Cravings are more than just an annoyance; they can lead to unwanted weight gain and even fuel it further. Obesity and weight loss are complex issues that require a holistic approach. Many factors are interrelated and influence each other. Therefore, it is important to [...]

Chronic Fatique - Exhausted to the cell

Chronic Fatigue - Exhaustion down to the cell Content Are you no longer as efficient? Do you need longer to regenerate? Sleep does not recover you? Are you constantly tired and exhausted? Do you often feel ill and are you more susceptible to infections? If your body is running on the back burner, this makes itself felt as a loss of energy and diffuse [...]

Hormones and yoga - the all-round feel-good package

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Hormones and Yoga - the all-round feel-good package Content Our speaker Bettina shows you how you can get your hormone balance going again with the help of yoga! Be there for valuable tips and tricks around hormone balance - no matter what phase of life you are in! Useful approaches for your everyday life This is what you take with menopause [...]

Burnout - from excessive demands to exhaustion

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Burnout - from excessive demands to exhaustion Contents Do you also feel stressed, exhausted and listless? Burnout - a state of overstrain that is usually suppressed for a long time. For many of us, permanent stress has become the normal state. The burnout syndrome comes on silent soles, but it slowly burns you out. What can you do yourself [...]

Conscious breathing and its positive effect on your body and mind

Conscious breathing and its positive effect on your body and mind Contents Why is breathing important? Discover the many aspects of breathing and its positive effect on your body and mind Your connection to the nervous system: Learn how you can influence your nervous system through conscious breathing and move from stress to relaxation The biomechanical perspective: Learn to [...]

Physical symptoms - psychological causes

Physical Symptoms - Mental Causes Content You feel unwell, but don't know where it comes from? You would like to finally have some clarity about your current state of health? With our webinar we want to support you. You will learn why physical symptoms can have psychological causes. You will learn what the mental causes of the three classic common diseases [...]